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Perhaps The Website Gods Have Been Kind…

7 Oct

Still navigating my way around the new office- lots of boxes to unpack while trying to get employees keys to the restroom and all that happy jazz. Originally wanted to go off on a tangent about the validity of awards shows and why we should gut the fucking fat out of them (do you have any ideas of how many of these frivilous award shows we can cut to save the Hollywood economy?) – but I didn’t the time to properly vent – and there are going to be times a plenty- when I say I’m going to do something and not get around to do them. That’s just the nature of living in a fast paced town where anything unexpected could turn up to deviate away your time (such as a film festival that’s overdue to be researched) Maybe I’ll wait around for the braindead on arrival People’s Choice Awards for then spew my venom.

In the meanwhile, I’d like to take a few parasecs and list a few of my favorite websites where I like to spool in my resources of all things considered geek friendly.

I use a variety of sources to get my news from specialized websites.

For my comic book news and updates. I visit Heidi MacDonald’s newly minted award winning site (2011 Shel Dorf award) – of which you’ll see me comment from time to time.

For box office reports and television ratings, nothing’s more reliable and frequently updated than .

For around the clock coverage in the world of animation and Saturday morning cartoons ( and believe me, whenever a major convention is in full swing – it’s for me.

For dvd releases – or www.tvshowsondvd are usually the ones that satisfies my retina hunger pangs on what I should be saving my hard earned sheckels for.

And for my prog rock CD buying choices – I trust no other website than ( that’s dutch progressive rock page for the intialism challenged ).

I admit, I’m not widely versed in the language of electronic games or any small handheld media devices (although I apply for all my retro 60’s television fetish needs that can downloaded to a small app) that supply books online such as a i-phone or a kindle, but I’d appreciate any contributions from those who are versed in that fields. I don’t want to discriminate although, you’ll hear rumblings between Editor Sparky Santos and I from time to time about the overabundance of technology). Just e-mail me or Sparky and we’ll get you set up with a password to enlighten us with your wisdom.

Coming up: tributes to both A.C. Neilsen Jr and Steve Jobs hopefully over the weekend.