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Buxom Chests and Butts Roasting Over An Open Quran

24 Dec

I guess I’ll be utilizing this short little seen three page story as an anti-Christmas card of sort for all you vulgar little boys and girls as a way of saying thanks for supporting the series of YES LOGS I went on a merry little tangent to present. What you see here is a mystery- perhaps more of a mystery to me than to you. While I was prepping up my still halfway unpublished DEPOSIT MAN: PLAYGOD (ACTS III and IV are currently in limbo, and until I muster up the proper financing, it will resume in either a giant-size finale or both issues will be published simultaneously) mini-series between the years of 2005 – 2007, my penciler and inker collaborator, Larry Nadolsky wanted to take a break to finish up on a offer made by Heavy Metal Magazine to contribute a small series of RACE YUKON mini-episodes. RACE YUKON is a creation of Larry that deals with a intergalactic Canadian Mountie in space and his series of misadventures across the galaxy that sort of made Dudley Do Right look like War & Peace. Larry suggested that I submit a few scripts of my own featuring one of my Deposit Man supporting cast members, the buxom man-eater winged angel Betty Fusco. She was supposed to pose as a secret agent from some godly organization called G.A.B.R.I.E.L., but I never had the time to sit down and properly figure out what the anagram really stood for. Larry and I were originally supposed to collaborate on three of these short epics, but I only got around to actually scripting two of them. This particular adventure takes place on a world hell bent on Islamic gulag domination and the other one I wrote was a parody on how the Bush administration handled the Hurricane Katrina debacle of WHICH I SWORE LARRY PENCILED, but I can’t seem to locate it anywhere – but I did find this one and I don’t think many of those handful of Deposit Man out there have ever laid eyes on it before. So whether this story saw print in Heavy Metal, I wouldn’t know – I never cashed the check. So Happy Holidays everyone and 2015 will hopefully herald the return of the man in television static and perhaps a mini-series later on based on a family who had a member who possesses too many rocks in his head. Heavy Metal story 001Heavy Metal story 002Heavy Metal story 003