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25 Feb

Haven’t been around in a while in case you hadn’t noticed. I recently completed a two month stint moonlighting at Universal Music Group headquarters in Woodland Hills, Ca spearheading a move between buildings as I was digitally sending old musty accounting files into storage of stuff that had to do with Beatles royalty advancement pay out request and other assorted crap for Capitol Records of whoever those guys are…

Money wasn’t that great, in fact,  I can tell you that it was practically non-existent. Being paid in peanuts is certainly an under-statement, and probably being paid in generic jars of store brand peanut butter would have been a vast improvement. Since I’m currently struggling to make ends meet, my aunt out in New Mexico thought she could help alleviate some of the financial pressures by buying me a new iphone so I could call and yell at people to my sixty day heart’s content as to why I’m not getting any good steady paying gigs of late.

But all this downtrodden nonsense hasn’t left me to lie on my creative laurels. So I’ve decided to put this little palm tool into some good use, so I’ve posted a video series of four little keyboard related mini instrumentals of sorts that I whipped up on posted up on youtube as I stretch out and crack my tiny digit blog posting muscles into prepping up a blog in time to commemorate the release of Steven Wilson’s fourth solo disc, HAND. CANNOT. ERASE. of which I’m very excited to hear in all its’ glorious entirety next week when it’s released on K-Scope Music on March 2nd. (March 3rd for those of residing in Yankeeville).

Let me know which one sounds the best (knowing my luck, you’d probably be thinking, ‘hey, maybe I shouldn’t have thrown that old dog whistle out in the trash yesterday’.).