East Coast / West Coast Battle of the Smoothies

8 Dec


(Momentarily busy with comic book projects – so in order to feed the blog parking meter, here’s a special presentation of some annoying thing I used to do on the old Delphiforums – but rest assured there will be a couple of special year-end blogs detailing those special projects and one on my thoughts of the latest Anderson Ponty band concert I recently attended here in Los Angeles).

I hope no one’s teeth will start hurting after I start this thread:

But I want to explore the culinary habits of both coasts since I have lived my life split down the middle in New Jersey/New York and San Diego/Los Angeles.

There were times when I couldn’t pick a spot to settle down but now with my affirmation in employment currently vested at an entertainment company I don’t intend on making plans of flocking my trendy little nest any time soon.

LA, I’m here to stay unless those Al Quesdillas or whatever they’re calling themselves these days succeed in blowing the town to pieces, then I would have a big problem. (Editors’ update: keep watching this space.)

I want to examine the current rages in popular food delicacies. Would you think that it is strictly a west coast thing or an east coast thing? Mid-Westerners can chime in too.

Let me start with smoothies. Definitely a west coast thing. One of the deciding factors that contributed to my hauling ass out to the west coast was setting up shop close to a smoothie bar.

Because New Yorkers don’t know how to make the damn things.

Out here in LA, we have two major franchises that specialize in providing the enjoyment of a fresh fruit smoothies one is Jamba Juice: jambaLogo


and the other is Dr.Robeks: logo


although I think they’re both one and the same because they use a lot of plain frozen non fat yogurt to give their smoothie products buoyancy and consistency. Both companies train their employees to make their delicious products as if it came off on an assembly line – they pour the juice into the blender, add the fruit, a couple of scoops of the frozen yogurt and some ice and they take it over and whip it in a variety of different ways, but I always enjoy it when the ‘associate’ has to beat the crap out of the blender in order to make it look like what just as you see it in the pictures. Sometimes the lid goes flying off and the smoothie goes flying all over the place. I usually find that hysterical because that means they’ve got to start all over again to make my smoothie. I’m easily amused by the petty misfortunes of others. I don’t why, guess I learned that from listening to Jackie the Jokeman.

Dr Robeks

Besides the smoothies, you can get nutrition bars, snacks, sandwiches, pretzels, and soups. Get a few shots of wheatgrass- but keep away from washing it down with a citrus drink, otherwise you’ll cancel out the work that the wheatgrass is supposed to do for your body.

You can also make smoothies out of peanut butter which reminds me of a little prank I know, but I don’t have time to get into that right here…but what really prompted me to bring up the subject of smoothies was this new item Dr. Robeks has introduced to their menu:

Pomegranate Juice and smoothies. Read about it here.

Now I always thought that the Pomegranate was a villain that the Creeper once fought. However, it’s based on a russian fruit that you crack open and eat the little pebbles or seeds inside that contain the fruit. They taste tart like a cranberry. Heck, if you put them side by side, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, if was a cranberry or a pomegranate.


But that doesn’t explain where Ditko got the idea to use the Pomegranate as a Creeper villain. Maybe Ditko was a little heavy into the antioxidants himself, and not the good kind either. (Editor’s note: sorry, I got it confused with the Hellgramite. IT was the Hellgramite that the Creeper used to fight. NOT the Pomegranate).

So have any New Yorkers had any positive ‘pomegranate ‘ experiences since this Pom Wonderful was introduced to the market? Are New Yorkers aware that there is such a product?


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