29 Apr


A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing” –

That’s a quote from some philosopher playwright dude going by the name of George Bernard Shaw. My best friend, Harry Perzigian who passed away two years ago was fond of pulling magical quotes from out of his ass echoed by historical figures. He always had books lying around his Brentwood apartment full of famous quotations and famous sayings to go along with his other books of famous classical composers, The Revolutionary War, and Frank Zappa biographies.

So why use that particular quote?

Because last year’s predecessor Harry Perzigian memorial blog, “One Mourning Later in the Extraordinary Afterlife of Harry Perzigian” absolutely hands down FAILED IN ITS’ FUCKING MISSION to ignite any cultural or internet message board awareness. Even though the blog entry is the most popular read blog on this site with a close to a thousand reads and is in the top links you see when you google Harry Perzigian, but it’s a hollow fucking victory because I think it’s the same goddamn people, perhaps mostly family who are constantly logging on just to make it look shiny and bright as wallpaper on their laptop screens.

Who the fuck wants that noise? Where are the press? Where’s the calls I got to field from the LA Times? TMZ (even though Harry’s widely publicized courtroom drama skirmishes with Carroll O’Connor was before their time), or the goddamn LA Weekly? WHY the blow off from actors such as Todd Bridges, Dean Cain, Minka Kelly, or Jeff Fahey? WHY aren’t they asking me questions about a person who caused just as much historical criminal hysteria in Hollywood in the same era as much as OJ Simpson once did?

I just don’t fucking get it.

So let’s divert my attention to his fucking fucked up family instead.

Particularly, the younger brother who others and I suspect put Harry on this downward spiral path to begin with – going back to the mid-eighties when he was introducing Harry to Las Vegas area pill peddlers.

Harry’s siblings; two sisters and one older brother have had equal successes with their lives and careers. One sister has been a hotel manager up north near the San Jose area, another sister lives here locally (within a earshot from where I work now) managing her own yoga exercise studio, and the older brother has had a very lucrative career writing sitcoms such as the Jeffersons, The Golden Girls and One Day at a Time – even moved out to Russia a few years back briefly to help develop foreign versions of these shows. Never met the guy, maybe spoken to him once or twice briefly on the phone, but Harry always spoke highly of him.

However, the younger brother sometimes crept in and out like as if a  sack of shit suddenly grew legs. He was a smarmy one. He’s spent most of his life bilking people out of millions of dollars as he attained a trophy life, bought one of Debbie Reynolds’ old houses and then cuts and runs when the heat comes on. And as far as I can tell, he’s still doing the same thing as he’s been doing when Harry forced me to work for him back in the spring and early summer of ’09: opening and shutting down boiler room operations.

I had no choice but to work for the snake shortly after I moved in Harry’s Brentwood area condominium. When I moved in, getting away from the havoc wreaked in the battle between me and amateur porn actress Rikki Lixxx was priority one – because dudes from the Mexican Mafia had me marked because I ruined one of their meal tickets. I didn’t really feel the need to stick around the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks border area of Hazeltine Hellmouth. So once, the enemy was vanquished, Harry offered me to stay as a roommate since he had kicked his longtime female companion for ten years. Seeing as how my position at Sony Pictures Television as Syndication Marketing Coordinator of such shows as Seinfeld, King of Queens, Judge David Young, and barter movie packages was housed at an office for me in the Westwood area, yeah, I took up on the offer – but no more than two weeks moving in, I got notice to pack up my office, because the studio wasn’t picking up on my contract. I originally thought, no problem, the unemployment claim I file should smooth things over, right?

Wrong. Even though I was gainfully employed by Sony for two years, it seems that when I had filed that claim, there was an old blemish on my previous filing record from a company that I shined (a two-week assignment at a Hostess food packaging outlet in Burbank, believe it or not.) on to take the Sony position without ample warning that I was going to quit. So talk about your past coming back to bite you back on the ass. What followed was a few months to reinstate myself by taking it to a hearing to plead my case (which went a little like this: ‘your honor, what would you do when you’re faced with the dilemma of two prosperous career choices? Do you take either A) filing vendor invoices for eight hours a day, pausing for an hour each other to help out a bunch of undocumented worker package fruit pies in excruciating painful looking wrappers for $11 an hour or B). Do you follow your own destiny fulfilling your lifelong dream of working in the entertainment industry reporting media news sources on how well your syndicated shows are doing in the ratings for $5.00 more dollars an hour?

Let’s see; $11 an hour looking like a schlep brown-nosing your way through boxes of Ring Dings or $16 an hour with very own penthouse office that you can sneak a call girl past and pull her panties down while banging her complete with a 24 story window panoramic view of all of West LA and Santa Monica (and if you squint real closely, you can perhaps glimpse Catalina Island) along while ravishing in a delightful career change.

Not much of a contest, right?

Towards the end of June 2009, I was awarded back my benefits plus any of the weeks I may have missed and got them back in time for the San Diego Comic Con that took place, plus I cashed in my Warner Bros 401k to put out my last ever Deposit Man comic book, Deposit Man: Playgod Act II and managed somehow to pay back Harry any rent I owed.

But getting from point A of getting laid off from my favorite ever job at Sony to getting to point B of getting to my tidy near $8,000 windfall, I had to work for his scumbag younger sibling for mere shekels at one of his boiler room plants, because every contractor I was involved, all work had dried up in fear that a black president would sink the economy, even echoing its’ unpredictable sentiments through the entertainment field. Maybe some lucky person will randomly see this blog listed during the midst of their google searches for the defunct Dunn Russell & Associates – an old loan modification film that was something aligned with a false financial institution called “Nationwide Loan Services” set up as a dummy corporation.

I heard this place got a lot of great buzz on the Better Business Bureau.

Yeah, Harry’s scumbag younger sibling was leading the charge on these funny outfits that seemed to pop up like wildfire when Freddie and Fannie Mac were giving away land lots during George W Bush’s crappy administration like as if they were a lifetime supply of Hershey’s chocolate kisses to a diabetic. The financial crisis bubble of just approving about any slop with a down payment on a fancy house was reaching its’ boiling point, and as those mortgages were skyrocketing to the rings of Uranus and Bush’s economy was exploding inward from all the money we tossed at a war with a country that we shouldn’t have been in war in the first place, these self processed idiots who had no idea of ever owning a home in the first place were a moist lube meat tenderizer up the poop chute. Foreplay became foreclosure and there I was on Team Dunn Russell being an under the table office assistant minion, wasting away my Excel spreadsheet and entertainment industry research talents photocopying and scanning people’s Social Security numbers and private information for later use in whatever other little future financial rip off brothel he got up his sleeve next time when this scam played itself out. It’s most likely somewhere in Las Vegas somewhere.

Here’s a link to explain it better than me:

Former sinister criminal lair of Dunn Russell & Associates

Former sinister criminal lair of Dunn Russell & Associates masterminded by Harry Perzigian’s scumbag younger sibling. It’s a tv cable store now.

The above picture is the location where all the criminal activity took place. Harry posed as “Harry Paris” – closing these ‘deals’ for his brother. I personally didn’t make any of these calls. I only kept logs of the ‘phone appointments’ and then copied and scanned thousands upon thousand pages of documents as soon as the front door receptionist signed off on them. She was a hot sexy Mexican temptress whose name started with an X, as memory serves me.

I never imagined how far or how much length it took Harry’s scumbag younger sibling to take advantage and bilk these people out of their hard-earned cash or life savings, or give them false hope in relief of the housing crisis.

But people are gullible, especially those in the mid-west who spent most of their lives in park trailers and thought that they had hit the big time when they got a house. Harry’s Scumbag Younger Sibling saw that luring prey to a chump bucket full of small town earthworms.

Here’s a post from one such victim on after Harry’s scumbag younger sibling decided enough was enough when the Obama administration mandated these mindfuck boiler room brothels to be illegal:

Hello My name is Lisa Yost,
I have been told by Howard Ehrenberg he is the Trustee appointed to Investigate Dunn Russell’s Bankruptcy Case you should find his number on the bankruptcy notice you received. I spoke to him and he is a Neutral  party regarding the case. I have provided him with a lot of information I found after doing much research about Dunn Russell the company and said owner Steve Dunn and what i have found out is his name is not Steve Dunn his True Name is: S***** K. Parzigian . & are names he created or purchased when he purchased these dominates to operate these web site’s and companies and now both of these domain name’s are For Sale I found this info. at a site called – .
 What I found MOST Interesting is that Kim Avita had told me Dunn Russell was merging with Nationwide Loan Services Inc. and I would have to start sending my documents to there #. I found out Nationwide loan services Inc. was licensed by S****** K. Perzigian. I know this Bastard (excuse me ) is still in business just under a different name. I hope this was helpful. Sorry for being long-winded if you have any question feel to send me a message and I will give my # to call. You can check Dunn Russell client list and find my name so you know I am real and Not one of their flunkies. What’s that saying ” You have Greater Power in Numbers
 7th of Mar, 2010 by Lisa Yost
Hold on, I need to pause for a sidebar comedic moment.
Frank’s Restaurant and the motel behind it brings back pleasant memories of….

...Marlene and I were cleaning up a few stains off the living room couch.

Ahhhhh, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. Pantyhose caviar dreams and champagne kisses. Yeah, that Frank’s Restaurant and the motel behind it was where me and my San Diego area hottie hashed out our differences both horizontally and missionary after we came up for a Mike & the Mechanics concert at the Universal Amphitheater back in the spring of 1989. She wanted to go because she was a big fan of the opening act, The Escape Club. She kept dancing in the aisle to that big dancing hit, “Wild, Wild West” while hoisting her mini-skirt at me to near nylon ass clad danger levels. How could I not have her punished later at the motel room for her seductive indiscretions? And as you can see in the photo, she looked about ready to take her punishment.

The next morning, Lucille Ball had died.

That wasn’t a punchline, by the way. it’s just how I keep track of historic fact in my head.

Anyway, sorry to drift off that way. Kept that motel thing around the corner from Dunn & Russell a secret from Harry. In fact, I didn’t confine much in my sexual adventures to Harry as much Harry liked to share his. He was one of those guys who was taught that sexual conquest was as competitive as a game of squash.  I’m going to hold off on those stories for next year’s tribute story…

Okay, where was I?

Oh yeah. So once Harry’s Scumbag younger sibling got his balls snipped and was forced to shut down its’ doors, after I surmise paying a shitload of legal costs in bankruptcy, he soon lost the Debbie Reynolds house (which was in a shit North Hollywood neighborhood area anyway, if you ask the local cholos with the tear drop tattoos and wife beater shirts slouching around) and he then lost the hot blonde ‘trophy wife’, ( That’s Mrs. Dunn to all his co-workers) faster than a massage table baby oiled happy ending and just as forgetful.
Dunn & Russell was located a mere block away from Nickelodeon Studios in beautiful downtown Burbank.
One of Harry’s favorite places to grab a sandwich while on break from the “office.”
I lost contact with the whole operation once I got that money rolling in mid-summer and decided to bail on the Brentwood area to move back near my sister in Sherman Oaks. I had to face facts: Harry was my best pal and all, but he was fucking goddamn difficult to live especially with the two or three o’clock AM classical music stereo blasting binges. Plus with no income during most of my live in tenure with Harry, I wasn’t eating properly (’cause Harry had me on a $50 a week allowance and since all the money I made went on Harry’s check to go towards rent) and my sister offered to cook me meals if I agreed to stay closer to her and my nieces. When I had left, Harry’s scumbag brother set up a phone/home computer system at the condo so Harry could do the work at home while I had to  bus it up to Burbank from Brentwood to do menial admin tasks for Dunn & Russell. So why the fuck even bother living in Brentwood when the whole idea of living there was for me to stay out of the San Fernando Valley and away from my Hazeltine Hellmouth explosive past? I only managed to stay clear of the whole San Fernando Valley for the period of an entire month!! (now I know how a secessionist feels!!) Made no sense, so I took my sis on her offer and moved back into the Valley,  but I was allowed to keep Harry’s keys if the situation didn’t work out for me. So while one day coming down to watch Duncan (the parrot), while Harry & his girlfriend decided to take a trip up north, he had told me that his brother finally closed down that Burbank office and moved up to the Seattle area to milk some fat woman’s fortune.
Harry just happened to have a picture of her texted to him from Washington State.
Aww, isn’t that cute? And Harry told me that it was one of those honeymoon photos where his brother wanted to capture her glow.
 Anyway: here are more choice cut postings concerning Harry’s scumbag sibling:
In case some of you have not heard this guy that ripped us off is back in business. I have posted the information below. He is still in California doing loan modifications and is still able to charge up front money because the company is under the jurisdiction of DELAWARE.

As I understand it this is acceptable and done by companies all the time. How does this make you feel? S****** PARZIGAIN needs to be STOPPED and punished ! I have more information if you are interested. I plan on pursuing this crook.

Business Entity Detail


Data is updated weekly and is current as of Friday, March 12, 2010. It is not a complete or certified record of the entity.

Entity Number: C3262254
Date Filed: 12/02/2009
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Entity Address: 16192 COASTAL HWY
Entity City, State, Zip: LEWES DE 19958
Agent for Service of Process: SCUMBAG K PERZIGIAN
Agent Address: 211 N VICTORY BLVD
Agent City, State, Zip: BURBANK CA 91502

* Indicates the information is not contained in the California Secretary of State’s database

“We came to Dunn Russell for help with our 1st & 2nd mortgage loans to be modified. Dunn Russell’s total fee for modification if $2,950.00 to be collected upfront. We have been trying 7 months now to get a loan modification completed with Dunn Russell. They guaranteed 100% of our money back if they could not modify the loan. The services were not even completed. We have tried non-stop via email and telephone to contact them to no avail. Dunn Russell has left us with nothing to show for but an drained bank account. We deserve a refund for the services that were not completed. We didn’t deserve to be taken advantage of. We are now trying to piece together what is left of our monies and try to work with our lender ourselves. Dunn Russell has now filed bankruptcy and closed its offices. We are in absolute shock and don’t know what to do.”
And there are literally hundreds more from where that came from.
So that’s $2,950.00 per sucker that did business with the scumbag younger sibling. How many do you think got roped into this deal? Hundreds? Thousands? Perhaps close to a million. Who knows? The Scumbag younger Sibling split it with all his cronies including some Mohawk haired drummer from a popular metal band who was in constant conflict with Harry, ergo; why Harry was ordered to work from home rather than engage in physical conflict with the rest of the marauding cohorts. It certainly got heated in there from time to time with threats issued towards Harry to step outside once it was found out that the scumbag younger sibling was giving his older brother many of the top leads to close.
So, when I read someone had the unmitigated gall to post this comment on last year’s memorial comment section:

“Why don’t you tell everyone about how you were trying to get money out of him as he was delirious and not in his right mind? Pawn scum…”

Poster V for Vendetta is referring to this check that Harry wrote to me a week before he died


A check for me for services rendered as he called it. For his previous year’s battle with the bottle and helping him out with feeding and taking care of his bird, driving him to the doctor’s office, and staying at the house with him when his idiot then untalented uncaring roommate would always cut and run on him. I agreed that half this money would’ve gone out to Australia to Harry’s daughter and his grandchildren – IF HE WOULD DIE– but at the time when he wrote this check, I just laughed at him and flat told him ‘how the fuck are you going to die, when you’re in goddamn better shape than me?’

But I guess, Harry proved me wrong. Since how Harry wrote the check proved to be virtually worthless, I just handed the check back to the family, cleaned up the excremental and bloody mess that Harry left behind and was given a measly $500 for my services. The family promised me more of it, but all I heard back from the oldest sister was a stupid e-mail letter wanting the ‘key’ back to the condo so that the lazy ass roommate and his girlfriend can reap all the benefits of all what Harry built with his own money. My half of the check would have been able to fund my final two books in my comic book series but now that I’ve got this good job reaping nearly 50k a year, I don’t feel I really need it anymore.
So I got to really scoff of some trolling idiot who comes out of left field accusing me of trying to shyster a paltry 20k from a family that’s practically full of thieving gypsies themselves. AND IF  I had really, really taken that check seriously – wouldn’t you think I would’ve made Harry re-write the goddamn check seeing as how he misspelled my name, the word ‘friendship’ and didn’t put in a goddamn proper date? You can’t cash a check at the bank without A DATE written in!! V for Vendetta: you fucking numbskull!!
So suck it universe! Fuck the Perzigians! And if anyone tumbles upon this by accident googling how they got burned by Dunn & Russell. You want to know where S****** K. PERZIGIAN is today? HE’s probably in Fucking Las Vegas applying his natural scumbag tool of the trade scamming abilities. So start with your search there.


  1. brs1059 May 4, 2016 at 10:22 am #

    Cary, Harry did not kick me out, stop being such a bully and so negative all the time. Harry is missed by a lot of people and Hugh O’Conner did not define the person that he was. He was creative beyond words but unfortunately he
    had his challenges with addiction.

    • Cary Coatney May 4, 2016 at 1:47 pm #

      Sorry, but that’s not how Harry told it to me.

  2. Cary Coatney May 4, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    If anyone was being bullied around – it was me by the scumbag younger sibling who threatened me on the phone and had sic’d LA detectives on me telling them that it was I who beat Harry up and forced him to write that check out to me.

  3. Tony Mercado December 12, 2017 at 6:36 am #

    The checks date is “$20,000” making it uncashable. Not one bank would cash that check so it’s worthless. Also, I’m not coming down on the man but you blame all his mistakes on everyone but himself. You also claim you were “forced” to work at his brothers company? Just as u said no one forced O’Conner’s suicide, you couldn’t have been forced either. I don’t believe a man like you would not have cashed it. You sound like what you miss is Harry giving u a life of freedom and his connections. You never really talk about what qualities you like about him only what he has to offer I’d be careful mentioning peoples names in Hollywood as you are slandering them. You remind me of a country hick who meets someone who knows someone and rides on their coattails and then blames everyone for their life. You sound like you make excuses for yourself as a desperate attempt for readers to sympathize with you even though it just sounds idiotic.

    • Cary Coatney December 12, 2017 at 11:18 am #

      I pretty much stated that the check was uncashable- and I didn’t rush out to do so. I consulted advisors on the matter of someone trying to leave me a lump sum of money and I came to the conclusion that maybe I would’ve kept 5 grand for book projects and send over the remaining fifteen grand for Harry’s daughters and his three grandkids on which his family continues to fail to acknowledge.

      And yes, I was held hostage to the despicable brother’s company because when I was let go from Sony Pictures Television – there was a sort of hiring freeze in all of Hollywood because of the transition between presidencies of Bush to Obama. So getting laid off from my position JUST days after I moved into Harry put me in a awful precarious position- so income had to immediately come in.

      Like I stated numerous times before: Harry discovered me, I didn’t discover him and these are simply the stories he told me going over a decade.



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