30 Dec


Program cover to President Trump Inauguration ceremony as imagined by Sparky Santos 

Welcome to the 2016 Celebrity Apocalypse End is Nigh edition of the Purple Pinup Guru Panache Plaza.

What a fucking awful, awful, awful, awful, and I can’t stress the hell enough AWFUL 2016 we all shared whereas needless displays of loss of life and voting in a presidential election resulted in a grab for power via genital clutched superiority and the kindly assistance of Russian hacking, we now have a person who will be running this country with no knowledge of how government works. The orangutan in chief doesn’t even have a Cliff Notes of the version of the Constitution sitting by his side, but rather instead decides to wing it and make it up as he goes along.

I’ll try not to resort to posturing this blog into the magical fairy land of sour grapes, but rather fling oneself to the salutations for better luck next time into 2017. but I can’t be strangely amiss if I didn’t feel that 2016 took a better stressful chunk out of my psyche than most. I mean, who imagine that two-thirds of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer would be wiped out mere months apart from each other. The passing of Greg Lake earlier this month was like another shoe dropping, further demonstrating that NOT EVEN the giants of Progressive Rock are not immune from the wily charms of the Grim Reaper.

I’ll miss Greg Lake more so than Keith Emerson, as you may have read (all 5 of you, if you’re keeping track stat wise) I was not very kind to the way how Keith handled his ‘easy way’ of an out of control situation that could have remedied with counseling and further medical tests. However in Greg’s case, we all kind of knew that Greg was going through a nasty bout of health problems, including a raging case of severe diabetes.

Other than David Bowie, the only other musician I feel remorse for losing in 2016 was the guitarist for the Polish Progressive Rock band, Riverside, Piotr Grudzinski, who unfortunately died of a heart attack earlier last February. His death came just as the band’s sixth album, Love, Fear, & The Time Machine was building such a huge following, picking up new recruits along the way in heralding perhaps to be regarded as the ‘worthy successors to Pink Floyd.

And then there’s Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

Absolutely uncanny parallels could be made between Harry Perzigian and Carrie Fisher perhaps they were separated by death rather than birth. Harry would have been 60 if he were alive today. Carrie was 60. Both suffered mighty cardiac arrests on a Friday. Both were sent to the emergency room at Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA. Both Harry & Carrie were in stable condition throughout the weekend UNTIL the following Tuesday when they both had passed away.

But I imagine when the autopsy results comes out on Carrie Fisher, I guarantee that there’s going to be something ‘fishy’ about her death. I’ve been my ear low to the Hollywood elite ground, and there is speculation that an addiction to diet pills may be a contributing factor to her unfortunate demise.

In Sherman Oaks, when I lived in my surrogate sister’s house for a period of a near decade, the cross-section of Valley Vista & Sepulveda Blvd where Woodcliff would intersect was a house where Eddie Fisher had raised Carrie. As for a Coatney connection to Debbie Reynolds, who a familiar pillar of strength through the North Hollywood theater community especially at the El Portal Theater, old PHS alumni  Joe Zullo and I lived mere blocks from her dancing studio on Lankershim Blvd during 1993 (unfortunately, it’s located smack dab in the middle of some topless bar and 25 cent wank booths) and Harry’s scumbag middle brother rented a house from Debbie Reynolds which she refused to live in anymore because gangbangers practically took over the neighborhood that it was located in. Remember, back in the day, celebrities used to have a major presence throughout the San Fernando Valley until house prices deteriorated and crashed at some point during the George W years that even tear dropped tattooed cholos could put money down on houses.

Personally, I can’t say this time around that 2016 has been a complete disaster to me, other than I spent another year failing a comic book project off the ground. The artist who is teaming up with me on a sequel series to Deposit Man just literally delivered his final two character designs and is about to embark upon designing the first few pages for hopefully a try out run with Heavy Metal.

My lawyer Paul Levine is butting heads with DC Comics over a proposal I submitted in which the editorial office had a field day cherry picking though and has shown up in a mini-series that currently being published of which would prove not to be in my legal favor if I reveal what it is.

Larry Nadolsky and I are negotiating terms for him to do the final book of the Deposit Man series and maybe plans to continue it as an online comic strip.

On the positive bright side, we’ve got this blog with nearly doubled its’ audience from last year with a total readership of 5849 and I’m working staff at one of the best Hollywood industry labor unions in all of Los Angeles. So money is rolling in and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Alright, enough reminiscing. Let’s get to the stats.

Let’s get to the numbers that are playing the bills on this site.


10. YES LOGS: A CORRELATION OF RECORDED LIVE EVENTS 54 reads. A moldy hold over from last year chronicling the live Yes sets

9. “The Beef Curtain Misadventures of Rikki Lixxx & The Escape of Hazeltine Hellmouth” 68 reads. It seems as there was a small portion of this blog that captivated by my torrent off and on romance with the ‘porn actress next door’ Rikki Lixxx during the years 2005 – 2007. This is the deluxe edition cobbled together from my sister blog

8. (tie)  “101 Dishonorable Deaths of Pikachu”  &  “YES LOG 1989: As The Vitamin Packed Vultures Circle Slowly Around the Solana Beach Sky”  both with 91 reads A coin toss between an old editorial I wrote for Comics Retailer Magazine and my blissful years living in North San Diego County with the ABW&H serving as the backdrop to my romance with my roommate’s sister, Jennifer Ellis.

7. “The Mighty Midseason Super Hero Show Showdown” 118 reads. If you think upskirt shots of Supergirl can keep you from nodding off during my explanation of L+3 and L+7 ratings of comic book shows, wait until you see what I have planned for next month.

6. “YES LOG SUPPLEMENTAL LATE 2016 Side B: As An Unpublished Yes Comic Book Mystery Opens” 124 reads. Sadly, I was disappointed by the performance of this blog entry. I thought this entry was going to break the download seeing as I had original unseen artwork from an unpublished Yes comic book that just begged to be talked about but the people on Jon Anderson’s Facebook page were hijacked by Donald Trump supporters who directed the focus of my post alert on my referring to Trump as an orangutan that totally derailed the conversation from what I was originally intended. Jon Anderson has Trump supporters? What would Jon Anderson actually think of that as his lyrics intend to promote peace and good will towards his fellow-man.

5. “YES LOG 2014: IF ONLY THESE SUBWAY WALLS BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH COULD TALK” 196 reads – The introductory blog to me discovering my best friend, Harry Perzigian having a heart attack and my failed effort to save him

4. “YES LOG 1979: YOU COULDA BEEN A GOLDEN AGE CONTENDER” 202 reads. Quite proud of the performance of this blog detailing an incident that occurred during a dark period in my teen age years while a continent away, Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman were waving bye bye to the rest of the group in Paris in the midst of recording an album.


Not everything is Yes related on this blog. Sometimes I branch out in other area like cartoons and comic books. This is my ode to my favorite cartoon idols that I plan on writing a follow-up to now that I own all three versions of the show on DVD.

2. YES LOG SUPPLEMENTAL LATE 2016 Side A: As Another ARW Mystery Closes…” 269 reads. My best performance blog wise this year was reciting my recent Las Vegas concert going experience with my favorite Zullo brother Mike and bringing a black girl to experience the amazing wonderment of hearing Yes music in concert with the reunion tour of Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, & Rick Wakeman together again for the first time as ARW.

1.”ONE MOURNING LATER IN THE EXTRAORDINARY AFTERLIFE of HARRY PERZIGIAN” 1616 reads. For the second year running, the one year anniversary honoring the life of my best friend Harry Perzigian is the number one downloaded blog of the year which is pretty much unnecessary and over read in my opinion especially when I’ve written three other related blogs that no one seems to know about. It’s like having the record stuck.

The record stuck…

The record stuck….

The record stuck…

The record stuck…

The record stuck…

How fucking times is someone going to read the same damn thing over and over and realizing that it’s not going to fucking change. So please, READ the other three blogs for the rest of the story.


10. Japan 44 reads

9. Mexico 57 reads

8. Italy 67 reads

7. Brazil 72 reads

6. Australia 77 reads

5. Canada 181 reads

4. France 225 reads

3. Germany 299 reads

2. United Kingdom 540 reads

1. United States 3652 reads

The Top Ten Search Terms

10. Unknown Search Terms 1668

9. “When did Yes Make The Golden Age?” 2

8. Hyapatia Lee Indian

7. Supergirl upskirt 3

6. Harry Perzigian Dies

5. Harry Perzigian songs

4. sci-fi plaza

3. Harry Perzigian obituary 6

2. Harry Perzigian death 12

1.  Harry Perzigian  32

My popular day and hour that people most likely log is on Thursday @ 7:00PM

Until next time, November sweeps and data gathering on the streaming performance of Luke Cage.




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