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Goodbye Grandfather Sky, Goodbye Grandmother Earth.

30 Jan

ef7bbe59155b3ba643194d407a81a570My brain is a little short circuited on coming up with something new this week, seeing as how taxed I was assembling all those November sweeps ratings for all our favorite comic book genre shows in my last entry.

So as I was rummaging through my old storage boxes, I came across this little ditty of the time when I almost swallowed the hype that Hyapatia Lee had actually died.

Looking back fondly , it was amusing to speak ill of the dead, WHEN they’re not really dead.

Today Hyapatia Lee is still very much alive and well and I’ve learned recently that she will be part of a quartet of classic porn queens coming out to Los Angeles on February to give a little talk on secret behind the scene stuff that went on porn sets back in the glorious days of the late eighties and early nineties moderated by hairy gorilla Ron Jeremy (groan!).

The event is called The Golden Age of Adult Cinema and it will take place over the course of three weekends starting February 12th. Nina Hartley leads a panel on the first weekend. Modern age blonde bombshell (and professional cos player/gamer) Alana Evans is on a panel next weekend, whilst Hyapatia leads the third and final weekend. The event will be taking place at the Cupcake Theater in North Hollywood, Ca.

Hopefully there will be a tribute to William Margold, a back page columnist for the LA X=Press (now changed to the Hollywood X-Press) who passed away a few weeks ago.. Not only did Margold serve as the one of the greatest and wittiest film critics that Los Angeles had to offer, but he was instrumental in getting the  Free Speech Coalition up and running.

I think I originally wrote this for Jay Allen Sanford for an essay to include in one of his Carnal Comics editorials circa 1998 or 1999.


By Cary Coatney

It’s never easy coming up with goodbyes, especially one so belated. You get so caught up in the minimalism of counting lofty goals that you forget to take a short breath now and then to give thanks to one who has been a guiding force of moral support during ideas of conception. After all, I didn’t slide easily in this newly appointed role of professional extrovert spinning yarns and related treatises for the raison d’être by simply waxing vestiges for those fallen in forever silent slumbers. This was never in the job description.

So how is it that I’m constantly sucker punched into sitting before a lonely keyboard trying to come up with the delicateness of a perfectly fitted eulogy for those in memorial?

I’ve been fortunate enough to pay tribute in recent memory to a few considered to be a major influence in my often unappreciated easily ridiculed chosen mode of profession in the pages of the Comics Buyer’s Guide. Great men and women compassing the likes of Bob Kane, Archie Goodwin, and Roz Kirby; people I barely knew or briefly made the acquaintance of, but along comes a celebrity that I somehow to raise a rapport with over the course of the past year and her tumultuous loss has really hit home.

The merest mention of  Hyapatia Lee makes my heart sink like the proverbial stone. To lose someone so young and so vital as she is pitifully devastating.

Here I am in the prime of my life with things slowly trickling towards the limelight with me. A few months back in March of 1999, my first joint self published venture with a small upstart publishing company, Death Comics published their first (and only) issue of Malice featuring the debut of my outlandish theologically perplexed bashing enigma, The Deposit Man finally arrived incognito to very slow sales of 500 copies. But yet, I have something published with my name in it and I was in the process of sending off comp copies to friends and relatives. Last being on my list was a care package for Hyapatia with her complementary copy enclosed.

But it never got sent. In fact, it’s still sitting here in my in and out basket at work, still signed, sealed, and addressed in an oversized manila envelope.

I humbly apologize for being such a morbid nerve wracked mess using this non sequitur approach. I should instead, probably retrace a few steps back and reconnoiter various precious vignettes with this once vibrant, no-holds barred boisterous woman whose obstinate campaigning for safety and health awareness in the adult film industry resulted in a lifetime achievement award from the Free Speech Coalition. The result of accepting this prestigious award (in the porn industry) also served as a shot heard around the adult film world.

Hyapatia Lee, a Native American born of both Cherokee and Irish decent blossomed into a long black raven haired beauty ultra-curvaceous sultry siren who stumbled into the porn industry in 1983 and was a mainstay for a little over a decade after competing in numerous nude dancer competitions. She diversely performed, produced, and wrote almost 40 x-rated movies including Snakedance; an homage to the mating rituals of her Native American upbringing before gradually getting work in legit B movies with such recognized actors as John Savage and Tim Allen. During the course of this up and down variegated odyssey, Hyapatia suffered and survived a traumatic abusive marriage to one husband who directed several of her films, conquered a cocaine addiction, and has done something totally unexpected and unheard of in this detached paced industry much to the detriment of fans and colleagues alike: she took the time out to give birth to two children and wound up homeschooling them ( Updated Editor’s note 2017: one of them eventually made it into UCLA!).

Hyapatia during her porn star heyday, found time to front two rock bands: W41K (Double Euphoric) and Vision Quest, whose songs focused primarily on issues dealing with her ancestral birthright.


An album from the prog band Space Needle with a song dedicated to Hyapatia Lee. Cover by Roger Dean.


I was first introduced to Hyapatia during the summer of 1995 at the San Diego Comic Book Convention and Expo by Jay Allen Sanford ( Edit note 2017 #2 I’m sure you’ve heard that name before- check my near end of the year blog for his assistance in bringing some rare unseen Yes comic book artwork for all of you to see) world renown entrepreneur of the adult line of comic books called Carnal Comics who was at the time was basking in the reverie of record sales in adult bookstores. Jay had just come off the presses with Hyapatia’s autobiographical first issue and that particular issue wound up being the line’s hottest seller (Deposit Man’s penciler Larry Nadolsky having helped). Jay regarded me as one who campaigned an revocable stance when it came to conservative ridicule in the news and other media. This was evident in my more glorious contributions to the Comic Buyer’s Guide (which earned me an honorable mention on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund website) making Jay generous enough to invite me on several occasions to go behind his booth at the convention and introduce me personally to plenty of starlets that have been subjects of other issues in the Carnal Comics line of biographies.


Hyapatia instantly stood out from the otherwise somewhat vainglorious crowd. She was easily approachable, her graciousness and beauty spoke for herself and it was a trait you never had to second guess when confronted with her eloquence in articulated conversations. You could practically talk up the world with her. Later subsequent meeting with her in the Los Angeles still maintained the courteous demeanor of our first meeting. Further confrontations were almost the equivalent as having a remote chance encounter with the Devine Mother herself.


Whilst Hyapatia was in the midst of putting her artistic explicit past behind her, she was still attracting controversy. Shrewd comments were still being said and printed in local and national publications over her appearance at the San Diego parading around in a North Beach leather fringed dress (since the Republican convention was held at the same venue in 1996, the whole city of San Diego in general has since gone through some eccentric changes). I raised to her defense and vouched for the garment’s appropriateness.


During the course of late 1997 and throughout most of 1998, I was privileged to be regarded as one of Hyapatia’s e-mail correspondents. We talked the whole gamut that varied everything from Chris Carter’s The X-Files and spin-off show, Millennium to her eclectic tastes in music. We kept each other appraised of each other’s writing projects until in the midst of writing her autobiography she made light mention of trying to combat a childhood illness that was once again creeping upon her like an ugly dark shroud.

I thought nothing of it at first, but as time marched on her e-mail replies began to dwindle and get shorter and shorter. Some even went unanswered at all.

Then a happenstance occurred last February when I picked up a copy of the local alternative paper, the Los Angeles New Times, a cover story on local porn gossip ‘diva’ (and I mean that in the most sincerest unflattering way) Luke Ford made a slight mention of ex-porn star Hyapatia Lee ‘faking her own death’.

Immediately I dismissed it as the most absurdist thing I ever heard of – but within a few days of reading the smear campaign article, an envelope arrived for me in the mail addressed from the Hyapatia Lee fan club-a club that I had no real affiliation with other than getting mail out to her- sent me a letter. The letter informed me that Hyapatia did indeed passed away accompanied with a mini-catalog asking for donations either by money contributions of purchasing videos, photo-stills, and any remaining props or costumes to raise funds for her funeral expenses.

Stranger still, the envelope looked addressed in her own handwriting, comparing the envelope to the Christmas card she once sent me.

My first indication or rather my immediate reaction was that Hyapatia was probably in need of a divorce from the business altogether for the final time tying up the loose ends of associations with a lukewarm profession that brought her more pain rather than fortune. Before I knew it, a conversation with Jay at last summer’s convention had him verifying Hyapatia’s passing.

It was too late to say goodbye.

Out of respect for her husband and family, I won’t go into details concerning her passing. Her friendship meant so much to me to simply disclose it such a private matter; besides I couldn’t even begin to explain it in medical professional layman’s terms. Although, I can’t help wondering that her spirit still remains roams the earth, perhaps raging further controversy and admiration amongst her ancestors as she quietly vanishes away from the public eye like a hibernating will-o-the-wisp. The scenario is just like she described to me in a e-mail: “It’s very sad when people pass on, but try to look at it as going up on a spiral. Everything in life is cyclic in nature, and even through death – change and transformation are all part of it.

From those words, Hyapatia was equally deserving of the same tranquil treatment.

And it is with these words I do lament:

There was supposed to be a Cherokee translation of the title of this piece, but apparently I stumbled across the wrong edit of the article in my storage.

Here’s a fairly recent photo of Hyapatia from her facebook account give or take a decade:









The Noble Nifty November Sweeps Contest of Competitive Ranking Champions

23 Jan


Welcome to the very first PP Guru hot blog topic of 2017 just mere days of  before the inevitable gestapo transition team of the world’s worst unqualified candidate to ever breach our political systems takes office.

But I’m not here to inundate or spew my political hatred for a complete poser who can simply think he can a write a check and treat the highest office in the United State as if it were a prize trophy, we’re here to tie up some loose ends from 2016.

Notably the November sweeps of the opening salvo of the 2016 – 2017 television season AS IT PERTAINS to the GENRE of dramas and comedies based on COMIC BOOK PROPERTIES.

And we sure do definitely have an abundance of them galore.

From September to mid-December there were a total of 9 shows, 1 cable broadcast (The Walking Dead), 1 streaming (Marvel’s Luke Cage), and 7 broadcast productions (Supergirl, Gotham, Lucifer, The Flash, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, & DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) . When mid-season resumes, two more new broadcast productions, Riverdale based on the Archie line of comics and Powerless, a comedy developed by DC Comics and NBC will be joined online with the debut of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix along with the premiere of Legion, based on the X-Men franchise on FX next month..  Also later on when May sweeps are getting underway, shows that will be returning for late spring and summer runs include iZombie, Wynonna Earp, Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher, and Outcast.

If the past show that aired during the November Sweeps period were running in the same race, the results would still be the same. Walking Dead seems to be unconquerable with it’s overall average of 9.6 to 12.1 million viewers, even though it’s slightly down from last year, but STILL remains the top rated scripted television show.

And with combined ratings of the streaming giant Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, it’s total rookie season combined even manages to gather a plethora of viewers to beat out the OTHER rookie season of its’ related show, Jessica Jones by nearly 1 million more viewers, but not enough to upset the apple cart of last spring’s season of Daredevil from the top streaming spot. BUT regardless, if counted in the over-all race, Luke Cage would still be reigning second place champion over all the broadcast shows.

But for now, we have to settle for all gathered intelligence that puts all the shows in each of its’ respectful competitive categories.

I cobbled all the data for broadcast and cable from mostly the TVbythenumbers website and SAM, (Symphony Advanced Media) for my streaming information.

Now if all this assembled data seems mundane or boring to you, or if you discover yourself nodding off, at least HERE ARE some pictures of SUPERGIRL PANTIES will guarantee to stroke that kryptonite erection stirring in your red flaming panties back to life.

November Sweeps period ran from October 27 – November 23, 2016. Unfortunately, that period of Nielsen measurement did not include the Invasion crossover episodes that occurred between all four of the Greg Berlanti produced CW/ DC Universe shows

We begin with Walking Dead’s performances.

“The Walking Dead” remains atop the cable ratings for Oct. 31-Nov. 6 after three days of DVR and on-demand viewing.

The show’s Nov. 2 episode more than doubled both its adults 18-49 rating and its viewer total in the Live +3 ratings. It went from 1.2 to 2.8 in adults 18-49 and from 2.2 million to 5.01 million viewers.

“The Walking Dead,” meanwhile, also put up its biggest three-day gain of its three episodes this season, adding 2.4 points to its 18-49 rating (5.7 to 8.4) and just over 4.5 million viewers.

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 7-13, 2016

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 18-49 rating 8.1 Gain vs. Live +SD 2.4 % gain vs. Live +SD 42%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Nov. 7-13, 2016

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 Viewers 15718 Gain vs. L +SD 4316 % gain vs. L +SD 38%

The cable Live +7 rankings for Oct. 31-Nov. 6 hold little surprise: Once again, “The Walking Dead”  stands well above the rest of the pack.

The Walking Dead” grew by 2.9 points in adults 18-49 (5.7 to 8.6), equaling its gain from the previous week. It also added nearly 5.5 million viewers.

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L+SD (000’s) 5.7 L +7  (000’s) 8.6 7 Day Increase 2.9 7 Day % Increase  51%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD (000s) 11721 L +7 (000s) 17208 7-Day Increase (000s) 5487 7 Day % Increase 47%

The Walking Dead” trailed some of the cable news election-night coverage in the same-day ratings for the week of Nov. 7. After a few days of DVR and on-demand catchup, that’s no longer the case — not by a long shot.

The AMC show grew by 2.3 points in adults 18-49 in the Live +3 ratings for the week, improving to a 7.7 rating (fron 5.4). It also added 4.32 million viewers, also topping all of the prime-time election coverage.

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L +3 18-49 rating 7.7  Gain vs. L +SD 2.3  % gain vs. Live +SD 43%

The Walking Dead” has declined markedly in overnight ratings since its near-record season premiere in October. Ratings after a week of DVR and on-demand viewing are down as well, since the portion of the audience that catches up after the initial airing is pretty stable.

The Nov. 20 episode of the show added 2.7 points in adults 18-49 to its total, rising from 5.2 to 7.9. That’s in line with other episodes this season, which have risen from between 2.3 and 2.9. “The Walking Dead” is still huge — the Nov. 20 episode had the biggest gains by far in both adults 18-49 and viewers — but its losses in the same-day ratings are more or less reflected in the delayed-viewing numbers as well.

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD 5.2  L +7 7.9  7 Day Increase 2.7 7 Day % increase 52%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD (000s)10996 L +7 (000’s) 16308 ( 7 Day Increase) 5312  7 Day % Increase 48%

Yes, “The Walking Dead’s” ratings are falling since its big season premiere, and the Nov. 27 episode dipped to a four-year low in the overnight ratings.

It’s also true that it’s still the No. 1 show on cable by a long shot, even in its lower-than-usual state. Case in point: With three days of DVR and on-demand viewing, the Nov. 27 episode grew by 2.0 points. That’s as big or bigger than the three-day total for all but one other cable show, “Monday Night Football.”

Down? Yes. Out? Hardly.


Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 21-27, 2016

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 18-49 rating 6.9 Gain vs. Live +SD 2.0 % gain vs. Live +SD 41%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Nov. 21-27, 2016

The Walking Dead” hit a four-year ratings low with its Nov. 27 episode. The show gained a lot with a week of DVR and on-demand catchup, but its Live +7 numbers are on the low side too.

The AMC show is severed head and shoulders above the rest of the field with a 7.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 15.1 million viewers after a week. But the raw numbers are down from the previous week (7.9 and 16.31 million), and the show’s growth was smaller as well (2.5 vs. 2.7 points in adults 18-49, 4.69 million vs. 5.31 million viewers).

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L +SD 4.9  L +7 7.4   7 Day Increase 2.5  7 Day % increase 51%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L +SD (000s)10403  L +7 (000s) 15096  7 Day Increase 4693  7 Day % Increase 45%

Fuller House” was more than just a massive hit for Netflix this winter, it was one of the most-watched TV series of the year – on par with “The Walking Dead” and “Sunday Night Football.” That’s according to data from Symphony Advanced Media, which has been using its own methodology to measure viewership on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, both of which refuse to release ratings on their own.

According to Symphony, “Fuller House” episodes averaged 14.4 million viewers among adults 18-49 within its first 35 days of its Netflix premiere date (Feb. 26). That’s the equivalent of a 10.4 rating in the demo. Take a look at our 2015-2016 TV season broadcast/cable ranker, and that would put “Fuller House” at No. 1 among all TV series for the entire year.

Of course, it’s apples and oranges. Per Netflix’s usual strategy, “Fuller House” premiered with all 13 episodes at once, and Symphony’s Live + 35 data for Netflix is very different from the Live + 3 or Live + 7 ratings we normally see for broadcast and cable.

But nonetheless, that 10.4 rating / 14.4 million adults 18-49 viewers is huge, landing “Fuller House” in the upper echelon of TV series. If you were just counting the first 7 days after “Fuller House’s” launch, it still attracted 10 million viewers in the demo. That puts it just below “The Walking Dead,” which averaged a 9.6 rating – translating to 12.1 million viewers in the demo (according to Live+7 viewership).

Broadcast L + 3 section.

Since the majority of the comic book genre perform adequately well in the overnight markets (check my Sunday weekly facebook statuses for talk about overnight performances) , they barely need to make an impression in the L + 3 barter ratings.



However due to election coverage on the first week, many were properly out voting and needed to set up their dvr or demand services to watch as soon as they came home

Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2016

THE FLASH CW L +3 18-49 rating 1.7 Gain vs. Live +SD 0.7 % gain vs. Live +SD 70%

Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 21-27, 2016

23 GOTHAM FOX  L +3 18-49 rating 1.7 Gain vs. Live +SD 0.6  Live +SD % 55%

27. THE FLASH CW L +3 18-49 rating 1.6 Gain vs. Live +SD 0.5  Live +SD % 45%

image-uwsupgpntytu-2-watermarkBroadcast L +7 section.

Here’s where the main event unravels to a full blown death match. Now these L +7 ratings have proven so far to be Joss Whedon’s main sustenance for survival, now that ABC had no choice but to move Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD into the dreaded Tuesday 10 PM DEATH SLOT as proven to be the swift guillotine sleigh of hand delivered by the cancellation bastard bear executioner to two freshman shows last year: “Of Kings & Prophets” & “Wicked City“. New hot black chick ABC television executive extraordinaire who helped kick previous television executive failure bitch boy Paul Lee to the curb due to his incompetence to pick rating winners, Channing Dungey thought it may be a good idea to move “Agents of SHIELD” (a show she helped get the network to buy into when it wasn’t originally developed as a connection to the Marvel Universe) since the show would be darker in tone with the introduction of the Ghost Rider as a recurring guest star. Agents of SHIELD was the earliest to leap out of the box in mid September with its’ fourth season, but it’s really not impressing the advertisers since the show has been dropping like the proverbial anvil week to week in its’ Live +SD overnights. HOWEVER, it’s Live + 7 numbers are nothing short of miraculous as you can see evident by it’s first sweeps week performance. We’ll see if they’re able to keep up the same momentum by next month when February sweeps begins. ABC is going to have to rely on the strength of its’ L +7 numbers if the show is able to crawl on its’ belly to a fifth season otherwise it’s only degree of success lies in revamping it for the more appreciative Netflix crowd. Ironically, harkening back to my Sony Picture Television days, the BIG NEWS then was Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse being the first official television show to be ever granted a L +7 reprieve for a second season renewal, but its’ luck eventually ran out for a third relying on the same kind 0f data.


Also another show to benefit greatly from L +7 numbers as you will see is DC’S Legends of Tomorrow, which also has been performing poorly in the overnights, but the CW is paying attention to its’ report and is seeking to make amends by making room for the series debut of “Riverdale” on Thursdays and being gracious enough to move the sophomore super hero team series to immediately follow the Flash on Tuesdays at 9:00PM. Now you will have wall to wall three hour comic book show prime time action between The Flash & Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and having Legends of Tomorrow sandwiched in-between, makes it two nights in a row that comic book shows have a majority seat in prime time television, other than comedies and police dramas.

Here are the Live +7 rankings for Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2016. The rankings include first-run series and specials only, not repeats.

Brought to you by WINNER WINNER, TV SWANSON CHICKEN DINNER, rubber and tin foil in a basket.


7. AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD 0.8 L+7 1.7 (7 Day Increase) 0.9 (7 Day % Increase)  113%

8. LUCIFER FOX L +SD 0.9 L+7 1.8  (7 Day Increase)0.9 (7 Day % Increase) 100%

9. THE FLASH CW L +SD  1.0 L+7 1.9 (7 Day Increase) 0.9 (7 Day % Increase) 90%

15. GOTHAM FOX L +SD  1.0 L+7 1.8 (7 Day Increase) 0.8 (7 Day % Increase) 80%

23. SUPERGIRL CW L +SD 0.6 L+7 1.2 (7 Day Increase) 0.6 (7 Day % Increase) 100%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

4 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD 0.8 L +7 1.7 (7 Day Increase) 0.9 (7 Day % Increase) 113%

9. SUPERGIRL CW L +SD 0.6  L +7 1.2 (7 Day Increase) 0.6 (7 Day % Increase) 100%

11. LUCIFER FOX L +SD 0.9 L +7 1.8 (7 Day Increase) 0.9 (7 Day % Increase) 100%

15 THE FLASH CW L +SD 1.0 L +7 1.9 (7 Day Increase) 0.9 (7 Day % Increase) 90% –


16 ARROW CW L +SD 0.6 L +7 1.1 (7 Day Increase) 0.5 (7 Day % Increase) 83%

18 GOTHAM FOX L +SD 1.0 L +7 1.8 (7 Day Increase) 0.8 (7 Day % Increase) 80%

24 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L +SD 0.6  L + 7 1.0 (7 Day Increase) 0.4 (7 Day % Increase) 67%

Viewers – Total gain

18 LUCIFER FOX L +SD (000’s)  3417 L +7 (000’s) 5816 7 Day Increase (000’s) 2399 7 Day % Increase 70%

22 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC  L +SD (000’s) 2433 L +7 (000’s) 4568 7 Day Increase (000’s)2135  7 Day % Increase  88%

23 GOTHAM FOX   L +SD (000’s) 3159 L +7 (000’s) 5219  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2060 7 Day % Increase  65%

24 THE FLASH CW  L +SD (000’s) 2765 L +7 (000’s) 4775 7 Day Increase (000’s) 2010 7 Day % Increase 73%

Viewers – Percentage gain

3 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD (000’s) 2433 L +7 (000’s) 4568 7 Day Increase (000’s) 2135 7 Day % Increase 88%

7 THE FLASH CW  L +SD (000’s) 2765  L +7 (000’s) 4775  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2010 7 Day % Increase 73%

10 SUPERGIRL CW  L +SD (000’s) 2217  L +7 (000’s) 3804  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1587  7 Day % Increase 72%

12 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3417 L +7 (000’s) 5816  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2399 7 Day % Increase 70%

15 GOTHAM FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3159  L +7 (000’s) 5219 7 Day Increase (000’s) 2060 7 Day % Increase 65%

16 ARROW CW  L +SD (000’s) 1612  L +7 (000’s) 2646 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1034 7 Day % Increase 64%

20 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L +SD (000’s) 1745  L +7 (000’s)2737 7 Day Increase (000’s) 992 7 Day % Increase 57%

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

November 7 – 13

11. LUCIFER FOX  L +SD  1.0 L+7 1.8  (7 Day Increase) 0.8  (7 Day % Increase) 80%

12. GOTHAM FOX  L +SD  1.2 L+7 2.0  (7 Day Increase) 0.8  (7 Day % Increase) 67%

18 SUPERGIRL CW L +SD 0.7  L+7 1.4  (7 Day Increase) 0.7  (7 Day % Increase) 100%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

6. SUPERGIRL CW L +SD  0.7  L +7  1.4  (7 Day Increase) 0.7 (7 Day % Increase) 100%

13 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD  1.0  L +7 1.8  (7 Day Increase) 0.8 (7 Day % Increase) 80%

22. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L +SD  0.6  L +7 1.0 (7 Day Increase) 0.4  (7 Day % Increase) 67%

23. GOTHAM FOX  L +SD  1.2  L +7 2.0  (7 Day Increase) 0.8  (7 Day % Increase) 67% WINNER WINNER, SWANSON TV CHICKEN DINNER!!

Viewers – Total gain

18 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3515 L +7 (000’s) 6026  (7 Day Increase) 2511 7 Day % Increase 71%

Viewers – Percentage gain

6 LUCIFER FOX L +SD (000’s)  3515  L +7 (000’s) 6026  7 Day Increase (000’s)2511  7 Day % Increase 71%

7 SUPERGIRL CW L +SD (000’s)  2471  L +7 (000’s) 4183  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1712  7 Day % Increase 69%

16 GOTHAM FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3519  L +7 (000’s) 5469  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1950  7 Day % Increase 55%

17. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L +SD (000’s) 1768  L +7 (000’s) 2746   7 Day Increase (000’s) 978  7 Day % Increase 55%

22. ARROW CW  L +SD (000’s) 1946  L +7 (000’s) 2952  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1006  7 Day % Increase 52%

Adults 18-49 – Total gain


November 14 – 20

13. THE FLASH CW L +SD   1.2  L+7 2.1   (7 Day Increase) 0.9  (7 Day % Increase) 75%

27. GOTHAM FOX  L +SD  1.2  L+7 1.9 (7 Day Increase) 0.7  (7 Day % Increase) 58%

30. LUCIFER FOX  L +SD  1.1  L+7  1.8  (7 Day Increase) 0.7  (7 Day % Increase) 64%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

7. SUPERGIRL CW  L +SD  0.7  L +7  1.3  (7 Day Increase) 0.6  (7 Day % Increase) 86%

10. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L +SD 0.6  L +7  1.1  (7 Day Increase) 0.5  (7 Day % Increase) 83%

14 THE FLASH CW  L +SD 1.2   L +7  2.1  (7 Day Increase) 0.9  (7 Day % Increase) 75% WINNER WINNER  TV SWANSON CHICKEN DINNER

19. ARROW CW  L +SD  0.7  L +7  1.2  (7 Day Increase) 0.5  (7 Day % Increase) 71%

Viewers – Percentage gain

3 THE FLASH CW  L +SD (000’s) 3013 (L +7 000’s) 5072 (7 Day Increase) 2059 7 Day % Increase 68%

9 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3869 (L +7 000’s) 6130 (7 Day Increase) 2261 7 Day % Increase 58%

10. SUPERGIRL CW  L +SD (000’s) 2434  (L +7 000’s) 3854 (7 Day Increase) 1420 7 Day % Increase 58%

18 GOTHAM FOX L +SD (000’s) 3628 (L +7 000’s) 5447 (7 Day Increase) 1819 7 Day % Increase 50%

Here are the Live +7 rankings for Nov. 21-27, 2016. The rankings include first-run series and specials only, not repeats.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

5. GOTHAM FOX  L +SD  1.1  L+7 2.0  (7 Day Increase) 0.9 (7 Day % Increase) 82%

10. THE FLASH CW L +SD  1.1 L+7 1.9 (7 Day Increase) 0.8  (7 Day % Increase) 73%

11. LUCIFER FOX L +SD  1.0 L+7 1.8  (7 Day Increase) 0.8 (7 Day % Increase) 80%

28. SUPERGIRL CW L +SD  0.9 L+7 1.4 (7 Day Increase) 0.5 (7 Day % Increase) 56%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

7 GOTHAM FOX  L +SD  1.1  L+7 2.0  (7 Day Increase) 0.9  (7 Day % Increase) 82% – WINNER WINNER, TV SWANSON CHICKEN DINNER

8 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD  1.0 L+7 1.8  (7 Day Increase)0.8 (7 Day % Increase) 80%

14. THE FLASH CW  L +SD  1.1  L+7 1.9  (7 Day Increase)0.8 (7 Day % Increase) 73%

21 SUPERGIRL CW  L +SD 0.9 L+7 1.4 (7 Day Increase) 0.5  (7 Day % Increase) 56%

Viewers – Total gain

15 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3631  L +7 (000’s) 5875  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2244 7 Day % Increase 62%

17 GOTHAM FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3444  L +7 (000’s) 5503  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2059  7 Day % Increase 60%

19 THE FLASH CW L +SD (000’s) 2947  L +7 (000’s) 4932  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1985  7 Day % Increase 67%

Viewers – Percentage gain

6 THE FLASH CW  L +SD (000’s) 2947  L +7 (000’s) 4932  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1985  7  Day % Increase 67%

8 LUCIFER FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3631  L +7 (000’s) 5875  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2244  7 Day % Increase 62%

10 GOTHAM FOX  L +SD (000’s) 3444  L +7 (000’s) 5503  7 Day Increase (000’s) 2059  7  Day % Increase 60%

13 SUPERGIRL CW L +SD (000’s) 2631  L +7 (000’s) 3980  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1349  7  Day % Increase 51%


Oh Streeeeamm, Stream, stream, stream 

Right out of the gate, Marvel’s Luke Cage has become one of Netflix‘s most popular shows. But how popular? Brand new SVOD ratings show that the action drama series starring Mike Colter clocks has drawn 3,518,000 total viewers, making it the fifth most popular Netflix Original premiere of all-time.

According to Business Insider, new viewership data obtained by data tracking outlet SymphonyAM shows that Fuller House still leads the way as Netflix’s all-time most popular show with a whopping total of 8,709,000 viewers. Luke Cage managed to surpass the ratings for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, but fell behind the platform’s hit series Orange Is The New Black, Marvel’s Daredevil, and Stranger Things.

Marvel’s Luke Cage” opened well for Netflix, but not well enough to have caused a weekend outage on the streaming platform.

“Luke Cage” executive producer Cheo Hodari Coker would love to claim Saturday’s Netflix blackout was caused by “Luke Cage” bingers, but that’s highly unlikely as there are four other shows that rate higher than “Luke Cage” and didn’t crash the service.

In its premiere date, September 30, and the five days after, “Luke Cage” has been watched by an estimated 3.52 million adults under the age of 50, according to SymphonyAM, whose app listens to sounds from users’ televisions and takes that data to extrapolate viewership.

Those numbers place the newest Marvel show in fifth place after Netflix’s original series “Fuller House,” the fourth season of “Orange Is the New Black,” season two of “Marvel’s Daredevil,” and “Stranger Things,” based on their respective premiere dates and following five-day viewership.

Among Netflix’s Marvel series, “Luke Cage” does beat “Jessica Jones,” which is in eighth place..

3. Daredevil Season 2  Adults 18 – 49 2.90  4.1 total million viewers

5. Luke Cage Season 1  Adults 18 -49 2.54  3.5 total million viewers

8. Jessica Jones Season 1  Adults 18 -49 2.00 2.8 million viewers


The next Marvel series for Netflix, “Marvel’s Iron Fist,” premieres March 17, 2017