Coming Soon to A Purple Pinup Guru Panache Platform Near You…

28 Feb


I’m having one of those off-blogs, where I originally was going to prepare a little tribute to the current state of true life crime stories in comic book form, but my world has been in a blender of late due to all the awards season events held in my town but I spent Oscar weekend instead with friends visiting out of town that had me nowhere near a laptop and the Purple Pinup Guru’s penis left dangling and exposed on his failure of picking Academy Award winners.

Rather than scour the e-mail archives or re-post repeat performances from the mothership,, let’s just preview what ideas I have in store for the next two months instead of digging up regurgitated time machine soliloquys from a decade or so back.

Like I mentioned two paragraphs ago, I’m interested in cobbling together a little investigation into the current crop of crime comic books being published today. You would think the major publishers such as Marvel, DC or Dark Horse would have this market clinched. But believe it or not, a publisher from across the pond, Titan Books, a small flourishing company in my hometown of Sherman Oaks called Aftershock Comics, and Archie Comics – yeah you heard me- the house of Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Josie & the Pussycats AND recently the developers behind the brand new show, RIVERDALE which give the Archie mythos a delicious Twin Peaks type of slant which debuted on the CW last month, ARE the companies putting out spectacular comic book gumshoe adventures. I’d like to examine that in two weeks time, PROVIDED that I get the chance to read the reference materials.


By month’s end, I need to write a follow up to my Jonny Quest blog that was a hit sensation on this blog. I recently discovered some great gems other than the acquisition of the entire REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST series that bears some serious investigation and deep rooted Saturday Morning cartoon analysis (in my case, late Saturday evening plus whatever bottle of Absolute Vodka I manage to crawl out from )- plus by that time, I’ll have a good idea of how well the forthcoming amalgamation between the DC Universe and the Hanna Barbara is shaping up.


Also by the time I get around to posting those two- data should be presented of the Live + 3 and Live + 7 numbers of how all the comic book genre shows performed for the February sweeps.


Switching back to music, I have my fingers twisted in knots that K-Scope Music will have their US distribution problems resolved by late March or April. I’ve been very irate at how their American distribution just without a word of warning, decided to bail and shut their doors without a word to fans of bands such as Anathema, North Atlantic Oscillation, Gazpacho, The Pineapple Thief, and most especially the release of the new Blackfield V album being head hostage from February to March. I wanted to dedicate a tribute blog to the band and perhaps reprint another concert review of the band just like I did with Asia in my previous entry.

And finally, late spring will be the last reminiscence of my late good friend Harry Perzigian on the third anniversary of his passing in late April. I will be backtracking the events that led to Harry Perzigian’s downward descent to confront his personal demons..

Fun times ahead.






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