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29 Apr

Hey, before we begin, I want you all to watch something.

Ever since my “Songs of Harry Perzigian” blog entry got posted from last November, things have gotten quite peculiar in the blogosphere. Other than the usual douchebags who come from all shapes and sizes of rat holes who come-a-trolling for the proverbial mousetrap without cheese, a whole different breed of people have been directed from LA Kings website traffic, when the mythical song “Rudy Hrudey Is on Duty Tonight” inspired by superstar athlete goalie Kelly Hrudey was in very much in demand.  My website which hosted the video was getting over a hundred hits a day as a link to this site appeared on the three-time Stanley Cup winning team’s official team website..

However, there was that one caveat: what people discovered about the song that aired constantly on LA Morning Zoo radio was it was that it was written by the SO CALLED ACCUSED CARROL O’CONNER SON KILLER, HARRY PERZIGIAN AKA HARRY PARIS, who acted as the lead singer of the PUCK BOYS.

Not only that – Harry wrote songs for artists such as Vixen, Quiet Riot, Asia’s John Wetton, and co-wrote most of Toto’s former lead signer Bobby Kimball’s solo album, “Rise Up“.

But no one really expected Carroll O’Connor, TO KNOW THAT before he decided to ruin and humiliate Harry and his career. After the guilty conviction was handed down, Harry’s entire catalogue and contract with Warner Chappell music was torn into teeny tiny pieces and much of what songs that company had ownership over was ‘easy pickings’ for other artists, such as “Love in A Elevator” that Aerosmith coldly ripped off of him (and I have the original demo of that in my possession by the way). And if that wasn’t enough of a proverbial kick to Harry’s horse crotch, all the local Brentwood celebs living in the mid-nineties at the time such as Jeff Foley, Linda Hamilton, Dean Cain, Benicio del Toro, and a host of countless others suddenly treated Harry as the town’s pariah, EVEN though they thought it was okay for a while to snort coke at Harry’s apartment.

That video you watched is a shoddy piece of television journalism – just as they mostly were back in those days on either ABC’s 20/20 or NBC Dateline. the only thing I found to be a revelation during the WHOLE ENTIRE segment was that it was a massive trip to see the apartment that I once occupied and visited for many years was painted stark brilliant white. I’ve always known it to be a beige or light brown.

I’m going to have to make this blog entry as meticulously brief as possible. In the three years since Harry Perzigian’s passing, a lot of stuff has been going on. I’ve been steady employed for the two years and then there’s impending entertainment industry related strike about to occur after this week, and its been suggested to me by my employer that it should be ‘all hands on deck’ to get prepared (the running joke about this strike is ‘winter is coming’ – a famous catch phrase borrowed from the Game of Thrones) for something that will be blowing harder than the Santa Ana winds.

So if I come off scatterbrained, and unclear about events – It’s going to have to be blamed on the crazy overtime I’ve been putting in and the looming deadline of April 29th dangling like a carrot over my rectum. It would be pointless to write a Harry Perzigian tribute blog on any other day than April 29, so I should be obliged to give you all something.

I’m going to try to level off a speculation of possibilities as to why or what made Harry topple over the edge to shift off this moron coil.

Believe me, there’s no two asshole ways about it, it’s trouble with woman.

Harry and I had something in common: we both had tumultuous relationships with porn actresses in the past, Harry with Danielle Martin (aka Danielle) and I,  with the lopsided tit anal fucker, Rikki Lixxx. Both porn actresses also had something equally in common:  other than being blonde, they were both fucking whacked in the head. As I outlined in a previous blog entry concerning Rikki;  I detailed certain crazy events which started with her sending me lewd e-mails to my Paramount Pictures e-mail account after we had a fight at each other abodes over at Hazeltine Hellmouth in its’ splendorous backdrop of Van Nuys, California.  Yeah, it turned out  we were neighbors. Events escalated with her seeking a restraining order against me after I had her arrested for prostitution,  breaking & entering, and all other assorted petty crimes at other surrounding neighboring apartments including my own when she stupidly ran off with one of my credit cards (my Disney card) and charged $150.00 for a stripper pole at some slut shop in Tarzana. She also had a posse of johns and various gangbanging thugs of whom she would leave the security gate open at night for them to break into tenants’ mailboxes to help themselves to social security and pension checks. with a few drug deals thrown in for good measure. The battle her and I was fought lasted for three long years and cost me positions at three different studios (Paramount, Fox, & Sony Pictures) until I got her saggy unproductive ass evicted in 2009. Getting her arrested for a second time for a soliciting parole violation (she refused to take your Escort website down). Once the evil bitch had been purged, I packed up soon after her and moved in with Harry when a long gestating girlfriend of his moved out.


Harry admitted to me that my adventures with Rikki really trumped his experience with Danielle.

Danielle was the short and sweet name she selected for himself. The only short biography I could find for her is pulled from her imdb page:

Danielle was born on April 3, 1962 in Sacramento, California, USA as Tracy Danielle Martin. She was an actress. She died on November 30, 2011 in the USA. Tattoo: Small heart on left wrist.

Writer Shauna Grant wrote a more detailed mini-bio for her youtube page:

Porn Star Danielle was one of the first blonde porn superstars, a woman whose stunning beauty seemed almost out-of-place in hardcore — until you saw her in action, that is. Danielle had a toned, tanned body with a backside you could eat your lunch off of and large, enhanced breasts that strained the seams of many a costume. Born in Sacramento, California in 1963, Danielle debuted in the hardcore industry in 1981 and her star took off when the video boom hit the porn world soon after. Danielle was a natural sex star whose personality and good looks demanded your attention.

Danielle’s first on-screen appearance was in 1981’s ‘Night Dreams 1,’ and it wasn’t long before she was one of the hardest working women on the scene. Danielle was known as a hard-charging sexer who took control of her carnal scenes and drove them with lusty abandon. Danielle never met a stud she couldn’t handle and was willing to go anywhere and do anything for the camera. Her career spanned the decade, finally ending in late 1988. By that time, her reputation as the nastiest of blonde starlets was starting to be usurped by the likes of Amber Lynn and Debi Diamond, but Danielle’s contributions to the hardcore industry won’t be soon forgotten by anyone lucky enough to have caught her in her carnal prime. And with over 100 features to her name, Danielle’s sexual fireworks are still able to knock your socks off ten years later.


As Harry explained it to me on numerous occasions while I was boarding with him in 2009, Danielle used to live with him sometime in the early 1990s before the whole Hugh O’Connor debacle began. She was fine at first, being submissive, sucking off that huge Armenian cock all the time without hesitation or question, but Harry confined that at some times, she was mentally unstable and possessive. She became very clingy – as if she were a doting wife wondering the whereabouts of Harry were at all times – EXCEPT when it came to her to shoot her porn movies, THEN no one was allowed to QUESTION her whereabouts.

Harry got sick of her ass and her complaints about his constant partying after gigs with LACE or whoever he was drumming for along the Sunset Strip that he took her porcelain doll collection (of which he claimed she a lot of expensive ones) and threw it all out in the hallway of his Brentwood condo – which took her weeks to clear out when she finally got the message that she was no longer wanted

Harry decided that once the coast was clear, he managed to get a threesome happening in his bathroom jacuzzi – but what he didn’t count on was not knowing that…

….when Danielle was locked out of the Brentwood condo, Danielle could climb trees.

And there was a tree that Danielle climbed that led up to Harry’s bedroom window and when she came in through the bathroom door.


All sorts of chaos ensued which involved a lot of screaming, knives being flung, fisticuffs, and some lame excuse that the girls couldn’t use the shower because it was rumored that Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow had stopped by and jerked off at least eight times in it.

It was after that night’s colorful event that HARRY eventually HAD to get a restraining order against Danielle. There wasn’t much beyond that Harry told me  about her other than that he introduced her to his mother when they were all invited to be her guests at an adult film award ceremony where she was nominated ‘as best white girl who could suck two huge black dicks at once’ category.

Shortly before Harry’s passing, he did find out from someone that Danielle had passed away in 2011. Of what, he did not disclose to me. But from the small amount of research I’ve assembled, not many other people do either.


Sam – the gorgeous black girl who see in the video was Harry’s live in girlfriend. I think she was a mutual friend of Todd Bridges, the actor from the show of Different Strokes who helped Harry out of jail by vowing to be his sponsor during Harry’s rehabilitation that he was court ordered to do (in addition to cleaning up at a nearby Good Will store).

Anyway. Harry once told me this wacky story of a time when he was walking around Venice Beach and he had gotten jumped by gangbangers and had sliced his stomach wide open (yeah, the scar was definitely a conversation piece) and he had driven himself to the hospital where he signed himself into the emergency room at the proverbial nick of time and almost died on the operating table (I propose a harbinger of a very uncomfortable situation to come).

When Harry had died, the hardest thing I found himself to do was call the people that he OFTEN TALKED ABOUT (aka his ex-girlfriends) on his speed dial – and one of those he talked often about MORE than most was the black girl Sandy. He loved her and her family the most – despite the racist overtones that Harry was not shy of exhibiting. For example, one of the main complaints that Harry used to scrutinize at Sandy was that every time she sat down to watch television, he noticed that she always had it constantly tuned to NBC.

which to Harry’s estimation was an acronym for N***** Bitch Channel.

And from there, the afro sheen fir began to fly.

When I had talked in length to Sandy on the phone, she revealed to me, that the story about Harry being stabbed in Venice was indeed, nothing more than a fabrication.

Sandy said SHE had been the one who stabbed him, when he got a little too high on pills and violently attacked her. When Harry had gained conscious in the ER and was questioned by police and how he got stabbed, Harry concocted the story so that the police wouldn’t arrest her.



Harry and actor Ryan O’Neal used to work out together at a gym in downtown Brentwood (whatever they call that strip that San Vicente Blvd circles around), Farrah Fawcett used to sometimes go to the gym. She took a shine to Harry at one time. So when Ryan and Farrah used to go around coldcocking each other, she would then run into the arms of Harry and as such rotten luck would have it, some paparazzi sleaze snapped a photo of it and the photo wound up on the cover of PEOPLE MAGAZINE – with the caption reading: FARRAH FAWCETT RUNS INTO ARMS OF DRUG DEALER. This enraged Ryan so much that Harry and Ryan nearly mixed it up in the gym’s parking lot.

When Farrah had died of colon cancer during the time I was rooming with Harry, Ryan O’ Neal had extended an olive branch and called Harry to invite him to the funeral. I was the one who took down the message after Ryan confessed that Farrah, even being out of touch with Harry for many years had always spoke about him with fondness AND had always said that she felt Harry got treated unfairly in life since the Hugh O’Connor and that she definitely would have wanted Harry to attend Farrah’s memorial service, but Harry didn’t feel comfortable about wanting to go and nothing I said to him could convince him otherwise.


Possibly none of the above.

BUT MY PREDICTION OF WHAT COULD’ VE HAVE HAPPENED TO Harry to inundate himself into a suffocating tidal pool orgy of seven industrial giant-size bottles of Canadian Mist whisky and a few scattered small ones that one could compare as to monsters being found under the bed?

Loss of command and control.

During the packing of my return exodus to Sherman Oaks, when realizing this condo sharing partnership wasn’t working out in the six months I was there. Work in the entertainment field froze on me and I wasn’t able to keep up with the expenses, but the silver lining was that I was rewarded with a back log of unemployment checks from a claim I had filed on Sony Pictures that came out to the sum of close to five grand, I invested at least three of it to the publication of my last Deposit Man comic book and I really didn’t want Harry to squander the rest of it, so my sister came through for me and found a roommate at her apartment complex who asking for half at what Harry was asking in rent. None of them wanted to come visit me down in Brentwood, so in order to be close to them, I thought it best to move up there (and my sister was a good cook. While negotiations for my exodus were going down, Harry kept telling me about this married girl he kept running into at Joe’s Gym.

I’ll call her Elf girl – because she was very elfish and bore quite a striking resemblance to actress Hope Davis.

Eventually, Elf Girl got a divorced and decided to start courting Harry, ultimately swooned over by his gift for gab and to pick up an acoustic guitar to make up some romantic diddy on the spot. I didn’t get to meet her until months later after I was settled back in Sherman Oaks. I remember remarking to Harry that she certainly looks like a better fuck than that fat old lady that he used to fuck during the time I took trips to Las Vegas to work on getting my Deposit Man books to a printer that I used to utilize out there.

For the longest time, depending on whether he was living with a girl or not, Harry had some kind of granny panty fetish that he shared with this woman who claimed to be Jon Voight’s housekeeper and Angelina Jolie’s nanny when she was a little girl. All I remember about her was that her name was Gretchen and she moonlighted as an artist and became a manager or bartender for a topless bar in North Hollywood when Voight had gone done using her as garbage receptacle.

Harry like to leave remnants of his giant 100 + 1 fluid filled panty conquests in between his couch cushions and had a habit of trying to throw them at my face.

Then he one day while visiting on a Sunday, he tried to throw the Elf Girl’s teeny tiny thong into my face.

And it was a vast improvement. His throwing arm technique that is.

Harry loved to brag incessantly about ELF GIRL. Even about the most intimate things such as her getting a permanent wax of her pussy and wanted to bet me that I would cave in front of him and start masturbating at the sight of a picture of her dressed up in a sexy Green Lantern costume.

ELF GIRL vowed to show that picture to no one else but Harry. So, to this day, I’ve never got to see it.

Then there was a time that Harry called me up inviting me to come over and fuck ELF GIRL as he watched.

“Dude, I’m not getting in the same room with you, your giant Armenian horse cock, and your teeny tiny girl friend – four’s a fucking crowd”

Harry would tort back: “but c’mon dude, she secretly told me that she has a thing for short balding guys with a big gut”. No I flat refused. I’ll do a threesome with two girls – BUT I definitely  WOULD NEVER EVER get in a threesome with a couple. It’s not in my Coatney nature to engage in any amount of swordplay or dueling with dicks, especially with mine resembling a little dagger and his, of which he used to nickname EXCALIBUR. There would have been no hope of winning that battle.

As much as the sex life could seem blissful, still it was not enough to make Harry happy. EVEN though ELF GIRL went to great lengths to get an apartment close to Harry’s – she just did not want to take the plunge and move in directly with Harry because he had a young daughter that she shared custody with her ex-husband. This made Harry lose control. All girls who get in a relationship with Harry must understand that it is a automatic prerequisite to move in with him.

BUT ELF GIRL wasn’t having any of it. She knew Harry had some unresolved substance abuse problems and she didn’t want the daughter exposed to it.

Harry got mad. Fights and arguments broke out. Harry sought to take his anger out on escorts and prostitutes. It didn’t matter to him, he wouldn’t get caught, even though fights and arguments broke out – ELF GIRL would still come over on weekends to get that waxed pussy a workout so it wouldn’t get a waxy build up. However, the mistake Harry made was that ELF GIRL had the key to Harry’s apartment, and on a Wednesday night, Harry ordered take out for the night and the ELF GIRL unexpectedly had no motherly duties to attend to that night, having dropped the daughter’s off at her ex-husband, so she decided to surprise Harry with a Wednesday night blow pop special, ONLY when she got there SHE FOUND that some stranger was already in her parking spot ass up

From there, it was Harry crying to me on the phone of how much he fucked up and a little more than a week later, his fat Armenian horsecock was sizzling on the grill of a local Los Angeles crematorium.

So here’s to another year.


The Frantic Frightful February Sweeps Free for all Fray for All Systems Failure

18 Apr

Ow! Ow! Ow!, My eyes! MY EYES!! All these comic book related tv shows are killing MY EYES!!

Here we are with Round 2 of the 2016 – 2017 Television season as it pertains to comic book related genre. As I have explained in previous blogs around delayed viewing and its’ ratings. There are three pre-designated periods from September to May in which a show’s story arc will reflect on when advertising buying is heavier than usual, and usually in turn, for show to keep having selling power, producers and writers will schedule their strongest peak episodes to coincide with these periods called “SWEEPS”. They occur on every November, February and May- which also coincide with the usual suspect season finales and UPFRONTS presentations that grant you your ‘renewal papers’, otherwise, some new super hero wet behind the ears turk will just take over your slot (and look, is that Black Lightning warming up in the dugout?).

However, this year, there may be a slight delay in those upcoming upfront presentations due to ruffling of storm clouds and work related strikes.

BUT I don’t mind making a game of what little I’ve managed to pull.

As explained many times before in previous comic book show genre entries on this blog, every week I post to my facebook  the weekly overnight ratings of network and cable comic book based shows. What shows are the strongest, and which deserve to blow away like Pharaohs out pissing sand (If Powerless would be so kind…)

Three months out of the year, (as soon as data is released), I like to post the delayed viewing ratings on HERE and make a big fucking contest out of posting the Live plus three and Live plus seven ratings to really see who are REALLY the winners and who the losers REALLY are. Usually, I like to post up cheesecake photos of your favorite female co-stars of these shows that you can spunk off to in the midst of really complicated looking data and long-winded explanations, so that ALL OF YOU CAN REMAIN FOCUSED. I know how incredibly hard it is to sustain in your head all this heavy jargon about demo rankings and competitive tracking.

So I’d like to thank Arrow’s Katie Cassidy and the Flash’s Candice Patton for not really volunteering the cheesecake photos. It’s better that you not tell them , otherwise they’ll want compensation. And since this blog is supposed to be free.

We’ll sweat the small stuff first…

L +3 ratings

Week of Feb 6 – 12

“The Walking Dead” roared back to the top of the cable ratings with the opening of Season 7b on Feb. 12. It has only increased its lead with three days of DVR and on-demand viewing.

The episode improved from a 5.7 to a 7.7 rating in adults 18-49 in the Live +3 ratings for Feb. 6-12 and from 12 million to 15.93 million viewers. In both cases, it widened the lead it held over the No. 2 show for the week, “Talking Dead.”

What was a 3.5-point lead is now a 5.2-point lead among adults 18-49. In viewers, “The Walking Dead” increased its margin over “Talking Dead” from about 7.2 million viewers to more than 10 million.

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Feb. 6-12, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 18 -49 rating 7.7 Gain vs. L +SD 2.0 % gain vs. L +SD 35%

LEGION (Premiere!!) FX  L +3 18 -49 rating 1.4 Gain vs  L +SD 0.7 % gain vs. L +SD  100%

Week of Feb 13 – 19

“The Walking Dead” made up some of the (small) ratings declines its Feb. 19 episode suffered thanks to DVR and on-demand playback.

The episode fell 0.4 in adults 18-49 vs. the prior week the night it aired (5.7 to 5.3). It regained a tenth of a point with three days of delayed viewing, rising to a 7.4 (vs. 7.7 the previous week). It also added more viewers (4.16 million) than the previous episode’s 3.92 million.

Legion” was the biggest gainer in the Top 25 aside from “The Walking Dead.” They both added 0.7 to their initial ratings.

THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 18 -49 rating 7.4 Gain vs. L +SD 2.1 gain vs. L +SD  40%

12 LEGION FX L +3 18 -49 rating 1.2 Gain vs. L +SD 0.7 gain vs. L +SD  140%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Feb. 6-12, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC 15,243 4,156 37%

The Week of Feb 20 – 26

The Walking Dead” is, per usual, perched way above everything else on cable for the week of Feb. 20. It was that way when the initial ratings came out and remains so after three days of DVR and on-demand viewing.

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Feb. 20-26, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 18 -49 rating 7.1 Gain vs. L +SD 2.1 gain vs. L +SD 42%

18. LEGION FX L +3 18 -49 rating 1.0 Gain vs. L +SD 0.5 gain vs. L +SD 100%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Feb. 20-26, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC 14,740 4,317 41%


Week of Feb 27 – Mar 5

THE ONLY show to break the Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in the Live +3 adults 18-49 category for Feb. 27- March 5, 2017 was…

 20. THE FLASH CW 1.7 0.6 55%

“The Walking Dead” cemented it’s No. 1 spot among adults 18-49 with a 1.9-point gain to 6.6. It also moved ahead of Fox News’ coverage of the presidential address for first place among viewers.

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Feb. 27-March 5, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +3 18 -49 rating 6.6 Gain vs. L +SD 1.9 gain vs. L +SD 40%

20. LEGION FX L +3 18 -49 rating 1.0 Gain vs. L +SD 0.6 gain vs. L +SD 150%

Note: HBO debuted the cable premiere of the theatrical X-Men: Apocalypse and it managed to mind meld its’ way into the L+3 SD category.

31. X-MEN: APOCALYPSE HBOM L +3 18 -49 rating 0.9 Gain vs. L +SD 0.1 gain vs. L +SD 12%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Feb. 27-March 5, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC 13,669 3,496 34%


And now the competition grows even more fierce – for here are the lightning rounds for broadcast shows. Winners in broadcast categories receive a commemorative WINNER, WINNER SWANSON TV CHICKEN DINNER JPEG PLAQUE

L + 7  Ratings

 Week of February 6 – 12

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L + SD 0.7 L +7 1.5 7 Day Increase 0.8 7 Day % Increase 114%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

5 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD 0.7 L +7 1.5 7 Day Increase 0.8 7 Day % Increase 114%

14 ARROW CW L +SD 0.6 L +7 1.1 7 Day Increase 0.5 7 Day % Increase 83%

Viewers – Percentage gain

2 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD (000’s) 2085 L +7 (000’s) 4129 7 Day Increase (000’s) 2044 7 Day % Increase 98%

  1. ARROW CW L +SD (000’s)1608 L +7 (000’s) 2731 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1123 7 Day % Increase 70%

17 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L +SD (000’s) 1774 L +7 (000’s) 2873 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1099 7 Day % Increase 62%

19 RIVERDALE CW L +SD (000’s) 1197 L +7 (000’s) 1903 7 Day Increase (000’s) 706 7 Day % Increase 59%

  1. THE FLASH CW L +SD (000’s) 2906 L +7 (000’s) 4586 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1680 7 Day % Increase 58%

22 SUPERGIRL CW L +SD (000’s) 2428 L +7 (000’s) 3809 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1381 7 Day % Increase 57%




The return of “The Walking Dead,” per usual, outdistanced everything else in the cable Live +7 rankings for Feb. 6-12 — just as it did in the initial rankings and those after three days of DVR and on-demand playback.

Sitting at No. 2 in both adults 18-49 and viewer gain, however, is the premiere of “Legion” on FX. The show grew by 0.9 in adults 18-49 (0.7 to 1.6) and by 1.97 million viewers, more than doubling its initial numbers in both measures.

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD 5.7 L +7 8.2 7 Day Increase 2.5 7 Day % Increase 44%

2 LEGION – (Premiere!!) FX  L +SD 0.7 L +7 1.6 7 Day Increase 0.9 7 Day % Increase 129%

Adults 18-49 – percentage gain

13 LEGION – (Premiere!!) FX L +SD 0.7 L +7 1.6 7 Day Increase 0.9 7 Day % Increase 129%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD (000’s)12015 L +7 (000’s) 16837 7 Day Increase (000’s) 4822 7 Day % Increase 40%

2 LEGION – (Premiere!!) FX L +SD (000’s)1623  L +7 (000’s) 3592 7 Day Increase (000’s)  1969 7 Day % Increase 121%

Viewers – percentage gain

7 LEGION – (Premiere!!) FX L +SD (000’s)1623 L +7 (000’s) 3592 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1969 7 Day % Increase 121%

Week of Feb 13 – 19

Yes, we’ve been here before: “Agents of SHIELD” was the top performers in the Live +7 rankings for the week of Feb. 13-19.

“Agents of SHIELD,” meanwhile, had the highest percentage gain in adults 18-49 (150 percent, 0.6 to 1.5) and was second to “Timeless” in terms of percentage gain among total viewers.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L + SD 0.6 L +7 1.5 7 Day Increase 0.9 7 Day % Increase 150%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

1 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD 0.6  L +7 1.5  7 Day Increase 0.9 7 Day % Increase 150%

7. RIVERDALE CW L +SD 0.4  L +7 0.8 7 Day Increase 0.4 7 Day % Increase 100%

Viewers – Percentage gain

2 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD (000’s) 2126 L +7 (000’s) 4152 7 Day Increase (000’s) 2026 7 Day % Increase 95%

13 RIVERDALE CW L +SD (000’s) 1139 L +7 (000’s) 1873 7 Day Increase (000’s) 734 7 Day % Increase 64%

20 ARROW CW L +SD (000’s) 1663 L +7 (000’s) 2563 7 Day Increase (000’s) 900 7 Day % Increase 54%



goes to……  MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD….. again.

Fellow FX show “Legion” tied for second in total gains among adults 18-49, each growing by 0.8.

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L +SD 5.3 L +7 7.9 7 Day Increase 2.6 7 Day % Increase 49%

3. LEGION FX  L +SD 0.5 L +7 1.3 7 Day Increase 0.8 7 Day % Increase 160%

Adults 18-49 – percentage gain

9 LEGION FX  L +SD 0.5 L +7 1.3 7 Day Increase 0.8 7 Day % Increase 160%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD (000’s) 11087 L +7 (000’s) 16171 7 Day Increase (000’s) 5084 7 Day % Increase 46%

3 LEGION FX L +SD (000’s)1133 L +7 (000’s) 2910 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1777 7 Day % Increase 157%

Viewers – percentage gain

4 LEGION FX L +SD (000’s) 1133 L +7 (000’s) 2910  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1777  7 Day % Increase 157%

The Week of Feb 20 – 26

even shows at least doubled their 18-49 rating, with “Agents of SHIELD” and “Riverdale” leading the percentage gains with a 133 percent jump each.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

12. THE FLASH CW L + SD 1.0 L +7 1.9 7 Day Increase 0.9 7 Day % Increase 90%

17. AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L + SD 0.6 L +7 1.4 7 Day Increase 0.8 7 Day % Increase 133%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

1 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD 0.6 L +7 1.4  7 Day Increase 0.8 7 Day % Increase 133%

2. RIVERDALE CW L +SD 0.3  L +7 0.7  7 Day Increase 0.4 7 Day % Increase 133%

9 THE FLASH CW L +SD 1.0  L +7 1.9  7 Day Increase 0.9 7 Day % Increase 90%

14 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L +SD 0.6  L +7 1.1  7 Day Increase 0.5 7 Day % Increase 83%

17. ARROW CW L +SD 0.5  L +7 0.9  7 Day Increase 0.4 7 Day % Increase 80%


Viewers – Percentage gain

1 AGENTS OF SHIELD ABC L +SD (000’s) 2013 L +7 (000’s) 3885 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1872 7 Day % Increase 93%

7 RIVERDALE CW L +SD (000’s) 975 L +7 (000’s) 1689 7 Day Increase (000’s) 714 7 Day % Increase 73%

8 THE FLASH CW L +SD (000’s) 2787 L +7 (000’s) 4747 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1960  7 Day % Increase 70%

13 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L +SD (000’s) 1643 L +7 (000’s) 2698  7 Day Increase (000’s) 1055 7 Day % Increase 64%

16 ARROW CW L +SD (000’s) 1537 L +7 (000’s) 2457  7 Day Increase (000’s) 920  7 Day % Increase 60%

21. SUPERGIRL CW L +SD (000’s) 2236 L +7 (000’s) 3532 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1296  7 Day % Increase 58%



goes to…..  THE FLASH!!

You could chalk it up to NBA Championships for the win, since many CW stations were obliged to carry it (especially Chicago!), which preempted The Flash, thereby cockblocking a possible third Agents of SHIELD win.

The Walking Dead,” per usual, made the biggest gains via DVR and on-demand viewing for the week of Feb. 20. The magnitude of its lead is notable.

“The Walking Dead” also added 5.32 million viewers, 3 million-plus ahead of the No. 2 show in the rankings (“Major Crimes,” which grew by 2.29 million people).

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L +SD 5.0 L +7 7.7  7 Day Increase 2.7 7 Day % Increase 54%

6. LEGION FX  L +SD 0.5  L +7 1.2  7 Day Increase 0.7  7 Day % Increase 140%

Adults 18-49 – percentage gain

16 LEGION FX  L +SD 0.5 L +7 1.2 7 Day Increase 0.7 7 Day % Increase 140%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L +SD (000’s) 10434 L +7 (000’s) 15756 7 Day Increase (000’s)5322 7 Day % Increase 51%

7 LEGION FX L +SD (000’s)1043 L +7 (000’s) 2489 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1446 7 Day % Increase 139%

Viewers – percentage gain

8 LEGION FX L +SD (000’s) 1043 L +7 (000’s) 2489 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1446 7 Day % Increase 139%

The Week of Feb 27 – Mar 3

Legends of Tomorrow” grew by 100 percent.

THE FLASH CW L + SD 0.9  L +7 1.6  7 Day Increase 0.7  7 Day % Increase 78%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

  1. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L +SD 0.5  L +SD 1.0 7 Day Increase 0.5  7 Day % Increase 100%
  2. THE FLASH CW L +SD 0.9  L +SD 1.6   7 Day Increase  0.7  7 Day % Increase 78%

16 RIVERDALE CW L +SD 0.4  L +SD 0.7   7 Day Increase  0.3   7 Day % Increase 75%

  1. SUPERGIRL CW L +SD 0.7  L +SD 1.2  7 Day Increase  0.5  7 Day % Increase 71%

Viewers – Percentage gain

4 RIVERDALE CW L +SD (000’s) 1042 L +7 (000’s) 1798 7 Day Increase (000’s) 756 7 Day % Increase 73%

  1. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L +SD (000’s) 1538 L +7 (000’s) 2608 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1070 7 Day % Increase 70%

7 THE FLASH CW L +SD (000’s) 2524 L +7 (000’s) 4232 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1708 7 Day % Increase 68%

12 SUPERGIRL CW L +SD (000’s) 2179 L +7 (000’s) 3458 7 Day Increase (000’s) 1279 7 Day % Increase 59%



goes to…… THE FLASH!! Yes, again!!

Due to a power outage in a Nielsen data storage facility in Florida, the DVR L + 7 for cable shows of the week of February 27 – March 5 were lost. Not that it really matters, we all know how great and powerful the Walking Dead is despite declining audiences. Legion has a long way to go to match the monumental ratings mountain top that the Walking Dead has building prime real estate on for the past five or so years, BUT its proving itself to be no slouch in increasing its’ potential audience. No show that I’ve seen, let alone a show that I’ve heard about in this category has ever scored above a 157 % like that. Hopefully overnight audiences will start flocking in droves when the second season comes around next year. Same almost could be said about Riverdale, whilst their audience share is miniscule, it’s audience percentage harbingers a stronger performer in its’ sophomore season. I’m pretty sure it’s the same method that got iZombie renewed for a third and fourth season.

Hopefully by the time I gather all the DVR data for May Sweeps, we’ll have some numbers for Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Finally, I’m getting to finally see the Syfy channel’s adaptation of IDW Publishing’s Wynonna Earp on Netflix. I’ll definitely be milking that for the entire summer. I meant the show, not the title character.

In couple of weeks, my third anniversary blog about my departed friend Harry Perzigian.

And after that, I will be having a special guest blogger on board to do a handful blogs about a very dire health subject.