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Tossing Out Last Summer’s TV Super Hero Show Dinner Leftovers

26 Sep


Have to make this bi-weekly offering short and sweet. Had a family member on my half-sister’s side of the family in Las Vegas pass away last Monday morning so I can’t expand on my preview of this fall’s comic book related genre shows as much as I would want to do.

However as a treat, I can afford you some episode titles from my database at work to tide you over until mid-October’s pulse pounding entry.

Gotham started things off last Thursday on their new night to make room on Mondays for the next Fox Marvel X-Men related shows seeing as how Legion hit all their target demos for FX. The major baddie as evidently seen on last week’s episode seems to be focused on Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow as Bruce embarks on a path to become a masked avenger (although the concept of naming himself Batman is a tad bit too premature much like Clark Kent first became the entity dubbed by the public as The Blur before naming himself Superman in Smallville) to take on Ra’s Al Ghul and the Court of Owls.


Gotham Season 4

4 -1 Pax Peguina (September 21st FOX)

4-2 The Fear Reaper

4- 3 They Who Hide Behind Masks

4-4 The Demon’s Head

Unfortunately, I was one of the doofuses who got sucker punched into becoming all excited to see the premiere of the first two episodes of Marvel’s first big giant misfire into a epic major broadcast television mini-series event.

This series is so bad, that DESPITE the stupendous breathtaking IMAX camera work showcasing the entire beautiful state of Hawaii, you’ll feel so soiled that you’d immediately wish that one of Kim Jong Un’s handy dandy patented Hydrogen bombs will purge the rotten pineapple stink right out of you.

The cast sucks. There’s absolutely no chemistry between the cast members and there’s no research on how their characters should interact with each other in the comics. Gorgon doesn’t speak ghetto. There’s absolutely no martial art work displayed by Karnak until the end of episode two and even that is sloppy of Agents of SHIELD standards. The special effects of Medusa’s hair in this horrible piss poor piece of shit adaptation loosely  based on writer James Robinson and artist Jae Lee’s 1998 mini-series makes the 1994 Roger Corman’s version of the Fantastic Four movie look like a John Dykstra spectacular masterpiece. They knew the effects weren’t working, so they simply had Maximus chop off Medusa’s hair in the second episode to save any further embarrassment to the SFX department.

After you watch this you know immediately got to wonder what kind of carrot did they  dangle under Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon’s nose (Maximus) to make him participate in such a laughing joke? And alas, poor Anson Mount fresh off the Chinese railroad of Hell on Wheels, propped up in the lead as Black Bolt doesn’t have a single goddamn line of dialogue throughout. I won’t have to tune in until the third episode to find out the outcome of BB’s Honolulu jail house dilemma. Question is, will I even care? And I’ll tell you something else; after this mini-series, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD takes its’ slot over with the fifth season.  I guarantee with the low ratings this televised tragedy is generating ,you’re going to be witnessing the death knell of that series as well.

Marvel’s comic book formula just doesn’t translate well to ABC broadcast television. Netflix is where it’s at, man.

But props certainly go out to Lockjaw. It’s nice when a CGI giant dog actor can still get work five years after John Carter supposedly ruined his career.

And here’s to add insult to further fanboy genre misery – ALL the titles for each episode is lifted from every Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four comic book that guest starred the Inhumans.



Marvel’s The Inhumans (September 29th ABC)

001 Behold the Inhumans

002 Those Who Would Destroy Us

003 Divide and Conquer

004 Make Way for Medusa

005 Something Inhuman This Way Comes

006 The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon

007 Havoc in the Hidden Land

008 …And Finally, Black Bolt

Marvel teaming up with Fox for The Gifted will probably have better luck than ABC. Reviews for this show so far have been stellar. I didn’t know much about it until I watched the trailer a few weeks ago and found out that the X-Men team in this series is led by Thunderbird and Polaris. Fingers crossed that with Stephen Moyer’s involvement on this show that hopefully Anna Paquin might drop by and revive her Rogue character. Guess you got to tune in and find out.

DF2-cJhUAAAxh9u [www_imagesplitter_net]_jpeg

Marvel’s The Gifted (October 2nd FOX)

1-1 Exposed

1 -2 rX

1- 3 Exodus

1-4 Boxed In

1-5 Got Your Six

1- 6 Quick Fix

Lucifer comes back for a devilishly fun third season with Tom Welling coming out of Smallville mothballs as a new supporting cast member.


Lucifer Season 3 (October 2nd FOX)

3 -1 They’re Back, Aren’t They

3-2 The One with The Baby Carrot

3-3 What Would Lucifer Do?

3-4 Welcome Back Charlotte Richards

3-5 Chloe Does Lucifer

3 -6 The Sinnerman

3- 7 The Sin Bin

3 -8 All About Her

The Greg Berlanti CW led version of the DC Universe in its’ four related shows, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow will be joined with a reluctant fifth sibling called Black Lightning at the start of next year. The four super hero alumni shows all start the same week in October. The 4 part Thanksgiving epic extravaganza event “Crisis on Earth X” starts immediately right after the holiday.

The exciting addition to Supergirl this season will be the introduction of the Legion of Super Heroes, which definitely could work as a show concept in its own right once one of these shows is put to pasture giving its’ natural teen age soap opera appeal. But personally, I want to Berlanti to develop a show around the concept of Justice League Dark so that actor Matt Ryan can get his old job back as John Constantine who would be leading fellow dark leaguers such as Zatanna, the Phantom Stranger or Deadman to help solve occult and supernatural related mysteries week after week



Supergirl Season 3 (October 9th The CW)

3 -1 The Girl of Steel

3 -2 Triggers

3 -3 Far From the Tree

3 -4 The Faithful

3- 5 Damage

3-6 Midvale

3 -7 Wake Up

3 -8 Greater Foes

I don’t know much with what’s going on with the new season of The Flash other than I was reading that they had cast someone to recur as the Elongated Man.


The Flash Season 4 (October 10 The CW)

4 -1 The Flash Reborn

4 – 2 Mixed Signals

4 – 3 Luck Be A Lady

4 – 4 Elongated Journey into the Night

4 – 5 Girls Night Out

4 – 6 When Harry Met Harry

4 – 7 Therefore I Am

Legends of Tomorrow’s new season I hear is going to expand their cast with live version guest star appearances of Jack Kirby beloved 1970’s characters such as Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth and possibly OMAC, the One Man Army.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 (October 10 The CW)

3 – 1 Aruba-Con

3 – 2 Freakshow

3 – 3 Zari

3 – 4 Phone Home

3 – 5 Return of the Mack

3 – 6 Helen Hunt

3 – 7 Welcome to the Jungle

3 – 8 Greater Menace (Part 4 of Crisis on Earth X)

In Arrow’s sixth season I hear that Deathstroke is coming back, along with Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary and a good actor that I used to bump into at my neighboring work area’s Starbucks‘ named Kirk Acevado  (Oz, Kingdom, Twelve Monkeys) is portraying handicapped marital arts instructor Richard Dragon. (Does that mean that Vic Sage aka The Question isn’t far behind in becoming a supporting cast member?)


Arrow Season 6 (October 12 The CW)

6 – 1 Fallout

6 – 2 Tribute

6 – 3 Next of Kin

6 – 4 Reversal

6 – 5 Deathstroke Returns

6 – 6 Promise Kept

6 – 7 Thanksgiving

Black Lightning is the new kid on the block. It’s going to be a different type of super hero show in where the lead character is supposedly retired, but his daughters want to pick up the mantle from where he left off and become superheroes themselves.


Black Lightning Season 1

1 – 1 Dark Matter of My Brain

1 – 2 The Morning After

1 – 3 The Apple Falls

1 – 4 Jagged Little Pill

1 – 5 Aches and Pains

1 – 6 Vengeance

1 – 7 The New Normal

Runaways is a try out to see if Marvel can work their streaming series magic on other platforms other than Netflix. Seeing as how Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale practically swept up the Emmy carpet leaving rest of the big streaming big boys to hang out to dry, perhaps Marvel’s gamble will pay off for them too. Plus geek nerdy boys and girls have been practically been begging for Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni James Marsters to be involved with something comic book related and in here, he appears as one of the Runaways parents turned super villain – which is a occurring theme throughout the series. Super powered kids who run away from home because their all their parents are super villains.


Runaways ( November 21st Hulu)

1- 1 Reunion

1 – 2 Rewind

I don’t understand the fuck is all the secrecy in the drop date of Netflix’s Marvel’s The Punisher. It’s fucking Thanksgiving weekend or early December. It’s disheartening to hear that Marvel’s The Defenders did not hold up to par to its’ expectations to be the streaming service highest Marvel related rated series. However, this one is guaranteed to shoot through the roof. Jon Bernthal practically shits, eats, and breathes The Punisher.


Marvel’s The Punisher ( November 17 Netflix)

1- 1 3 AM

1 – 2 Two Dead Men

1 – 3 Kandahar

1 – 4 Resupply

1 – 5 Gunner

1 – 6 The Judas Goat

1 – 7 Crosshairs

1 – 8 Cold Steel

missing title to Episode 9

1 – 10 Virtue of the Vicious

1 – 11 Danger Close

1 – 12 Home

1 – 13 Memento Mori

I know absolutely nothing that it’s premiering on TNT and that it features Adam Strange in a supporting role and revolves around Kal El’s swashbuckling scientist grandfather.


Krypton (Early 2018 Syfy Channel)

1 – 1 Pilot

1 – 2 House of El

1 – 3 The Rankless Initiative

1 – 4 The Word of Rao

The second season of Riverside ought to garner a lot of attention due to the character of Sabrina will featured in a couple of episodes and possibly spun off into her own series. Recently, lead actor KJ Apa got into a car accident due to over exhaustion on the set that had the Screen Actor’s Guild flying immediately to investigate the working conditions on the set. Practically half the season’s episodes have already been shot over last summer.  Slow it down guys and be safe.


Riverdale (October 11th, The CW)

2- 1 A Kiss Before Dying

2- 2 Nighthawks

2 – 3 The Watcher in the Woods

2 – 4 The Town That Dreaded Sundown

2- 5 When A Stranger Calls

2 – 6 Death Proof

2 – 7 Tales From the Darkside

2 – 8 House of the Devil

2 – 9 Silent Night, Deadly Night


The Walking Dead – there are no episode titles released yet with the exception of Season 8 opener “Mercy” which debuts October 22nd on AMC.

I will be researching more data into the streaming service performances of Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix and The Tick which premiered on Amazon Prime last month. Expect to see that when I do the November sweeps analysis.

Apparently with the addition of last summer’s Preacher Season 2, season 2 of Wynonna Earp, and Fear the Walking Dead’s third season. It looks as if the Comic Book genre shows are a nearly year around event. See you soon.









The Parsippany Persona Non Grata Picture Show Part II: Leap Frogging Over Lake Hiawatha

19 Sep



Recently I took a week off from my usual Los Angeles cluster fuck based shenanigans to cause a week full of east coast cluster fuck based shenanigans at my old childhood hangout in Lake Hiawatha, NJ – which occurring to Wikipedia is a “unincorporated” community in Parsippany, NJ. It has his own fire department, library, post office with its’ own zip code – but nada on its’ own mayor. police department, community funding, and zero signs of a Whole Foods or Jamba Juice anywhere (which is how I love my California franchises – STUCK in CALIFORNIA). Nope, all those amenities are made possible through the kindly community auspices of Parsippany.

There’s a whole township within a township that finally acknowledges that it’s a part of Parsippany Troy-Hills. Lake Hiawatha, once regaled as the premier vacation spot back in the early 20th century in all of Northern New Jersey had its’ swamp drained to make room for a new community. But as 1920’s and 1930’s roared, the once vacation resort to such early rising New York radio stars such as Fatty Arbuckle & Fred Allen was excavated and drained out and sold off as chunks for as little as $98 for two 25 by 50 foot lots. However property became hard to sell because of frequent flooding from the Rockaway River, so dikes had to be installed, along with levies and pumps.

I’m sure it was pretty much shit and giggles after when Hurricane Irene dropped down in 2011.

Whatever remains of the good ole’ vacation spots was pretty transformed into the Knoll Country Club where my stepfather did most of his hanging out when he wasn’t bartending. According to an old New York Times article I read online, The adjacent newly reconstructed 154 unit Knoll Manor condominiums along North Beverwyck Road is supposedly the largest in the area with units selling for inbetween $150 – 180 grand (must be that beautiful Jersey City Reservoir view I’ve been hearing about). Personally on that NY Times factoid I call bullshit, because my Vail Gardens apartment where I spent most of my childhood had about 271 residents. I should know, I delivered the Pennysaver, the Today weekly newspapers from Wayne, and the Morristown Daily Record to nearly all those tenants (and to those in the neighboring Lakeview Gardens)

When I was a kid, we weren’t living within walking distance of Lake Hiawatha – we lived on the diving line between Route 46 and Interstate 287 which was the border of Lake Parsippany (and it was a real lake too!) , so it was usually a pile up in the car on weekends to do errands at the post office, drop my half sister off at dance school, and me either wasting a Saturday morning and afternoon out at little mom and pop record stores, book stores, grabbing an Italian submarine sandwich at Don’s, or picking up my weekly fix of Marvel Comics at Gould’s Stationers. My mom and stepfather couldn’t get used to the new diverse cultures ramping up their presence at my old Vail Gardens apartment complex and later found a house within earshot of Lake Hiawatha in the late 1990’s, but it still zoned as Parsippany.

As a teenager in high school, usually after all my paper routes were all done, I’d sneak a ride on my ten-speed bike to hang out with my friends, the Zullo clan: brothers Mike, Joe, and Mark at their uncle’s bent out of shape decrepit falling apart house in which their uncle made them sleep in a tool shed on Minnehaha Blvd. Thankfully, as that crappy house sunk further into a shithole, the two older brothers moved to Los Angeles and younger Mark moved into a house in Cedar Knolls with his mom and sister.

So here I am some thirty old years hitchhiking down memory lanes looking for something positive to say about my mostly east coast upbringing. Still, I wished I lived out my teenage years in Southern California, but as we walk along scenic North Beverwyck (oh yeah, Ventura Boulevard has nothing on you), I bet we can find some interesting pontificating golden nuggets to reminisce about.

This is the second Parsippany Persona non-grata picture show I posted within a year. The reason why I call them Persona non-Grata picture shows because I don’t want the majority of assholes I went to high school with to know I’m in town because they’re marble mouth Trump supporters. Not that it matters anyway, I’ve always had a derisive past with most of the people I went to school. As a child of divorced parents since before I turned a year old, I’ve always been resentful of my dad moving out west and never allowing me to live part-time or never getting to meet my half sister and half brother until I was way into my twenties. Instead I was ridiculed and smacked around by a egomaniacal stepfather. Once I was back from spending a good enough time in Southern Californian before enrolling in high school (and not successful in seeking out those of my namesake), I already had the California gene imbued inside me. I was a west coast alien trapped in a east coast world. That’s why I gravitated towards few people in my youth such as Michael and Joe Zullo (and for intents and purposes, Linda Freeman too) because I knew that they all had California ties.

Hey, so here’s your host, namely me.


I had to use stock photography  because on the day I took this walking tour, it was 85 stinking degrees out and my hair was sticking to the point where it looked like a sweaty patch of something closely resembling a Cousin It prop from the old 1960’s classic Addams’ Family show.  Humidity sucks in the middle of August in the tri-state area and since my mom had no pool in her backyard – it became fucking insufferable and miserable.

This is Lake Hiawatha school. I attended 1st grade here because of overcrowding at my usual elementary school at Northvail School which was only a hop and a skip away. The left photo is the front of the school and the one on the right is the back of the school where I entered to go to my class room.  I can walk here from my mom’s house through a wooded path in the back.  A neighbor of mine, a Miss McNay at the old Vail Gardens apartment I used to live at was a first grade teacher there, but I wasn’t one of her students. I had to take a bus to get there and on the way to another apartment complex, Dartmouth Village was where we picked up another Northvail school refugee, a James Vigilante, who grew up to become a heavy decorated marine and the county treasurer for the town of Parsippany. Sadly I heard he had passed away a few years back.


Towne Tavern, now here’s where all the nameless losers such as Frank Dyer and Joe Ratz who turned out to be major nemesis on my facebook page are still stuck in Parsippany, NJ performing in crappy AC/DC cover bands that management allows go up on stage and publicly embarrass themselves. It used to be called The Tally Ho. It’s been upgraded since then to accommodate more happy go luckless affable losers who have nowhere else to go after graduating Parsippany High School.


This used to be Gould’s Stationers before the US Post Office took over the entire building. Gould’s was the go to place if you wanted all the hot Marvel Comic books in the day before direct marketing came and conquered a lot of the North Jersey newsstand business in distributing. To me, Gould’s was the grade school snot nosed kid comic book paradise. They displayed them on wall racks and were a lot more appetizing than going to Baldwin Hills Stationers. In my high school years, I was making trips to Morristown to the Superhero Store or Fat Moose Comics in the Cedar Knolls Mall for my weekly fix.


North Beverwcyk Blvd used to boast of how many pizzerias can you eat at on one street corner within a radius of eight blocks. There used to be around ten at any given time, but other culinary delights have arrived with Indian, Mid-Eastern, and Mexican to push the others out of the way. From what I hear, this is one of the last remaining four standing pizzerias that my mom says that is best.


Lake Hiawatha can still lay claim that it has a very big fire station for such a small town and comes equipped with a very loud siren that we usually refer as the ‘five o’clock whistle (so loud, that I could hear it as far as my old place near Route 46).


China City Restaurant. Hopefully their eggrolls are still tasty and greasy. One bite into a giant size eggroll out one end and grease comes splattering out like projectile vomit out through the other. They’re great for sharing. Sorry, I have no recollection concerning the joyous effects of the Kung Pao.


This building used to be known as Morelli’s Primo Italian Restaurant, supposedly the best Italian food restaurant and pizzeria in the entire town of Parsippany. Now it’s a funeral home. The owner passed away in 2001. The owner wife’s sold the joint and went to work in her daughter’s hair salon until she died three years ago.  The day I was there, apparently one of Parsippany’s finest had passed away as there was a motor blockade of flashing fire trucks and police cars. My best friends at the time Mike and Joe Zullo used to work there and they would get free pies to bring to their house down Minnehaha Blvd, Ironically, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer had once dined there en route in their limousines to their Madison Square Garden date of their 1977 Works tour and signed autographs from their back seats. Looking back on recent events, perhaps Keith Emerson and Greg Lake never truly left.


This place was heaven for my often inebriated step-father. All the Schlitz beer cases you can carry out the door, even on a Sunday when most places were closed back then. My stepdad usually picked up two to sustain him for those heavy football weekends that I didn’t want to watch with him but was usually forced to. All I remember from those time was the constant passing in and out on the couch and waking up to yell at me to tell him the score.


The only redeemable quality of living to ripe old age in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. Owner Steve Conti is going on 25 years and every time I visit I come in say hello and show or tell him whatever project or Deposit Man book I have just printed,  he’s just too cool of a guy to wasting life retailing in a nowhere town such as Parsippany.  He’s a very knowledgeable guy in keeping up with the retailer trends. We had a conversation about how all this Marvel’s obsession with gender bending and diversity is hurting the industry and doesn’t give a frig about how many Doctor Who photo cover incentives that Titan books needs to sell to get customers in stores. Steve works on his own independent comic book when his is not operating his store. HOWEVER this is what gnaws about this whole scenario- you wait and open a comic book specialty store near my mom’s house ten years after I move out to California? Genius plan.


Steve Conti’s small press book, Action Figure Kingdom. He has written, drawn, and self published ten or so issues of this series.


Here’s a little known fact: not many people ever caught on to the notion that Dr. Stephen Strange keeps a summer home in Lake Hiawatha, NJ.


The Lake Hiawatha Library is still here. For as long as I can remember, I checked out many Doc Savage paperbacks (Fortress of Solitude and Resurrection Day being in the forefront of my memory) Once checked out a cassette tape of Yes’ Going For the One back when I was thirteen and remembering not being very impressed with it – but yet when the fall of 1978 rolled along I was like the first one at the record store to pick up that late summer’s Tormato, MOST likely influenced by the previous summer spent in Laguna Beach, California locked in my aunt Megan’s cottage listening endlessly to Tales and Topographic Oceans and Relayer tokening on her neighbor’s roaches. Evidentally Going for the One grew on me in my developing high school years. Science fiction books by authors such as Robert Heinlein, Robert Silverberg, Philip K. Dick, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and Ray Bradbury were also consumed from here.

  • IMG_1055

This place cracks me up. This used to be my bank where I used to have thousands and thousands of dollars stored (of which my stepdad would break into, forge my mom’s signature and take out a few bucks to bet on ponies at the Meadowland race track) that my grandfather had put away for college PLUS money I had saved up from my many paper routes. I remember when this place was first built heralding the age of the 1970’s modern art deco design. But now the place looks stupid and outdated and is dire need of remodeling.


Before I get to the gathering of family, I was fortunate enough to stick to the original plan of checking out Anathema’s gig held at New York City’s Gramercy Theatre in the Chelsea district (for nostalgia’s sake, rather than taking the subway, I walked all the entire way from New York’s Port Authority to the venue – because when I was a teenager, I USED TO WALK everywhere in Manhattan rather than take the stinky subway) in support of their newest album, The Optimist. There were no west coast dates planned, so I didn’t want to miss out on the celebration, having not seen them since 2012 at Los Angeles’s El Rey Theater in support of “Weather Systems”. A band hailing from Big Bear, California opened up named Silver Snakes.


The Gramercy Theater has been around since 1937 and has been refurbished by Live Nation who is headquartered in Hollywood, California. They also took over management of the Irving Plaza too. This is my first ever visit of the venue.


Songwriter/lead vocalist and guitarist Vincent Cavanagh

I took lots of photos of the band and even some videos of songs they performed from the new album including new single “Can’t Let Go” and “Endless Ways” – but silly me, I’ve been unsuccessful in uploading it to here and to my facebook page. So I guess we’re all fucked once again because of my wi-fi tech ineptitude.


Female co-lead vocalist Lee Douglas. I previously wrote about Lee and Anathema in these pair of  blog entries focusing on my current favorite female lead vocalists on Kscope Music and a profile and overview of the new album here.


Daniel Cavanagh bassist/songwriter/vocalist- Note: Daniel will be releasing his first solo record. Monochrome in mid-October on the mighty K-Scope Music Label. The first single, The Exorcist is up on youtube now.


The band in depth defying action. Just before posting, I’ve learned that the band won for album of the year for “The Optimist” a few nights ago. Congrats to a job well done. I don’t doubt that they’ll be back for a encore visit throughout the US sometime next year with stopovers in cities all along the West Coast.

Here is the official video for the single “Can’t Let Go”. This ought be a toptapping extravaganza experience for some of you. It was all shot along the great freeways of Southern California.


Of course, if you’re staying at my mom’s house, choirs are inevitable – NO matter if you’re still pushing 53. One inescapable gig that must be performed is walking Bebe the Dog. Bebe is up to 9 years of existing as a quad ped on our mortal plane of existence. She’ll perhaps takse a shit one day, sometimes if you’re lucky, up to four times, if you luck out and run out of garbage bags to pick up after her and allow her to just shit on a neighbor – it’s probably in your best interest to run like hell before someone sees you.


Anna’s stays at my mom’s house as a roommate, student, and sometimes assists my mom with cooking  Anna is from Romania and has gotten a lot better with her reading and speaking English since I last saw her.

Not to mention a great swagger as you’re watching her walk up the stairs in yoga pants.

I told her next time if I come out, I’ll shop to bring her all the best trinkets in Hollywood.

Or least the ones I find in a local souvenir shop for a couple of bucks here and there

Speaking of shopping….


My mom went shopping at the local Rockaway Mall for one of her grandkids’ birthday. I got a brand new belt out of it, since my belt suffered a mishap of late, it’s no longer able to sustain my girlish 34 waist girth that somehow has snapped up another two inches to 36.


My half sister Bernadette is approaching the half century mark and she looks a hell of a lot healthier and more fit than some of the girls I currently drool at jogging up and down the bike path along Venice Beach. My mom says she goes out on a two mile run every freaking morning without fail.


No, Daniel Cavanagh didn’t mistakenly join us for dinner. Here is my brother-in-law on the East Coast, Peter. The great gazoo of Bernadette’s clan. Unknown to Peter he doesn’t know authors several pro Trump e-books. No wonder he’s usually strapped for cash these days. No one pays money to read that nonsense.

The young cubs on top are nephews Ty and Shea (the later of whom I’m busy researching a good agent on the east coast to help represent him in commercial acting and modeling gigs), are named after a famous baseball player and a stadium out in Queens where I hear this wacky team of lady guys who call themselves the Mets play. On the bottom is my niece Blaise and big nephew Aldo, whose recent graduation from school we were celebrating. These pictures were taken at some Japanese steak house along Route 46 in Denville NJ.

That’s it for the my east coast clan.

Next week, TV Fall season begins and there’s a shitload of comic book super hero shows to shuffle through and preview.