Homeless is Where the Heartless Lie BUT if the Heartless Lie, Where is the Homeless?

28 Feb


I want to thank anyone lingering around here after posting that Tiny Giant tribute entry a few weeks back. I did blockbuster stats within the first seven days of its original posting, so I’m extremely HAPPY that people are reading something else for once than the same damn four blogs I wrote about Harry Perzigian repeatedly over and over again, day in and day out.

I’m so over it. I need to move on. I need to nudge the readers out of their procrastination along with the trolls that cowardly patrol the comments section need to bitch about how much of a “murderer” Harry was and bitch about other stuff I write. Posting about a small independent struggling band seemed to have worked wonders.

This is my 99th blog give or take without the summer repeats (re; my old concert reviews and modified Yes Logs), and rather than pontificate on my  three-year accomplishment of holding my head above financial waters BY HAVING a roof over my head, I’m going to pontificate INSTEAD about the half a year time that I didn’t.

I was talking to my mother in New Jersey the other day on the phone and discussing other than the freaky weather she was having out there, where it is a massive snow blizzard one day and eighty degree springtime the next wanted to know what was the big story happening on the west coast concurrently at the moment.

First thing that came to mind was the recent break up of an Orange County homeless camp that’s been widely reported on all our news local stations. Supposedly this story is gaining wide attention across the country, but my mom hasn’t been seeing it on any of the major news network – but then I have to remind myself my mom watches a news station back east in New Jersey that’s like the local equivalent of a CNN or a Fox station – but it’s 24 hours of nothing but New Jersey news coverage. That’s not much help

Anyway I was telling her that there is literally miles and miles along the Santa Ana River where bike paths and parks are occupied by nothing but tents. A tent city acting as a dystopian society harboring mostly scores of mentally ill people and scowling wretched repugnant smelling thieves and now, as of last Friday – murder was in the air. Someone was stabbed during a knife welding altercation between a tent dweller and a bicyclist during the wee early morning hours. The bicyclist survived. The tent pitching drifter did not.

Not only was this recent broken up encampment an eyesore attracting the disenfranchised the whole country over and putting in harm’s way of Anaheim’s citizens who are hampered by getting a little exercise or taking their kids to the park – but it’s a potential breeding ground for deadly diseases to formulate, Including, according to world renown addiction specialist and radio show host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, – bubonic plague.

Hmm. Just smell that fresh air and its’ permeating germs.

As Drew reiterated recently on his KABC AM radio show, The Orange County bulldozed clean up of the encampment generated tons of tons of trash, and that were rats clinging to it. Rats draw fleas. There are scurrying rats brave enough to cuddle up at night with a warm homeless drunk which can attract those fleas. Once a drunk or a tattooed idiot junkie with a needle sticking out of his arm starts to come in contact with others of his ilk and he happens to get into a heroin shoot up derby or a blow job marathon with your favorite female meth head gum flapping gal pal – you got a recipe for a disaster to travel upstream.

And it could hit close to home to me here in Los Angeles. Never mind all the way up north to the Seattle area where the plague might be capable of sneaking its way into Steve Scumbag (Harry Perzigian’s younger brother)’s trolling minion, Jeff Hanson’s daily regular gloryhole injections that’s located back in the local Shell station somewhere out in Racine, Washington.

More on that asshole next week if he’s still reading.

You’re probably wondering – hey, what the fuck is all this to you anyway, Coatney? Why are you so fixated? You don’t mess around with all the transient freaks down in Orange County. You’ve got time to batten down the hatches over at Casa de la Coatney in case of an emergency outbreak. No poisonous microorganism, no matter how big or small could penetrate its strong adhesive steel hermetically sealed steel panic room.

Hazmat suits at the ready….

Whoa. Allow me to stop myself right there.

The situation in Orange County particularly frightens me because in a matter of a few short weeks, Wonder Con will be in town at Anaheim (sister con of  San Diego Comic Con International) – taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center located right next door to Disneyland. Two caveats to having a shit load of a good time this year (hopefully without me stepping in it) that I think that all of you should be aware of.

Like last year, I discovered I found it more convenient to take either the Amtrak or the Metrolink down to the Anaheim ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) than taking a goofball bus from out of downtown Los Angeles. Once you arrive, there’s a shuttle bus that whisks you over to the Disneyland entrance and all you got to do there is saunter on down a couple of blocks to the Convention Center and you’ve reached the pearly gates of comic book collecting bliss.  It certainly cut my commute down by hours.


However, ARTIC is located right next door to Angels Stadium (you just have a I-5 overpass that separates the two structures) where just beyond the parking lot is where part of this encampment lies. So much for wanting to take in a game after spring training.


I’ve got my fingers crossed that the encampment will be completely eradicated by then and I can feel that at late at night when I’m waiting for a train to take me back home that I won’t run into any trouble from wandering vagrants who might try to shake for a couple of bucks or to bum a cigarette or two.

The second deadly component I’m also wearily of – once authorities moved in after U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter lifted the temporary restraining order on evictions across the camp and kind heartedly enough to award vouchers for a monthly stay in a local hotel in hopes that some of these vagrants can clean up themselves and get their lives back on tracks. Another prize worthy incentive to those willing to take this offer without a fight or getting their asses thrown in the hoosegow – $ 75.00 gift cards.

Jeez, even if you were living off of food stamps or general relief here in Los Angeles – you’d never have it as good as you could get it in Orange County.  So of course, once the word spread out like a newly found Betty Crocker easy bake venereal disease wildfire – it was a massive stampede to waiting in a line going around the Honda Center, the arena where the Anaheim Ducks hockey team mainly plays –  is also located across the ARTIC.  Thieves are as thick a foot suffering from a gangrene disease whereas homeless started to attack other homeless coming in other nearby freeway overpass encampments and park tents who were never living in that Santa Ana encampment that was in the process of being demolished. They swarm in like locusts and left those decidedly enfranchised to go be homeless somewhere else.

Here’s where my personal worry sets in:

What fucking motels are those vouchers good at?

Are any next door to Disneyland or the Anaheim Convention Center by any chance?

Because like Dr. Drew was espousing on his radio show (heard daily on KABC AM from noon to 3 PM Pacific Time), IF those hotels or motels didn’t have a bedbug outbreak scare THEN, they certainly will NOW once the smelly tattered brigade goes in and snatches all the cheap rooms up.

NOW here in Los Angeles, I’ve had my personal run ins with these random nutjobs and mental cases over the years, but lately EVER since the poseur unqualified president douchebag trump has been sworn in office, I’ve been seeing an uptick in the brashness in the bravery in approaching tax paying citizens and mostly succeed in pilfering your hard-earned money and valuables. The sheer audacity in thinking they have the right to piss on your parade and inconvenience you during times when you’re out happily shopping at the mall or you can’t get a certain seat on the subway to work during your morning commute because of some fat smelly fuck taking up two seats to grab a power nap from his all night White Port bottle inspection job.

I mean, the fucking nerve, right?

I was once homeless in the early nineties. I was living in a three bedroom house out in Northridge with longtime friends and other colorful sorts when the first Bush in office made it hard by jacking up taxes. Recession crept in and lot of jobs throughout the entire city of Los Angeles into metamorphed into a titsy. Then the Rodney King riots happened. Due to riot approved vandalism around the city, I lost my job at a video game store. The riot’s repurcussions caused me to not pay rent and the other roommates couldn’t make their share for forgotten reasons and we all wound up evicted.

Rather than become homeless in Los Angeles, where I feared I was most likely to lose my life, I opted to go scurrying back to San Diego to ask my aunt or pound on the doors of old friends for help and to apologize for leaving San Diego in the first place. I had made arrangements to meet someone who was willing to help put me up, but she winded up flaking on me. My aunt helped me for a couple of days, but her roommate who leased the house she stayed in only allowed me to stay for a few days before throwing me out and I was left to fend for myself along the beaches of North San Diego County until someone who used to be my boss at a software warehouse job found out about my situation from my aunt and came out to Encinitas and actually found struggling along the PCH and drove me to his pad in Ocean Beach where he help put me up with some clean clothes and some $25.00 bucks in cash, so I could attend the San Diego Comic Con.

Luckily I had bought a pass in advance from the last con. After the con was over I started receiving unemployment checks in San Diego. The reason why I was nearly penniless was because the EDD refused to send my checks to my aunt’s PO Box at her post office in Cardiff By the Sea. The San Diego unemployment office wanted a physical address to send them. So my former boss, who was also unemployed, but was using his college aid from San Diego State University to rent his small cottage apartment.  Eventually he offered me to help him pay rent. So it was cool that I didn’t have resort to staying in flophouses and roach hotels anymore. I found someplace to create and script comic books (re: The Deposit Man was created in a heap of fits of drunken dementia during my stay in shitty hotels out in Hillcrest) and not to miss out on a episode of Batman: The Animated Series when it premiered on FOX Kids that fall. I also buckled down and got material printed in the Comics Buyers’ Guide, a weekly newspaper dedicated to the comic book industry which led me to more writing gis

So for a period of two months, I was truly aimless in my life. I botched it all up in Los Angeles by losing everything and throwing whatever I owned in storage (sticking my friends with the bill which wasn’t very friendly to begin with) , although circumstances dictate it wasn’t entirely all my doing and just panicked rather than sticking to the mission. Yeah, I was homeless for a brief period, but there were those who evidently helped me get back on my feet.

But throughout the entire ordeal at least I wasn’t being…


Just recounting a few instances of where the local LA homeless have been truly pricks about their situation that they’re too fucking lazy to help themselves out of.

Something around 2005 or so when I was out promoting my first self published comic book mini-series, The Deposit Man & the Last Great Gate of Morality and headed my way towards the Shrine Auditorium for a convention before I was accosted and assaulted by this Andre the Giant looking homeless dude outside a downtown Los Angeles McDonald’s simply because I told him to fuck off because he was incessantly pestering me for change EVEN after I was informing him that he was standing under a sign on the wall that said “NO PANHANDLING!”

So after him and two other buddies ambushed me and roughed me up a bit, luckily they were chased off by a couple of cops who just turning a street corner. After filing a police report, I was late in getting to my table and selling comic books with a newly fresh minted black eye.

Recently, some mentally disturbed bag lady came chasing me to my Sherman Oaks apartment security gate because I was goddamn to find out why she just dumped her shopping cart full of her personal belongings in the middle of the main entrance’s sidewalk. I asked her why is all her personal property doing on my property and she started bellowing at me to stop ‘eyeballing her stuff’ from a block away. She must have been shitting in someone’s else’s shrubbery, because as she dangerously approached closer, she started to smell like it.

I told her to get her shit off my patio and proceed immediately to the nearest pharmacy and make sure that she keep that Ritalin prescription filled at all times.

Then, there’s this clown below this paragraph. I don’t know his personal story, but there was one time I was taking the bus down Ventura Blvd and a stop at Studio City, this fat fuck jumped in the entrance of the and nearly succeeded in slapping a female bus operator in order to grab loose change out of the return coin slot of the bus’ fare box. I see this mentally unstable laughing to himself hyena nearly EVERYWHERE I go in Los Angeles, but mainly makes his roofless airy headquarters near Studio City and Sherman Oaks- but ALSO I have run into him constantly along the Hollywood Metro Red Line, the bus outside my work near the Farmer’s Market in the Fairfax district, a bus at UCLA and Westwood, and at my local Sherman Oaks area Starbucks where he has tried a few times to make off with the tip jar (believe me, he’s no stranger to the barista either.) I can’t fathom how all of a sudden this fat gray striped rancid smelling bozo has become a plaguing freak magnet to me lately.


Here’s another oddity I find occasionally traipsing along Ventura Blvd. Oddity in the sense, he only comes out when it’s fifty degrees or less outside in the nighttime wearing nothing but running shorts so short and constricting that his tiny cocktail onions are nearly protruding out the sides of his crotch. He’s freaking bald, hunched over with an enormous heavy backpack that looks extremely painful to cart around town with, and is garnished with some kind of black gas mask that looks as if he ordered it on ebay  under the search engine,”The Dark Knight Rises” official merchandise. So I nickname him “Skinny Bane“.

I have nothing against him personally, although being in his presence annoys the fuck out of me. I’m just trying to grasp whatever the hell is going on in that infantile brain of his that would make him walk around with his gonads practically exposed.


My next blog FOR SURE will be my 100th posting celebration. Look for it in a couple of weeks.

AN UPDATE from yesterday’s posting:. The Orange County Register is on top of this Santa Ana River Trail homeless encampment story like an outbreak of herpes sores. Check www.ocregister.com for frequent updates.

So far, the clean up tally has yielded so far:

215 tons of trash or debris

1,165 pounds of hazardous waste, including human and pet feces

5,115 needles.

And also this from voiceofoc.org about the sale of a office facility away from schools and residences that may prove beneficial for those seeking a way out of his or hers’ unfortunate dilemma.

Orange County officials Tuesday finalized the purchase of a building along the Santa Ana River that officials have said will be used to house a new center for mental health and drug treatment services.

The proposed center – at 265 South Anita Dr. in the city of Orange – is in a cluster of office buildings along the eastern bank of the river, just north of the 5 freeway.

It’s close to the county’s Theo Lacy jail and UCI Medical Center, one of the main hospitals for low-income people, including mentally ill homeless people, in Orange County.

County supervisors voted 5-0 in open session Tuesday to purchase the building for $7.8 million, after first discussing it privately in a closed session. Additionally, the county will pay $1.3 million to relocate existing tenants who have been renting space at the office building.

There was no word Tuesday on when services will start at the property. While the supervisors vote to buy the building came in a public session where they were allowed to talk about it, the supervisors opted to say nothing in public about the building or which services will be offered and when.

County spokeswoman Jen Nentwig said she didn’t have information about when services at the building will be available.

County officials previously have said plans for the building included a crisis stabilization unit for both adults and children, a substance sobering station, addiction withdrawal services, crisis recovery beds, an outpatient triage center and residential treatment center.

After people receive treatment at the campus, they could go to another program or be referred to other mental health and substance abuse treatment services.

It is assured that patients will not be released on the street.

Well thank goodness, that Orange County is making strides in dealing with their atrocious eyesore, if only the city Los Angeles could learn from example.






Finding the Tiny Giant Hidden In the Slice of the Dark Third Is Usually The One Making You Beg for More

15 Feb


I hate when shit slips beneath my radar.

Usually I pride myself on being the BE ALL, KNOW ALL on everything that is progressive rock, comic books, comic book television shows and movies, or living the high life in the Costa Rica trees swinging with the white headed Capuchin monkey tribes of Central America.

Now but, I got to own it. I got to admit to myself, I got really goddamned flummoxed when this relatively unknown band Tiny Giant one day rose up from the ashes of Pure Reason Revolution and began treading the earth.

Confused?  You should be.

Not many people were exposed to Pure Reason Revolution’s debut album, The Dark Third despite it being released on a major label such as Sony/Columbia Records that didn’t give the band the push it truly deserved out here in the States.

From my days of walking into the studio store of the Sony Pictures Lot in Culver City where for a period of two years I was employed as a syndication marketing analyst for Seinfeld, King of Queens, The Shield, and assorted movie packages, I would occasionally pick up compact discs and dvds at a very discounted price for being a studio associate.

I wasn’t a big fan of most artists on the Sony/Columbia label except for Pink Floyd or Kansas, but there was PRR were a new artist that I had been exposed to back in the glorious days of myspace (circa 2006 or 2007) who caught my ear, and upon that day when I took their debut album home to listen on my relatively cheap hi fi system, from there it somewhat became the soundtrack of when I harken back to my tumultuous relationship with next door amateur porn star Rikki Lixxx (the mostly bad parts, while Porcupine Tree’s Deadwing represents the good parts) that fascinated me for a good two years until the band was ready to release its sophomoric effort, Amor Vincit Omnia in March of 2009, just as I get getting the boot out of my Westwood office and moving in with Harry Perzigian out in Brentwood.


What strikes me different about Pure Reason Revolution or what I consider unique about them is the contributing collaborative strength and musicianship of female bass player Chloe Alper to the band’s founder Jon Courtney (along with brother Andrew when they were first known as The Sunset Sound) of bringing his vision of an indie style band amalgamated with progressive rock sensibilities. I never heard such a masterful display of harmonious singing between male and female in a progressive/new wave fashion that conjures beat box bohemian bombastic twists and turns majesty with just a little twinge of psychedelic era Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, and Nash thrown in for good measure. Wikipedia’s entry on the band describes them as a variation ‘astral folk’ (?) and progressive rock. But cutting through the cosmic red tape, the outwardly outstanding feature that illuminates over all, is how uncanny of a fit that former punk rocker Chloe Alper was to the entire overall concept.

Listening to The Dark Third (whose album cover(s) comes in all sorts of various shapes and colors utilizing Greek statues and architecture) and to portions of the ever Latin manifesto electronic love inspired Amor Vincit Omnia before its’ initial release (latin meaning truth conquers all. Something that Courtney picked up from his prep school days) to this very day still sounds to me of unlocking the hidden DaVinci Code of progressive rock especially on songs, Bright Ambassadors of Morning, Bullitts Dominae, and The Twyncyn Trembling Willows that instantly evoke inner visions of astronomy and classic literature. Sadly they only managed to pull off three albums, an ep, and a double live album before shifting off the mortal coil of disbandment after only 6 years of existence.  I was never able to get my hands on the aforementioned second album (Amoeba Records, our local Los Angeles big indie record supermarket refused to order it for me because of high import costs) and their final effort released in 2011, entitled Hammer and Anvil never saw the light of day on American shores and neither is it still in print and I have no idea how to compare it to the others except that it probably sounds lovely, like a Dump Fascist Trump symphony performed in F minor.

A truly progressive rock classic of The Aughts. Circa 2006

Why is the PRR not a widely renown American musical entity? I can only assume that American record executives these days are incredibly fucking stupid. Stiff suits throughout entire history only have appreciated American knock offs of English progressive bands such as Styx or Kansas (not to knock on their musicianship), they don’t really pay attention to how much the genre evolves to involve much like the kids’ interest in indie/alt rock. Sure, Radiohead and other European acts such as Mew or Muse have made some stride – but those of the 3 perfect p’s from the UK; Porcupine Tree (now the Steven Wilson Band), The Pineapple Thief, and Pure Reason Revolution’s efforts have gone largely underappreciated. Unfortunately, for me- Pure Reason Revolution has opened for Porcupine Tree in the US for their 2007’s Fear of A Blank Planet tour, but that was only out in the east coast. They’ve never ventured to the west coast

These days, I largely shit on most American artists- I would assume it’s the inner Welsh in me. If a pure American band is signed to K-Scope such as The Receiver hailing from Columbus, Ohio– I’ll give them a spin. I’ve lost interest in the further pursuits of Dream Theater, Enchant, and even my Sherman Oaks hometown area Spock’s Beard these past couple of years. I just seem to no longer care about the true and tried formula now that I’m slowly developing into a trolling cantankerous mid-fifty year old.


The superbrain mastermind of Pure Reason Revolution, Jon Courtney. 

I have no idea what past and present members from PRR are doing these days. I would be specifically interested in hearing what the Courtney brothers are doing other than being DJs at local discos – but Chloe Alper, MAN oh man, the legendary talented Chloe Alper somehow is back!!

And this is the part of this blog’s entry, where I NOW explain how shit gets by me unnoticed.

Chloe Alpert in addition to her bass/keyboard/harmonious lead vocals and cover painting skills has now been part of a musical duo called Tiny Giant for the better part of the past two years. Her songwriting partner is Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist Mat Collis and they just released a video of the single called Thirsty from their future forth coming album. I don’t know the details, because if I had been paying attention to my pile of unread Prog Magazines gathering on the floor, I would’ve learned that they were nominated for a Limelight (New band) award for best new unsigned band. I literally only found out about Tiny Giant days ago while I was listening to youtube, of all things, GENTLE GIANT (which I was originally going to write about)  and their video popped up in my queue. “Thirsty” is a clash of bubblegum grunge (Alper is only the singer as far as I can tell) blended in fanatical Kate Bush experimentation that harkens back to Kate’s “The Dreaming” and “Hounds of Love” days of yore. It looks and sounds fun and the melodies are immediately infectious upon first listening. No arguing that it’s my fav song of the year so far. They’ve been doing the festival scene and they’ve even appeared on UK morning television doing other one worded wonder songs such as “Sad“.

New music from former PRR bassist/keyboard/singer Chloe Alper and Mat Collis- performing as Tiny Giant.

Please, please, K-Scope Music whatever you do – SIGN THIS BAND!!

Looking forward of getting my hands on their debut album. I hope Alper sticks in the post progressive world of sound for longer days to come.

Hopefully by the next time we meet, my stone moving friend Zak Alvarez will have that review of that Hostiles movie polished off. According to a recent facebook posting, he has informed me that he is busy currently taking care of several spiritual matters up north.



The Bare Mechanics of a Lady

31 Jan


I was hoping that my Native American friend, Zak Alvarez was going to be provided me with a series of texts of what he thought of the latest Scott Cooper frontier western, “Hostiles” which opened wide last Friday. I had gotten a message that he bought a ticket to a matinée showing, but I guess he needed more time to assemble his thoughts. Which I’m cool with. We’ll get to you all in time for the Oscars – UNTIL I suddenly realized after last week’s early morning announcement  that it was nominated for fucking zilch.

Which is a shame. Because it’s a movie with a very powerful message. (I saw it a month ago at a private screening) and I hope that Zak is able to relate that same message that’s swimming the backstroke inside my head

So, in the meantime, here’s a small back up blog to tide you all over.

Harking back to one of my FREE COMIC BOOK DAY entries, I developed a quick fondness for one of the books I sampled when I stumbled across it at a booth at either Wonder Con, Comikaze, San Diego Comic Con International, or whatever fucking giant comic book convention you may find me wandering around in a somnambulistic haze – and I barely recognized it until the lovely saleswoman (most likely the creator’s wife) said to me that you must have this and we’re selling the first two trades at half off.  So I picked up the first two volumes of Lady Mechanika published by Benitez Productions for a paltry $20.00 and after reading them, I instantly fell in love with it, her, or whatever the whole steampunk approach maybe to the character. The books’ settings just somehow made me feel what I have been missing in an independent offering in a very, very long time: grandiose concept and near flawless execution.

It’s destined to be an either a television series or a blockbuster movie. At least that’s what her creator Joe Benitez, former artist of Top Cow’s The Darkness and several DC Comics tells me as the ongoing series of mini-series has been in option purgatory ever since he put out the first issue.

The concept is rather very simple as explained in Wikipedia: “Lady Mechanika is a detective in England at the turn of the 20th century. She is part human, part machine and is proficient with many weapons. She suffers from amnesia about her past and works to unravel the mysteries surrounding it”.

A typical Lady Mechanika starts out as a mini-series ranging from three to six issues, with the whole standard traditional variant covers and such and are then collected in trade paperback. There are so far, 4 trade paperbacks collecting each min-series story arc:


.Volume 1 (shown at top of page) is the Lady Mechanika collecting the first mini-series and 0 issue.

Volume 2 (above) is The Tablet of Destinies which by the way, is my personal favorite. Besides a steampunk influence, there also occurs a great amalgamation of Indiana Jones meeting Lawrence of Arabia.

Volume 3, The Lost Boys of West Abby  is a short two issue collection dealing with a diabolical kidnapping of children and transforming them into mechanical killing machines along a gallery of alternative covers and sketches by Benitez and other contributors.

Volume 4, La Dama de la Muerte is another change of pace adventure that takes Lady Mechanika to Mexico in search of seclusion but is then faced with cultural conflict in eliminating a legendary horrific mythical tradition.

Joe Benitez’s heroine isn’t the first foray in what the genre would call “steampunk” (usually time and setting taking place in late nineteenth century Victorian London providing you leave with your intestines intact without interference from Jack the Ripper) in the pages of comics. There have been attempts in the past, (largely unsuccessful or none resonating with staying power). Back when I was manager for the small independent comic book store, Rookies & Allstars in North Hollywood, there were two titles that tried to make a lasting imprint – but both folded within the span of two years.


One was Tekno Comix from Baca Raton, Florida that managed to get prestige science fiction and fantasy writers to lend their name to projects such as Isaac Asimov (I Bots), Tad Williams (Mirror World), and Gene Roddenberry ( Xander in the Universe) – but the one in particular that I used to order and did make an impression on us was Neil Gaiman’s  Mr. Hero, The Newmatic Man which chronicled the adventures of a stream powered automaton resurrected from the 1880’s and built for sparring with boxers ran a near healthy seventeen issues before the company folded up in 1997.  Twenty years on, I’ve heard that the series was finally collected in a trade paperback, but search me if I know who took over the rights. Neil Gaiman created the character and concepts but the main writing and art chores were contributed by writer James Vance and embellishments by Ted Slampyak who went on to fame working on the Little Orphan Annie strip.

Another company who jumped on the steampunk bandwagon was Penny-Farthing Press from out of Houston, Texas published a series called The Victorian detailing the exploits of two friends who take a anti aging serum at the turn of the twentieth century that somewhat lasted an impressive 25 issues with some help from few notable creators such as Howard Chaykin, Len Wein and Glen Orbik.

Both those titles are long gone now but it seems as Joe Benitez has got longevity beat as far as his concept goes. He’s been working on and off with Lady Mechanika since her inception in 2010. I spoke a little with Joe when I saw him at a recent downtown LA comic book convention and I was asking him how does he get perfect pitch dialogue that harks to the Victorian era? Joe told that he hires linguistic experts to help write and consult on all his Lady Mechanika projects and I imagine now having read the fourth volume (and eagerly awaiting the release of the fifth mini-series collection, The Clockwork Assassin) – that he hired someone to translate perfect late nineteenth century Spanish in the fourth volume, La Dama de la Muerte which I easily bought from his booth and devoured within a week.

Anyway, if you’re looking for high-flying imaginative adventure, light humor, and gorgeous detailed artwork that instantly transforms you to a wondrous era of 1880’s and 1890’s peaks of majesty, then Lady Mechanika would be your perfect go to gal pal guide. She’s subtle, she’s sweet, but oh so deadly.



The Numb Knuckle Sandwich of the Nimble Comic Book Show November Sweeps of 2017

16 Jan


Opening blog salvo of 2018 per usual is our delightful coverage of last year’s November Sweeps 2017 AS IT PERTAINS to the comic book show genre.  Lots of twists and turns this time as more new shows such as Marvel’s The Inhumans, Marvel’s The Gifted, and Syfy’s adaptation of Image Comics’ Happy! join at the holiday Turkey day table to help stir up the gravy pot.

Since I’m composing this just before mid-season goes into full swing – THERE are even more shows set to debut in a few weeks including Black Lightning on The CW (forcing one of the other Arrowverse related shows to give up one of its’ timeslots, therefore having the Mondays 8PM space to alternate between Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with Supergirl’s current season running way into summer. Syfy is also adding another comic book based show on late Fridays based on the ancient Kryptonian legends, titled Krypton and is supposed to feature the computer cybernetic villain, Brainiac, Zeta Beam planet hopper Adam Strange, and a few Hawkmans and Green Lanterns scattered here and there as part of its’ revolving supporting cast. iZombie also is returning for its’ fourth season on February 26th.

A freshman show emerging into its’ sophomore year that is gaining more viewership and popularity thanks to it’s binge all episodes and a encore performance on the CW on a different night of its’ first season’s thanks to Netflix last summer is Riverdale. Its’ second season debut episode more than nearly doubled its’ initial audience due to those platforms. As we delve deeper into this year’s results, we’ll see how the show’s renewed energy has made it a stiff competitor to stand amongst the reigning giants.

Well, except for the King of all comic book shows that operates in its’ own little blockbuster world. Word came down this past MLK weekend that the Walking Dead has been renewed for a ninth season – with the exception of Scott Gimple no longer being the showrunner.

Syfy debuted Happy! in December of last year, so it’s immediately disqualified for competition, as well as broadcast top dog L+7 performer Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which waited for The Inhumans to end its’ debut run. No doubt, come February sweeps, Agents of SHIELD will indeed be a heavy contender.

The Walking Dead, Season 8. Photo Credit: Courtesy AMC

Reminder: Live + 3 (L +3) ratings & Live +7 (L+7) are ratings based on DVR usage of taping a show from its’ initial network debut and viewing it up to its’ first seven days. Viewership from streaming platforms such as Hulu can also factor in that rating If you wait and keep the show on your queue for days and months on, chances are, you viewing the show will not factor in the national rating. So after seven days, don’t waste your stupid time.

As tradition goes, to keep all warm blooded breathing pubescent males interested and alert throughout the calculation of these television delayed events – cheesecake photos of your favorite female cast members of these comic book shows have been provided to keep you at STRICT ATTENTION. This month we feature the actresses of Riverdale WHO are of LEGAL AGE in skimpy tight revealing outfits.

The November sweeps for the 2017 – 2018 television season took place from October 26. 2017 – November 22, 2017.

Most of the rating data has been compiled from tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com.

And away we go….


Episode 2 of “The Walking Dead” (5.6) stayed at No. 1 in adults 18-49 and passed “Monday Night Football” to take over the top spot in total viewers.

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Oct. 23-29, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC 5.6 1.6 40%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Oct. 23-29, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L +3 viewers (000’s) 12,247 Gain vs. Live +SD (000’s) 3,313  % Gain vs. Live +SD 37%

The Walking Dead” gained 2.0 points in adults 18-49 and 4.16 million viewers with seven days of playback, not far from the gains for its premiere a week earlier (2.2 and 4.28 million).

Here are the top cable shows in the Live +7 rankings for Oct. 23-29, 2017. Rankings include original series, movies and specials only, not repeats.

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L+SD (000s) 8934 L+7 (000s) 13096 7-day increase 4162 7-day % increase 47%

“The Walking Dead’s” Nov. 5 episode was down a little week to week in the same-day ratings. It made up that deficit, however, with three days of DVR and on-demand viewing.

The AMC show is the clear leader among both adults 18-49 and total viewers in the Live +3 ratings for Oct. 30-Nov. 5. Its 5.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic is even with the previous week’s mark.

In viewers, “The Walking Dead” passed “Monday Night Football” to take over the top spot with 12.09 million. That’s a little behind the 12.25 million for the previous week.

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L+3 18-49 rating 5.6  Gain vs. Live + SD 1.8 % gain vs. Live + SD 47%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L+3 viewers (000s) 12,086 Gain vs. Live + SD (000s) 3,553 % gain vs. Live + SD 42%

Per usual, “The Walking Dead” was the biggest total gainer in both adults 18-49 (+2.2) and viewers (+4.77 million).

Here are the top cable shows in the Live +7 rankings for Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2017. Rankings include original series, movies and specials only, not repeats.

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L + SD 3.8 L +7   6.0  7-day increase 2.2  7-Day % increase 58%

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L+SD (000s)  8533  L+7 (000s) 13007 7-day increase 4474 7-day % increase 52%

The gains “The Walking Dead’s” Nov. 12 episode after three days of delayed viewing were almost identical to what the show did the previous week.

The episode added 1.8 points to its initial adults 18-49 rating (3.9 to 5.7), even with the previous week’s bump. It also grew by 3.66 million viewers, slightly more than 3.55 million the Nov. 5 episode added after three days.

Since the Nov. 12 episode’s same-day ratings were a little higher than the prior week, the show maintained that growth through Live +3.

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 6-12, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L+3 18-49 rating  5.7 Gain vs. Live + SD 1.8 % gain vs. Live + SD 46%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Nov. 6-12, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L+3 viewers (000s) 12,361 Gain vs. Live + SD (000s) 3,661 % gain vs. Live + SD 42%

Top 25 cable shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 20-26, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L+3 viewers (000s) 5.3 Gain vs. Live + SD (000s) 1.7 gain vs. Live + SD  47%

Top 25 cable shows in Live +3 viewers for Nov. 20-26, 2017

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L+3 viewers (000s) 11,878 Gain vs. Live + SD (000s) 3,586 gain vs. Live + SD 43%

The Walking Dead’s” seven-day ratings gains for the Nov. 26 episode were in line with what it’s been doing most of the season: It grew by 2.1 points in adults 18-49 (3.6 to 5.7) and by 4.44 million viewers.

Here are the top cable shows in the Live +7 rankings for Nov. 20-26, 2017. Rankings include original series, movies and specials only, not repeats.

Adults 18-49 – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC L+SD 3.6  L +7  5.7  7-day increase  2.1  7-day % increase 58%

Adults 18-49 – percentage gain

Viewers – total gain

1 THE WALKING DEAD AMC  L+SD (000s)8292 L+7 (000s) 12727  7-day increase 4435 7-day % increase  53%



Now we get into some hardcore shit: the supremacy for second place in the comic book show sweepstakes since The Walking Dead is in a class ranking all its’ own and can’t find anything to compete with it.

This time, I decided to bunch the L +3 and the L +7 rating together instead of separating them. 5 lightning rounds and the winner gets a….well, for those not familiar- you’ll find out eventually.

Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Oct. 23-29, 2017

21 THE GIFTED FOX L+3 18-49 rating 1.9  Gain vs. Live + SD 0.9  % gain vs. Live + SD 90%

Just a side note: more of our comic book based shows are watched mostly within the Live +7 parameters – however, Fall newbie freshman, Marvel’s The Gifted has proven to be the exception to the rule – pushing reigning king, Lucifer entirely out of its’ L +3 limelight. IT is in fact, Lucifer being the lead in to Marvel’s The Gifted is the reason this show is performing so well, that it stands in the category all on its’ own.

Here are the Live +7 rankings for Oct. 23-29 2017. The rankings include first-run series and specials only, not repeats

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

8. THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 1.0  L+7 2.1 7-day increase 1.1 7-day % increase 110%

16. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 1.0  L+7 1.8 7-day increase 0.8 7-day % increase 80%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

4 THE GIFTED FOX L+SD 1.0 L+7 2.1 7-day increase 1.1 7-day % increase 110%

7. RIVERDALE CW L+SD 0.6 L+7 1.2 7-day increase 0.6 7-day % increase 100%

10. INHUMANS ABC L+SD 0.5 L+7 1.0 7-day increase 0.5 7-day % increase 100%

19 THE FLASH CW L+SD 1.0 L+7 1.8 7-day increase 0.8 7-day % increase 80%

20. ARROW CW L+SD 0.5 L+7 0.9 7-day increase 0.4 7-day % increase 80%

21. SUPERGIRL CW L+SD 0.5 L+7 0.9 7-day increase 0.4 7-day % increase 80%

22. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW L+SD 0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase 0.4  7-day % increase 80%

Viewers – Total gain

21 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 3360  L+7 (000s) 6198 7-day increase  2838 7-day % increase 84%

Viewers – Percentage gain

3 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 3360  L+7 (000s) 6198  7-day increase 2838  7-day % increase  84%

4 RIVERDALE CW  L+SD (000s) 1617  L+7 (000s) 2934  7-day increase 1317  7-day % increase 81%

5 ARROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1337  L+7 (000s) 2384  7-day increase 1047 7-day % increase 78%

8 THE FLASH CW L+SD (000s)  2619 L+7 (000s)  4461 7-day increase  1842 7-day % increase 70%

9. INHUMANS ABC  L+SD (000s) 2045  L+7 (000s) 3478 7-day increase 1433 7-day % increase 70%

11 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1427  L+7 (000s) 2375 7-day increase 948  7-day % increase 66%

14 GOTHAM FOX  L+SD (000s) 2869 L+7 (000s)  4615  7-day increase 1746  7-day % increase 61%

18 SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD (000s) 1762  L+7 (000s) 2780  7-day increase 1018 7-day % increase 58%

21. LUCIFER FOX L+SD (000s) 3263  L+7 (000s) 5131  7-day increase 1868  7-day % increase  57%






Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2017

22 THE GIFTED FOX  L+3 18-49 rating  1.7  Gain vs. Live + SD 0.6 %  gain vs. Live + SD 55%

The other shows that at least doubled their numbers are, “Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” and “Inhumans”.

Here are the Live +7 rankings for Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2017. The rankings include first-run series and specials only, not repeats.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

12 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 1.1  L+7 2.0  7-day increase 0.9  7-day % increase 82%

25. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 0.7  L+7 1.4  7-day increase 0.7  7-day % increase 100%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

4 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD 0.4  L+7 0.9 7-day increase  0.5 7-day % increase 125%

10. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 0.7  L+7 1.4  7-day increase 0.7  7-day % increase 100%

12. INHUMANS ABC  L+SD 0.5  L+7 1.0  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 100%

20 RIVERDALE CW  L+SD 0.6  L+7 1.1  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 83%

21 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 1.1  L+7 2.0  7-day increase  0.9  7-day % increase  82%

23 SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase  0.4  7-day % increase 80%

24. ARROW CW  L+SD  0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase 0.4  7-day % increase  80%

Viewers – Total gain

24 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 3427  L+7 (000s) 5954  7-day increase  2527  7-day % increase 74%

Viewers – Percentage gain

2 THE FLASH CW  L+SD (000s) 1995  L+7 (000s) 3789  7-day increase 1794  7-day % increase 90%

3 RIVERDALE CW  L+SD (000s) 1502  L+7 (000s) 2793  7-day increase 1291  7-day % increase 86%

8 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1383  L+7 (000s) 2422  7-day increase 1039  7-day % increase  75%

9 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 3427  L+7 (000s) 5954  7-day increase 2527  7-day % increase 74%

11. ARROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1326  L+7 (000s) 2228  7-day increase 902  7-day % increase 68%

14 INHUMANS ABC  L+SD (000s) 1965 L+7 (000s) 3229  7-day increase 1264 7-day % increase 64%

16 SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD (000s) 1823  L+7 (000s) 2960  7-day increase 1137  7-day % increase 62%

22 GOTHAM FOX  L+SD (000s)  2747 L+7 (000s) 4321 7-day increase 1574  7-day % increase 57%




Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 6-12, 2017

28. THE GIFTED FOX  L+3 18-49 rating 1.7  Gain vs. Live + SD 0.7  % gain vs. Live + SD 70%

Here are the Live +7 rankings for Nov. 6-12, 2017. The rankings include first-run series only, not repeats or specials.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

12. THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 1.0  L+7 1.9  7-day increase 0.9  7-day % increase 90%

16. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.7  7-day increase 0.8  7-day % increase 89%

24. GOTHAM FOX  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.6  7-day increase 0.7  7-day % increase 78%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

7. INHUMANS – Finale ABC  L+SD  0.5 L+7  1.0  7-day increase 0.5 7-day % increase 100%

9. RIVERDALE CW  L+SD 0.5 L+7  1.0  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 100%

10. SUPERGIRL CW L+SD 0.5  L+7 1.0 7-day increase  0.5  7-day % increase 100%

13. THE GIFTED FOX L+SD 1.0  L+7  1.9  7-day increase 0.9  7-day % increase 90%

14 THE FLASH CW  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.7  7-day increase 0.8  7-day % increase 89%

19. ARROW CW L+SD 0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase 0.4  7-day % increase  80%

20. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase 0.4  7-day % increase 80%

23. GOTHAM FOX  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.6  7-day increase 0.7  7-day % increase 78%

Viewers – Total gain

24 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 3173  L+7 (000s) 5671  7-day increase 2498  7-day % increase 79%

Viewers – Percentage gain

3 RIVERDALE CW  L+SD (000s) 1469  L+7 (000s) 2701  7-day increase 1232 7-day % increase 84%

4. ARROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1293  L+7 (000s) 2374  7-day increase 1081 7-day % increase 84%

7 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 3173  L+7 (000s) 5671 7-day increase 2498 7-day % increase 79%

8 THE FLASH CW  L+SD (000s) 2378  L+7 (000s) 4223  7-day increase 1845  7-day % increase 78%

9 INHUMANS Finale ABC L+SD (000s) 1946  L+7 (000s) 3355  7-day increase 1409 7-day % increase 72%

13 LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1519  L+7 (000s) 2536  7-day increase 1017  7-day % increase  67%

14 GOTHAM FOX  L+SD (000s) 2704  L+7 (000s) 4488  7-day increase 1784  7-day % increase 66%

20. SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD (000s) 1870  L+7 (000s) 3014  7-day increase 1144  7-day % increase 61%




Here are the Live +7 rankings for Nov. 13-19, 2017. The rankings include first-run series only, not repeats or specials.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

14. THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 1.0  L+7 1.9  7-day increase 0.9  7-day % increase 90%

22. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 1.0  L+7 1.7   7-day increase 0.7  7-day % increase 70%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

10. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD  0.5  L+7 1.0  7-day increase 0.5 7-day % increase 100%

11. RIVERDALE CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 1.0  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 100%

12 THE GIFTED FOX L+SD 1.0 L+7 1.9  7-day increase 0.9 7-day % increase 90%

21 SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase 0.4  7-day % increase 80%

Viewers – Total gain

Viewers – Percentage gain

4. RIVERDALE CW  L+SD (000s) 1432 L+7 (000s) 2657  7-day increase 1225  7-day % increase 86%

5 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 2996  L+7 (000s) 5415  7-day increase 2419  7-day % increase 81%

6 THE FLASH CW  L+SD (000s) 2456  L+7 (000s) 4286  7-day increase 1830 7-day % increase 75%

7 ARROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1279  L+7 (000s) 2203  7-day increase 924  7-day % increase 72%

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1531  L+7 (000s) 2590  7-day increase 1059  7-day % increase 69%

18 GOTHAM FOX  L+SD (000s) 2617  L+7 (000s) 4170  7-day increase 1553 7-day % increase 59%

20 SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD (000s) 1894  L+7 (000s) 2953  7-day increase 1059 7-day % increase 56%



Top 25 broadcast shows (including ties) in Live +3 adults 18-49 for Nov. 20-26, 2017

25 THE GIFTED FOX  L+3 18-49 rating 1.4  Gain vs. Live + SD 0.5  % gain vs. Live + SD 56%

30. THE FLASH CW  L+3 18-49 rating 1.4  Gain vs. Live + SD 0.6  % gain vs. Live + SD 75%

Image result for robin givens

Top 25 broadcast shows in Live +3 viewers for Nov. 20-26, 2017

Thanksgiving-night episodes of “Supernatural” and “Arrow” topped the percentage charts. Both shows started with low o.3 ratings in adults 18-49 but grew to 0.8, a gain of 167 percent. They also each grew by 98 percent in total viewers

Here are the Live +7 rankings for Nov. 20-26, 2017. The rankings include first-run series and specials only, not repeats.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

9. THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.8  7-day increase 0.9  7-day % increase 100%

10. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 0.8  L+7 1.6  7-day increase 0.8  7-day % increase 100%

25. LUCIFER FOX  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.4  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 56%

28. SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 1.0  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 100%

30. ARROW CW  L+SD 0.3  L+7 0.8  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 167%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

2. ARROW CW  L+SD 0.3  L+7 0.8  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 167%

5. THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.8  7-day increase 0.9  7-day % increase 100%

6. THE FLASH CW  L+SD 0.8  L+7 1.6  7-day increase 0.8 7-day % increase 100%

11. SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 1.0  7-day increase 0.5  7-day % increase 100%

13. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD 0.5  L+7 0.9  7-day increase 0.4  7-day % increase 80%

23 LUCIFER FOX  L+SD 0.9  L+7 1.4  7-day increase 0.5 7-day % increase 56%

Viewers – Total gain

19 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 2900  L+7 (000s) 5162  7-day increase 2262  7-day % increase 78%

21 THE FLASH CW  L+SD (000s) 2195  L+7 (000s) 4277  7-day increase 2082  7-day % increase 95%

24 LUCIFER FOX  L+SD (000s) 3263  L+7 (000s) 4987  7-day increase 1724 7-day % increase 53%

Viewers – Percentage gain

1 ARROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1094  L+7 (000s) 2165  7-day increase 1071  7-day % increase 98%

3. THE FLASH CW  L+SD (000s) 2195  L+7 (000s) 4277  7-day increase 2082 7-day % increase 95%

5 THE GIFTED FOX  L+SD (000s) 2900 L+7 (000s) 5162  7-day increase 2262 7-day % increase 78%

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW CW  L+SD (000s) 1485 L+7 (000s) 2567  7-day increase 1082 7-day % increase 73%

11 SUPERGIRL CW  L+SD (000s) 1923 L+7 (000s) 3169  7-day increase 1246 7-day % increase 65%

19. LUCIFER FOX  L+SD (000s) 3263 L+7 (000s) 4987  7-day increase 1724 7-day % increase 53%


WINNER, WINNER!! SWANSON’S TV CHICKEN DINNER!! Goes to…. Arrow!! (Thanksgiving episode was not highly publicized which got a giant boost percentage wise in delayed viewing)

Disclaimer: The four episode mega event, Crisis on Earth X that occurred across all four related CW Arrowverse shows aired after Sweeps period.


Amazon’s The Tick ratings research

screencrush.com reports creator Ben Edlund on why the first season was split into two parts.

The Binge Watching issue is… I see it as it’s a perfect dive from a high board, and there’s no splash. It just goes in and goes out when you experience it as a culture, it comes and goes. [Ben, David, and Barry] We’re all sort of veterans of the opposite of that. Fan energy wants to have a culture to express itself in. So if you split a season, and give a gap in-between, you get anticipation, you get people are able [to] talk about what happened, are able to kind of set their watches for what happens next. It helps us win back some of what is lost when we lose, inevitably, the week to week sort of broadcast basis of storytelling.


Marvel’s Iron Fist & The Defenders ratings research.

Turns out that as a crime-fighting quartet, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist together may be weaker than they are as solo vigilantes.

“Marvel’s The Defenders,” featuring the street-hero characters, was the least-watched Netflix Marvel original series premiere in the U.S. as measured over the first 30 days of viewership, according to an analysis by Jumpshot, a marketing-analytics firm.

For the comparison, Jumpshot created an index benchmarking each of the Netflix Marvel series against the top-viewed of the bunch, which was “Daredevil” season 2 in March 2016. Following its Aug. 18 premiere, “The Defenders” clocked in with just 17% of the viewership that “Daredevil” season two received in the first 30 days. The study looked at Netflix U.S. subs who watched at least one episode of each series.

Compared with “The Defenders,” the previous premieres of “Iron Fist,” “Luke Cage” and “Jessica Jones” performed relatively equally in the first 30 days, accounting for 28%, 27% and 26% of “Daredevil” season 2’s viewership, respectively. In addition to being the least-viewed of the group, “The Defenders” also had the largest week-over-week drop in viewership, declining by 67%, 48% and 41%, respectively, over the 30-day period, per Jumpshot.

Netflix doesn’t release viewing data, leaving industry players to rely on estimates from third parties. But execs from the streaming-video company have routinely questioned the validity of attempts to gauge consumption on its global platform.

Moreover, Netflix evaluates the full performance of its content on its VOD service over a longer span than just 30 days. But the initial consumption of a series is often a good indicator of its long-term performance, and it’s worth noting that “The Defenders” showed a significant drop in viewers in the first month on the service.

The eight-episode miniseries “Marvel’s The Defenders” tells the story of Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones), who reluctantly band together to save New York City from criminal mastermind Alexandra Reid (Sigourney Weaver).

Why did “The Defenders” mashup get a colder shoulder than its predecessor series? One explanation may be that each of the individual street heroes appeals to different kinds of viewers, at least among Netflix members who had never watched content tagged as in the “superhero” genre before.

According to a Netflix news release, one-eighth of the viewers for the Marvel street-hero series were new to the comic-book genre. Among this group of newbies, “Daredevil” viewers gravitate toward storylines featuring antiheroes and moral ambiguity; “Jessica Jones” attracted those attuned to “sharp humor and dark crime”; “Luke Cage” watchers tended to prefer stories about “dangerous worlds and complex consequences”; and “Iron Fist” drew in fans of coming-of-age tales.

For the data on Netflix originals, Jumpshot looked at the viewing behavior and activity of the company’s U.S. members. The San Francisco-based company analyzes anonymized click-stream data from a panel of more than 100 million internet consumers, amounting to some 160 billion individual data points per month. The data excludes viewing that occurs on connected-TV platforms or Netflix mobile apps, but Jumpshot says its benchmark analysis reflects aggregate viewing on the platform.


Marvel’s The Punisher and Marvel’s Runaways on hulu have both been renewed for a second season.

The 2nd season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones drops on March 8th. Filming is underway for the third season of Daredevil and the 2nd season of Luke Cage.







31 Dec

It’s that end of the yearly tradition again.

Blog stats. Nothing but blog stats.

I can safely say with great confidence that this year’s blog has had a better year than the guy actually doing all the posting – even though I was a few short clicks away from my ultimate goal of getting 8000 – but definitely happy that I went way and beyond of surpassing last year’s total of nearly 6000 clicks and like a albatross hanging around my neck, I can’t help but chalk it all the success of Harry Perzigian’s afterlife series of blogs. Both vice.com and the nhl/kings websites latched on Harry’s forgotten song written in honor of once upon a time LA Kings goalie Kelley Hrudey when the Kings first won the Stanley Cup back in the 1990’s.

But Harry’s afterlife success has also served as this blog’s curse as most of my year’s output on other subjects such as progressive rock, free comic book day, comic book television genre show ratings, and Star Wars took a back seat to what I’m trying to achieve with this blog. So, it’s with heavy regret that I’m not posting anymore bullshit stories about Harry Perzigian. That chapter is done. I refuse to pay any more money to the therapist and I emerge out into the clean outdoors with a clean slate and a much more better appreciation for everything Los Angeles and everything that it stands for me.

it’s a Donald Trump hating town and I’m happily swimming naked in my sanctuary and relish in the glorious sunshine that the consensus of my fellow Hollywood American that no one thinks he’s their president either.

He’s a fucking horrible excuse for a human, let alone a unqualified poser to be leading this nation and I hope that one day in 2018, if the fucking orange turnip face ever shows his face in this city, I can certainly hope that a friendly Cholo on his way of getting deported from his true national land accidently fires a GLOCK into his face and all of us Los Angelenos cheer at the Big Fat fucking Cheetos’ demise.

So next blog time, minus the Harry Perzigian dedicated blogs, more sweeps and media inspired meanderings (first post of January will be an analysis of last’s November comic book show sweep period) and Zak Alvarez will be participating in our guest star series with an essay on Scott Cooper’s riveting new film on the old wild west called Hostiles.

So, here are my year end stats.

Posts and Pages of 2017.

1. One Mourning Later in the Extraordinary Afterlife of Harry Perzigian – 2456 views

2. The Songs of Harry Perzigian – 526 views.

3. Two Mournings Later in the Extraordinary Afterlife of Harry Perzigian – 327 views

4. Yes Log 1979: You Coulda Been a Golden Age Contender – 259 views. This special Yes Log entry continues to be a perennial favorite amongst the Yes fans of the most requested album never to be mastered and instead existed in bits and pieces amongst the Yes expanded catalog. Or is the real reason for its’ everlasting success is that I was falsely accused of raping a woman during my teen age formative years?

5. Three Mournings Later in the Extraordinary Afterlife of Harry Perzigian – 247 views. The third and final chapter of my Harry Perzigian afterlife trilogy is the only entry of 2017 to crack the top ten. In this chapter, I examine the common bond that Harry and I shared – which was shacking up with deranged porn actresses.

6. Yes Log: A Happy 73rd Birthday to A 1970’s Renaissance Man – Jon Anderson of Yes!! – 228 views. I changed the title from Jon Anderson’s 70th birthday to 73 because I noticed that blog was still gathering steam.

7. The Beef Curtain Misadventures of Rikki Lixxx & The Escape From Hazeltine Hellmouth – 188 views. Almost a decade later, people are interested in reading about my near three year tumultuous affair with crazed nine black cocks in the mouth at the same time porn auteur Rikki Lixxx. She wasn’t sucking nine black dicks at the same time in her mouth at the time that I knew her – but that’s how she’s still making her living these days through the magic of youtube and a live streaming feed. That’s what friends tell me these days.

Jonny Quest: Past, Present, & Future Tense – 183 reads. A longtime cartoon comfort food staple. I never got around to updating this entry since I have finished obsessing over fulfilling my promise of watching every Jonny Quest episode ever made. I finally got around to finishing the final episode of the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest last Thanksgiving. The Hanna Barbara comic book revival of Jonny Quest and his adventure hero cohorts still continues as a anthology series, called Future Quest presents (in fact, I read the Steve Rude drawn Birdman issue just LAST NIGHT.

Yes Log 2014: IF ONLY THESE SUBWAY WALLS BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH COULD TALK – 103 views. This is the prelude to the Harry Perzigian Afterlife trilogy when I discovered Harry and his giant horse cock bleeding and convulsing body in his Brentwood apartment bed along with seven giant bottles of Canadian Mist and crushed bottles of Methadone sprawled all over the floor.

Of Wine, Women, and Post Progressive Sounds – A Guide To the Heroines of K-Scope Music – 82 views. This blog entry from 2016 had gathered a lot of traction this past year of which I’m extremely grateful for since hopefully these short write-ups of great female singers on the K-Scope Music roster such as the Anchoress and Anathema’s Lee Douglas will embrace a new cache of fans. It was neck and neck for a while for a another woman centric entry dedicated to Hyapathia Lee, but Hyapathia’s popularity came to a stand still during sometime last fall and the K-Scope one kept chugging along.

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A few words of personal loss.


Dan Hunt was my instrumental beacon. A beacon of someone of teaching me never to lose his way. I learned everything I could ever learn about being charitable towards my fellow man. Because of Dan, I decided to pass on the baton when it comes to helping out those in need around FREE COMIC BOOK DAY when I endeavor to hand down a few hundred dollars a year in dedication to the Hero Initiative. It was just something about him I used to observe firsthand during the time when I was his assistant in operating his comic book card shop ROOKIES & ALLSTARS with his partner John Lindsay in the 1990s’. We’d used to go downtown LA on a stocking trip for store supplies and trinkets such as framed posters and Pokémon cards and once Dan parked his car on some rat infested street near the many wholesale markets and indoor bazaars that we used to frequent, all of a sudden, from the shadows of alleyway darkness, a whole underground cabal of people who would emerge to keep eyes and ears to make sure that we came in and out off the streets with our lives and safety intact. Of course, Dan palming out twenties to downtrodden sentries to make sure our parking meter was full of change at all times was probably the underlying incentive. Of course, reminding myself of the times of him partaking in the alleyway cuisines of green pepper and onion Mexican sausage carts could’ve been a underlying theme to the reason why he’s buried in graveyard near Las Vegas’s McCarran’s Airport constantly craving a In and Out Double Double Cheeseburger. That and a pack of Misti cigarettes.

Either way, I was happy to be part of his extended family and all the opportunities it helped me to pursue with living at his house in Sherman Oaks for nearly the span of a decade and helping me getting my name out to the masses in the comic book community where it was at his house that I composed most of my essay and editorial symphonies for the Comics Buyers’ Guide until I was ready to venture out on my own when I had been hired to work at Warner Bros (but then, look at where I wound up – living next door to whacked out porn actress – Rikki Lixxx.)

We’ll be back next year.



22 Dec


Last blog of 2017.

Since last summer guest movie review of Wind River struck a chord with some of you, Zak Alvarez graces us once again with Native American insight into this year’s blockbuster science fiction extravaganza, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, the second movie in the monumental franchise to not to really have any real involvement from creator George Lucas, and according to both me and Zak, it’s probably the best step in the right direction because it’s the first movie I ever seen in the series to not really rely on ‘rhythmic patterns’ and doesn’t really have a cliffhanger for an ending to make you wait two or three years down the line yearning for the next one – although it may seem like it’s the midichlorian count calm before the storm.


I sent Zak out to cover an industry only invite screening of The Last Jedi which would feature a very riveting revealing soliloquy by the movie’s sole writer and director Rian Johnson that lasted over an hour and was even made more exciting that it was also the auteur visionary’s birthday as well. I already attended an earlier employee screening of the movie with two of my best buds from my high school days, Joe and Mark Zullo, so I was way too beat to stay another addition three and half hours to sit through the movie again (and it is AN epic length of 2 and a half hours – the longest film in the entire franchise), so I stuck around long enough to allow Zak in and I took my leave after I cleared the cosmic cobwebs right after Super Leia channeled her inner Silver Surfer, which I missed the first time around due to the refilling of my popcorn bucket and took my leave to head up home. So after the early evening screening, Zak had walked away with some pulse pounding peyote induced philosophy that he would like to share with us.


Before we give the platform away to Zak, let me point out that Zak will be back again in a month or so to present us upon his wisdom on the newly Scott Cooper directed Western, Hostiles starring Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Wes Studi. Until then, have a great Christmas work break and I’ll be back on the morning of 31st to give us another yearly edition of that world renown All and Accounted For In the Craziness of Stats, In the Craziness… Bob Hope USO tour that you all enjoy so much.

So now, here is Zak’s assessment of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

I really noticed 4 crucial points:

One, Luke’s passing was marked by the setting of two suns. Well, Luke’s entrance into the epic story was marked by two suns setting on the surface of Tatooine,

Second, Rian Johnson introduced new never before elucidated powers that one can possess if one is strong with the Force. Total projection of one’s physical body not just as a hologram, but a complete double. Another power is full definition streaming content communication between Jedis, Siths, and sorcerers of the Force across an entire galaxy. Definitely a tech upgrade or a sign that the Force and its’ practitioners are indeed evolving.

Third, Rian Johnson stated in the Question and Answer session that Luke’s double or doppelgänger was his “matrix proxy” (I’m pretty sure that is the term that he used) The use of that word is very significant to me in that it indicates that Rian Johnson seems to have been swayed by the Matrix trilogy, but I also see license taken or borrowed from the mysticism made alive in Carlos Castaneda’s books (Don Juan talked about the concept of the “double” with the exactly the same characteristics and capabilities).


Lastly, James Cameron’s Avatar without a doubt may also have a progenitor here. A definite influence for sure. If so, then the powers of the Force are only continuing to surprise in their unfolding.

I wish to also take note that the word and concept of hack and hacking is now part of the Star Wars lexicon, as it has become that of its own world of 2017. The two characters, Finn and Rose Tico embarked on an excursion to a gambling casino planet to seek the help of a master hacker and failed, although they found an equally skilled hacker in Benicio Del Toro’s DJ character who later proves to be a charlatan not hesitant in betrayal. The mercenary in this Star Wars film does not choose redemption. He gives up the rebels he initially agreed to assist, takes his reward money and splits. But how do we know he wasn’t the guy they were intended to look for in the first place?

In the Wachowski Sisters films, if you die in the Matrix, THEN YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE!! Luke was lightsabered seemingly and fatally TWICE and with valiant grace, he dematerialized mid-levitation. More significantly, THIS is telling us a final revelation: Luke’s decision to directly encounter Rylo Ken’s anger through the support of an apparition supports Buddhist, Hindu, Vedic, Castanedan Toltec suppositions of past literary works that all the universe is an illusion, all pretend, A GIGANTIC fantastic matrix. A phantasm by super collective conscience agreement. Therefore thus and so forth we realize in the end, all the Star Wars fantasy may as well have been one huge long dream by one Luke Skywalker.

Which may now come to a glorious superlative end with the appearance of the twin suns, just as it began so long before.

The Luke Skywalker dream within a dream within a dream is now a memory and the legend continues. The Force lives on in the lives of fatefully chosen others.

Zak went on to say that a birthday cake was sprung for the occasion and while some were lucky to score slices and some were not, Rian did pose for selfies with fans and industry professionals in the lobby since photos weren’t allowed to be taken during the Q & A.


For those interested, you can find Zak Alvarez on facebook, where he can tell you what movie projects he’s constantly working on as an extra, such as the upcoming 2nd season of Westworld or find out in what part of the state of California that he is conducting his many spiritual stone moving sojourns.

Happy Holidays.

That Burning Sensation You’re Feeling? It’s Simply the Firewall In Your Loins Tearing Your Cyber Masculinity Apart

15 Dec


Here’s another homemade original blog ado about nothing in the tattered tradition of the old blogspot days.

Picking up from I left off from mid November of miserably trying to convince that the events of the last Marvel Comics mega summer series, the Secret Empire in which  Captain America was manually brainwashed by a cosmic cube to worship fascism instead of the concept of freedom that this country to offer. I was trying to convince you that the series’ writer, Nick Spencer pretty much mirrored real life when we actually got  real fascism back in this county making itself an encore appearance in the form of Donald fucking douchebag Trump being selected under Russian guidance to spiral our nation into a direction that we have no business of heading towards.

I don’t think that message was going out clear enough, so I need to try a different approach.

Here’s some food for thought: If you can’t stand sexual harassment in the allure of Hollywood mysticism – THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA IN THE FIRST PLACE??

I ask myself that everyday.

Because literally that’s why I moved out here.

To be sexually harassed.

Well, didn’t you?

Chasing the dream of growing old in the golden state with a beautiful babe hanging on to each arm while behind the wheel of a McLaren sipping Dom Perignon and smoking the latest Blueberry Crush you picked up at whatever lowlife Van Nuys area dispensary before making your trek down to Wilshire Blvd in order to show off your stinking fucking golden bling until you realize.

…until you realize.

You crashed your fucking car right on Rodeo because then you realize the stark reality has just hit you – YOU AIN’T FUCKIN’ LiAngelo Bal AND you HATE THOSE GODDAMN FUCKING SNEAKERS but yet your mind was so fixated on the booze, the blow, and the fingers up the broads’ wazoo – THAT YOU TURNED THE WHEEL WAY TOO SOON and you swerved right into the window of the Paley Center of Media and there’s glass flying every fucking where No before you try telling yourself ‘hey, it was just an honest mistake’ – you got to come down to earth, pal – You physically had too much to handle. Too much going on.

20 years ago, 30 years ago – perhaps BACK WHEN I WAS trying to make my first stab in trying to embrace the Southern California lifestyle in 1978, THIS was the normal behavior of every hot blooded male of all ages (at least past the age of thirteen), colors, shapes, and sizes – but now in the current age of the 21st century 20 teens  – we’re all of a sudden told to CURB OUR APPETITES or to SLOW YOUR ROLL. Don’t be grabbing or reaching up that miniskirt of that first slut you see parading her wares at the Rainbow Room you see- BECAUSE NOW AFTER THIRTY SOMEWHAT YEARS OF LIVING THE LIFESTYLE it’s all magically been declared wrong.

But the girls don’t have to change. They can wear the shortest miniskirts, have thong and ass cheeks to proudly display and there’s not a blessed thing you can do about.

Look away, because that erection you’re getting just from inadvertently looking- JUST MIGHT LAND YOU IN PRISON PAL!!

And you’re just going have to adapt. Adapt to the new age of you may look and sniff, but no scratching. No touching. No matter how much you’re craving walking like a hungry wolfhound down Sunset Blvd.

But holy shit, once you turn out to be a super celebrity or SEEN ON TV – all that stuff you did back in the eighties and nineties that you once thought you didn’t need consent for and were nothing back then but regurgitated guffaws to share over and over again at company Christmas parties.

Well, that sneaking hand off of Tabasco sauce in the snatch switcheroo trick MAY have been funny to her thirty years ago, but SHE AIN’T LAUGHING NOW!!

Men whose careers flourished in the entertainment and political landscapes are now finding themselves living through the throes of double jeopardy. Meaning in SOME cases – IF you thought it wasn’t wrong in the first place, well, now in the softer gentler snowflake generation, you’re going to pay the price worse than a wounded lick Nazi  hunted to the ends of the earth for crimes committed at Auschwitz.

A month ago, I detailed my near sexual harassment death experience at Warner Bros, even before I became an official employee at the studio in a coup caused by some needy emotional mixed up girl who was trying to discredit my borderline generosity toward beautiful co=workers. Although I was no saint myself, I prevailed by getting the permanent position at the studio through her incompetence and impatience.

I thought a couple of weeks would fly by if I skipped over composing a follow up that perhaps the fervor would calm down- so you got a reprint of some Yes reviews I had posted on the band’s official website.

BUT no – the story even more intensified AND as of this writing, a giant blow has been struck on one of Los Angeles fabled local celebrity and all around nice guy- KTTV Good Morning Los Angeles host Steve Edwards. A staple tradition on mornings hosting for the past twenty two years on local television. A stand guy and in his glory day of co-hosting and being the lucky slab of meat in-between the two female personalities Dorothy Lucey and Jillian Barberie (of whom I immortalized in the beginning of my Deposit Man & the Last Great Gate of Mortality Act II issue), he was not the envy of every single guy tuning in the morning news, but one the toast of the town.

As of yesterday morning, Steve Edwards was let go for an improper behavior probably in my estimation, for possibly an occasional ass pat back when Kevin Beacon was getting his career started in Footloose.

It’s the sublime to the ridiculous, the showering of sexual oppression of late. What’s wrong with a little mouthrape between friends? Or the ones who flat out lie to the tabloids such as Brett Radner and Harvey WeinsteinWHO give mouthrape a very bad name. Yeah, those guys ARE predators – they used their businesses as whore house fronts and threatened prestige talent such as Rose McGowen, Salma Hayek, Olivia Munn, and Rosanna Arquette with their careers if they weren’t propped up as the evening chum bucket.

Here’s a definitive clue for guys when you begin to realize that mouthrape isn’t really working out for someone (and I’m speaking from experience from evenings spent with ex-porn actress Rikki Lixxx)  – if she’s not moaning and screaming loudly that she’s going to cum while AT THE SAME TIME trying to squeeze your head like a bad blackhead and then shooting her legs apart so fast while grinding her vagina lips into your face – THEN SHE’S REALLY NOT INTO YOU EATING HER OUT while she’s yelling at you to get your fat face away from in between her thighs.

Those are the hardcore offenders.

The light and airy offenders such as Al Franken and Steve Edwards, I’m sure will perpetually swept under the proverbial rug. I’m harking back to the days of my San Diego shenanigans, in my early twenties when I used to work for a health food packaging warehouse in Solana Beach, where the manager used to keep an eye out on sex charged secretaries who. after a couple of beers on Friday would guarantee us hard working boys a strip show and a little touchy feely. At a part-time job in a restaurant where I worked as a prep chef, the waitresses would come on the male kitchen help and I was no exception. HOWEVER I learned a valuable lesson and it was after this particular experience that I never touched a female co-worker again: a hot senorita warned me that she had caught the flu and knowing how grabbing buttocks of your nearest female colleague was socially exceptional and was sometimes viewed as exchange for gratuity (after all, us kitchen help slaved over the hot stove and me being the Caesar Salad and personal pizza master DIDN’T GET TIPS) that she got for serving the guests THAT it would not be a good idea for a little slap ass action – IF I didn’t want to catch what she add.

I didn’t heed her warning and was out sick with the flu for a few days.

All because I squeezed her ass.

I quit working the Vitamin warehouse in Solana Beach and got a job working odd shifts at local all hours convenience store. One of my managers, Blanca was built like a mother superior brick house equipped with beautiful breasts and a heartshaped ass sent from the ass heavens above and she had a great sense of humor too. She dated a local motorcycle cop in Encinitas. I ended dating a fellow female co-worker who worked the graveyard shift, BUT I also affectionately referred to my boss as TITS.

That was my pet name for her: TITS!!


And you know what she thought about me being calling her TITS???

SHE THOUGHT IT WAS FUCKING FUNNY!! And so did her motorcycle cop boyfriend. He was cool with it too.

But I’m older now. I’m in the respectable entertainment industry of where I’ve been involved since 1997 (that’s counting my short little internship with Comic Con International) and I’ve grown up since then by becoming involved with campaigning for woman’s issues. I volunteered helping the cause of getting woman more involved with reading and creating comics with the Friends of Lulu. I’ve become perceptible towards the issues and learn to be more civil towards what can upset a woman. It’s why that my two female supervisors at Warner Bros stood up for me when that harridan of hate Jennifer tried to frame me for something that I wasn’t capable of doing. If this whole shift in the paradigm of work behavior continues to evolve, I’m going to delve about my experience of refusing to work with a certain editor on my Deposit Man simply because of his mistreatment of woman and reveal a few things he told me about what he fantasized about other woman comic book creators.


So putting aside my own miniscule proclivities spent of my youth in other industries,  when I hear about whiny making a big deal out of nothing broadcaster/sports girl/game show/ Playboy model host Leeann Tweeden who co-hosts a morning show with Doug McIntyre on local AM radio leading the charge against US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken over a French kissing rehearsal and photographed fake breast grabbing, I look at this being nothing more than behaving like a tattletale in an overcrowded third grade classroom.

A nation of tattletales. That’s us.

What emotional distress did she really go through? She was single at the time and there is video documented proof that she liked to play along with the boys, as demonstrated in a few captured moments of her grabbing a guitar player’s ass while in mid-performance (although it shows he initiated it first – but she returned the gesture) at the same 2006 USO tour that Franken accompanied with her AND another video with her at another USO tour of her introducing Robin Williams to the audience attended by soldiers serving in Afghanistan by wrapping her leg around him and slapping his ass while giving the good ol’ gine gine, a good thrust into his crotch.

So why the double standard?

So when I posted a meme on facebook being all concerned by all this – I got an irritated reaction from none other than KABC’s morning host, Doug McIntyre himself clarifying that the difference between Franken’s action and Leeann action is that is being discussed before coming on stage that there would be male grabbing AS PART of the act and that consent was given – just like the good days when Bob Hope was going out on all those USO tour during World War II, the Korean War, and The Vietnam, grabbing all the ass that he could get to fill in that old Toluca Lake mansion of where he used to live. ALL CONSENSUAL.

No disrespect to Doug (in case he ever gets around to reading this – hopefully never) but this is an absolute total fail booty bump farce followed by a mutually clumsy ass grab looks kind of improvised and the idea of it comes from absolutely nowhere.

I don’t think Leeann’s word exact words before taking the stage to the band was ‘hey, I’ll be grabbing all your asses on stage. So if you feel a little pinch in your taint area, that will be me. No time for you to sign the permission slips. Let’s just go out and knock ’em dead.’

But wait a minute, there was no objection when Franken handed Leeann the script for the sketch that they were going to perform. It was read and acknowledge, but the real problem came when it was to Leeann’s point of view- YOU can’t really do the same thing in rehearsal as performing the actual sketch live on stage itself – even though the script calls for a real live actual deep kiss to be performed.

In Leeann’s mind: Al Franken, the writer of the sketch performed,  was simply trying to DOUBLE DOWN.

And in that picture:


Is he really touching her? Doesn’t look that way to me – and how much action can you truly expect when you’re practically covered in body armor from head to toe?

I really have NO sympathy for her since proof is out there that she once engaged herself in the same type of similar hijinks.

Too much big nothing burger perpetuated under the brainwashing guidance of she man Democratic hater Roger Stone – but they succeeded in taking one of the good guys down – while the rest of the REAL GROPING BOY’S CLUB such as Orangutan Trump continues to flourish under this new disgusting white supremacy that has now permeated our American institution. If Franken has to step down, then so does Dr. Donald Zaius.

If it could get any worse – you might want to take the reminder of that wreckage and pack those expensive 200 dollar plus high top sneakers and move the hell out to Lithuania where they can’t even grasp the concept of sexual harassment and where the body work is probably cheaper.

Because no one really knows your fucking name out there.

In the upcoming weeks:  stone mover spiritual advisor/movie reviewer Zak Alvarez will be back with his second review (since the first one, Wind River was such a enormous hit with Purple Pinup Guru fans) of STAR WARS: The Last Jedi. He’ll covering a Q & A with screenwriter and director Rian Johnson.

And in then in the yearly tradition: It’s all accounted for IN THE CRAZINESS OF STATS, in the craziness 2017.