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12 Nov

Just when you thought I was out – YOU ALL  pull me back in.

You’re probably all asking yourselves – HEY, WHAT GIVES? I THOUGHT YOU WERE FINISHED WITH THE YES LOGS?

Well, yeah, I kinda am – but from time to time, there has to be appendices added – and this time is such a time, I’d thought it would be fun to share you the results of my readership, because there were such great responses and accolades sent my way in congratulating me on undertaking such an ambitious project and the wondrous (stories) short amount of time it took for me to pull it off altogether. Many of the entries were redefined, remastered, and rewritten over the span of a weekend, each entry roughly worked on two to three days before originally posted (as I have stated before, most of the entries were originally written a decade or so ago on another blog), so I could keep hitting those imaginary deadlines in the South Side of the Sky. I know I’m a little distracted from  anxiously awaiting to do my overview of my favorite record label K-Scope, but bear with me, for there was some certain arm-twisting from a fellow facebook friend to provide you with this special encore presentation.

And I’ve been wowed over by how wordpress here struts their stuff and I wanted to share the fruits of those last month labors by the revealing science of stats. Giving you some insight into the first five most read blogs and the worst five read blogs.

And if you stay tuned, there will be a special treat in it for you. That is, if I know how to download the media right.

The following five blog entries were rated the best – now in keep in mind these five were the best out of all the clickbait single entries- mostly people who visit like to take in the whole gamut in reading my blog like it were a mystery novel rather than selecting the individual chapters. So approximately, since the Yes Log projects started and finished – there were 585 downloads of the entire homepage (and hopefully those who stuck around got to scroll a little bit further and got to read my Lamb Lies Down on Broadway comic book proposal) out of nearly a thousand downloads. That’s roughly 60% of the audience right there.

For the remaining 40% – these were the top five:

Hands down, it was the entry of the newest Yes album, “Heaven & Earth” entitled:

YES LOG 2014: IF ONLY THESE SUBWAY WALLS BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH COULD TALK that received the most single reads, it topped at 95. It was a brand new entry of all the bunch and I think it was supplemented by the rabid fan base of the Heaven & Earth facebook group which was dedicated to just that one single album (I told you that I suspected that new singer Jon Davison had some kind of weird cult following behind him). A lot of people were probably also stunned that I mostly favor a thumbs up approach to the new record and the new ‘easy listening’ direction that the band has embarked upon. I rather have this new Yes music as opposed to no new Yes music at all.


I hope that a large percentage of you got to know a little bit more about my best friend of the past decade, Harry Perzigian than the horrible stigmata that was placed upon him over the trumped-up drug charges that he had to face when he was recreationally using drugs with the son of actor Carroll O’Connor – and was in no way, a partner or a conspirator merchant of death when the problematic son took a goddamn gun in his mouth and ate a bullet.  But yet, the rest of the Hollywood and Music Industry society treated him like a goddamn pariah, only Different Strokes actor, Todd Bridges came up to the plate to stand up for him and took to sponsoring him in rehab, while other such Brentwood area dignitaries such as Jeff Fahey or Toto’s Bobby Kimball pretended not to have known him. To me, Harry Perzigian was probably the most generous person I’ve ever known, if I needed help financing a comic book project, or I was short on my rent, or I missed the last bus back from Brentwood back over the hill to the San Fernando Valley he was always there with his checkbook to help me out with a loan or with a ride, and I made sure I always paid him back. I paid back to him a $600 loan, a week before he died. Those random hundred-dollar bills sticking out of his pants pocket when they buried him were probably from me.

Who else was around to both horrify and crack me up at the same time out in public? One time last year, we went to check out his sister’s house in Beverly Hills and while we waited for her to get home, we took a stroll through the Beverly Center, which is a big mall in the West LA area, when out of the blue Harry asked me out loud in the throes of the mall walking crowd: “hey, have you ever licked a chick’s asshole, while you were going down on her?-”

“Dude, come on, that’s the most disgusting thing -”

” Dude, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Chicks love it, TRUST me, chicks love it. Are you going to doubt me? You don’t have to stick your tongue all the way in, just lick it around the rim….”

Ugh. Suddenly, I lost my hankering for a Pinkberry.

People overheard it – or at least they pretended not to have overheard what Harry just said.

Fearless. That was Harry. Censorship or restraint was a never any obstacle to him.

the second blog that people download individually was my special

YES LOG: A HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY TO A 1970’s RENAISSANCE MAN – JON ANDERSON OF YES!! with 46 individual views. Even though it was perhaps 70% percent Wikipedia information, I did ruminate on my favorite five Jon Anderson solo albums, which were mostly the ones I remember growing up listening to such as Olias of Sunhillow and Animation. I wasn’t particularly fond of Song of Seven, which I thought had too much religious connotations for me. The stain glass window design of the album sleeve and the lyrical content just didn’t jive with my sophomore year of high school way of thinking. It came out roughly the same time when Yes released ‘Drama’ and there was some certain song that made me feel uncomfortable playing in the house about Jon Anderson taking some woman to have sex with her in the back of her car. I don’t recall the song’s title, perhaps the audience can help me out with that one. It was really quite a different contrast compared to the lyrics he was writing with Vangelis back in the day.

Not one of my favorite efforts by Maestro Jon A, I hesitate to say.

Not one of my favorite efforts by Maestro Jon A, I hesitate to say.

However, both Jon Anderson and popular English folk singer/songwriter Al Stewart were the main inspiration behind the germ of a story I had written and published in my last Deposit Man book called Deposit Man: Playgod Act II.


I got the idea of exploitive  writer Henry Miller – the popular writer of such controversial books pulled from the library Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer meeting in a secret tryst with popular 1920’s Paris era flapgirl dancer Josephine Baker from ideas and songs that Jon Anderson originally had planned a musical about and a song about Josephine Baker that appeared on Al Stewart’s The Last Days of the Century album from the late 1980’s that I used to listen to constantly while living in San Diego.


Third on the list, severely pummeled from its’ original top spot was my 1980’s ode to the Drama album and my once upon a time Parsippany High School gal pal Linda Freeman Yarosh. in YES LOG 1980: AND THUS CAME A TIME OF BUXOM BLONDES AND GREAT MACHINE MESSIAHS with 29 individual reads.


The title sort of reminds you of a Robert E. Howard story doesn’t it?  Well, it was purposely designed that way. Back when I first met Linda Freeman Yarosh, my nose was constantly buried in a Heavy Metal or a Savage Sword of Conan b & w comic magazine, but when my sophomore Social Studies teacher Ms,”Peggy” Uberto, a once self-professed ballyhooed “Music City Hall Rockette Dancer”( I don’t know where she got that assertion from – she was all flat tits and no ass throughout the entire school year) used to catch me reading them in class, she’d tell Linda to grab the damn mag and throw it in the trash. Linda would reach back behind her, snatch the magazine from out of my hands but instead of getting up to throw it the garbage can she would throw it in her desk, so that “Peggy” could continue her ‘lesson’ unabated and then give it back to me after class was dismissed warning me not to get caught next time. But Peggy didn’t really much like me at all ANYWAY, she always referred to me as MR. COTNEY, maybe because I didn’t show the slightest fucking interest in Social Studies.

One day I wore some Egyptian style necklace in class one day, and from where she was sitting at her desk, she could see the joke from a mile away. She told me to come up to her desk, took the necklace from my neck and turned it upside down to where it ACTUALLY read “GO FUCK YOURSELF“.

“So, when were you planning on using this MR. COTNEY?” she would ask me.


“Me? Do that to you? Why, perish the thought, Peggy.”

“Go sit your smart ass back down, MR. COTNEY.”

I hate it when your high school teachers shopped at the same Spencer Gifts that you did at the Willowbrook Mall.

After she told me to sit down, I think I shortly mustered the courage to ask Linda Freeman out on to the Yes concert, but it turned out to be two dates, because we went and saw Alice Cooper and Billy Squire first.

However, once Peggy learned that I had asked Linda out. Peggy didn’t approve and kinda of looked at Linda weird after that.

Too bad for Peggy.

The 4th widely read individual blog was none other than:


Also was a brand new blog to the series trying to imagine a pocket dimension in which the 1979 proposed first working effort between Heaven & Earth’s current producer Roy Thomas Baker actually achieved the impossible with the release of the abandoned Paris recording sessions that ended in a temporary hiatus for Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman from the band (not that Rick Wakeman really constituted as a full member of the band – he always functioned in a ‘special guest star’ capacity, having cut a swathe with his own huge solo career at A & M Records). I tried to picture the song placement and the official packaging in my head and the only logical title for it could have only been “The Golden Age” with many of the songs’ themes revolving around historical events.

I also revealed the hidden story not told on the BlogSpot version about the only real-time that my stepfather came to my aid in preventing the Parsippany Police Department from arresting me on rape charges when it turned out that the real culprit who was shadowing me on my paper route was the exact same  person who passed on the torch of his paper route to me.

The fifth and final entry was:


One of my personal self achievement years in progress turned out to be a disaster to most of America. It was a time of starting a position at Warner Bros that lasted me four years and I got that position in part due to the fact that I creatively applied myself in self publishing my own comic book called the DEPOSIT MAN KALEIDOSCOPE MEDICINE FREAK SHOW and probably displayed it for all to see at that winter’s ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO (aka APE) up in San Francisco. I even received plaudits from popular short story and Star Trek writer Harlan Ellison himself for taking the plunge in the self publishing world. But whilst I was a happy camper into achieving some kind of personal gratification – the nation was attacked on 9/11 when hijacked airplanes went smashing into the World Trade Center and you got to see horrible death play out live on national television, and coincidentally Yes was out in New York City performing at the Radio City Music Hall to promote the newly not yet released “Magnification”.

Those were the five of the best, but not to bore you with five of the worst – I’m just going to narrow down to ONE worst read single downloaded separate entry and that unfortunately just happened to be YES LOG 1974: INVENT THE FUTURE THAT INVENTS THE HUMAN RACE based on my favorite Yes album of all time, Relayer.


I don’t know – I guess there aren’t that many people who were fond of Patrick Moraz’s contributions to the band as I was. Although in later years when I personally met him at 1994’s Yesitval , he did come off as desperately stand-offish and chided me for purchasing a IQ album from some import dealer at a Yes convention rather than purchase his cheaply dubbed Window of Time solo album that he had displayed at his table.

"Oh fuck off, Patrick Moraz !"

“Oh fuck off, Patrick Moraz ! Who do you think you are, Jon Pertwee?”

Maybe with the re-release of the ultra cool 5.1 surround stereo version that came out a couple of days ago in the states, mixed by none other than the ultra brilliant Steven Wilson, it will gain a lot more readership.

Another statistic I wanted to share with you readers is the geographical location where most of these blogs were read. So here are the top five countries of where these blogs were originally read:

USA 723 views

UK 54 views

Canada 32 views

Australia 18 views

France 7 views

THE WORST – was Aruba with one only one read.

Where the fuck is Aruba anyway? I don’t know, but whoever that single person is out there in that single lonely piece of the earth, I hope you were able to smuggle out the contraband in the proverbial nick of time.

Another useful stat category I enjoyed tracking on wordpress was the website referer feature. This category calculates from where people originally click on to your blog and the first and most referred of all sites really astounds me, but I’m slightly disappointed by the last. Here they are:

deadline 256 clicks

facebook 244 clicks

google 50 clicks

comicsbeat 49 clicks

yelp 7 clicks

A web blog about the entertainment industry that I occasionally like to post snarky comments pertaining to current events within the industry only has a narrow lead on my own personal facebook page which I nearly spend 70% of my online time on, whereas Yelp with only 7 clicks is usually a website of where I like to post snarky things about employment temp agencies that I occasionally work for is the fewest of the lot – but yet I get plenty of accolades for the reviews that I post on there.

Comicsbeat is the a comic book industry related forum/blog/news website that is cyber catered by my good friend, Heidi MacDonald, of which I pop in from time to time.

AND NOW that you’ve been all little good girls and boys…

Prog daddy has a real swell treat in store for you.

I got contacted by a friend of mine on facebook wanting me to talk to some former bass player from this San Francisco area band called Counting Crows. Has anyone out there heard of them? I heard that they had this hit song from Shrek 2 called “Accidentally in Love“. Maybe you’re all familiar with it? You should, it reached Number 3 on the Billboard US Adult pop songs chart.



All you got to do is steal away your 4 year old’s video (in my case, my ten-year old niece has got it locked away somewhere in her video collection) and check out the end credits or something. The song was at least nominated for an Academy Award.

C’mon it’s got to come back to you.

I’ll wait.


Alright, you’ve had enough time to familiarize yourself with it. Now it’s been e-mailed to me by ex-bass player, Matt Malley, who performed and co-composed that song that he needs people to be familiarized with a new song he co-wrote with…..the one and only legendary poet of peyote-enhanced springtime himself, Mister Jon Anderson.

The single is entitled “Family Circle”  and it’s thus described as:

“This remarkable song is the result of a peculiarly 21st Century collaboration between two legendary artists: Matt Malley, perhaps best known for his work with Counting Crows, and Jon Anderson, perhaps best known as the singer with Yes. The peculiar thing about this collaboration is that, although it sounds for all the world as if the two artists got together late one night and composed it around the piano, it didn’t happen like that at all. In fact, Matt Malley sent the instrumental to Jon Anderson over the internet and the collaboration went from there. Peculiarly, they hadn’t even met in the flesh by the time the record was finished. This is a charity, download only single, which was released on iTunes on 19th October.

It was recorded for charity and each involved parties chose a particular charity to donate to the proceeds:

Gonzo Magazine , the online publication who did the initial interview and promotion for this event set up their charity at

Matt Malley has requested donations from the single to be sent to: The Sahaja Yoga Mediation

and Jon Anderson has chosen The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation For Autism

I asked Matt, ‘ok, so how did this collaboration all come together?’

” A mutual friend introduced us to each other and we started talking through emails. I also heard that he’s collaborating with other people and making records doing that but I think the single is going more press because of my past involvement with Counting Crows.” (that would probably be the Jean Luc-Ponty project, we’ve been hearing so much about).

To sum it up, Matt wrote all the instrumentation, Jon composed and sang the words, and like I countlessly said many times over, there’s so slowing Maestro Jon down. He sounds incredibly vibrant and fresh as he did when he first stepped on the stage to sing with The Warriors way back when I was a teething and crawling toddler. Wait – was I even around that far back?

So once again, “Family Circle”.

Please, give it a listen – if you like it, please bring it upon yourself to donate to its’ cause. I’m sure they take all credit and debit cards.

Ok – that’s it for now, I’ll be back with my overview of the Mighty Kscope Music label sometime next week.